5 Simple, Effective Ways to Scale Facebook Ads Campaigns in 2020

Want to know how to scale Facebook Ads? Have a winning product but struggling to get it to 7 figures in revenue? You are at the right place, in this Free and very detailed guide I will give away 5 different methods you can use in 2020 to scale your facebook ads to the moon!

These are actual, tried and tested methods that we use every day to scale our ads, let’s get started!

In order to make money with Facebook Ads, you need to test creatives first. When you find something that shows traction, that’s when you scale it. But remember You don’t want to rush ahead and scale unless you’ve found a winning creative that’s already doing well over multiple days.

Going from a few hundred dollars per day to $5000/day is not as easy as increasing your budget.

If you increase your budget too fast, it will kick start Facebook’s algo to spend your money before midnight comes. This means it will bid crazy high CPM, it’s going to show your ads to people who aren’t highly likely to convert.

In fact my research shows that if you increase your campaign budget by more than 15% it’s going to screw up your conversions, and a CPA that might have cost you $25 to get a sale, will become $50-75 per sale because of how the algo works.

so HOW DO YOU SCALE from a few hundred bucks to $5000/day on a facebook ad account? How do you become a proud member of Grant Cardone’s 10X family, where you generate 10X more revenue?

Here are actual, proven ways that will effective help scale your Facebook Campaigns in 2020 and beyond.

We use these exact methods with my team to scale everytime we find a winning ad creative. Ad creatives that are destined to make you money at SCALE.

To do this, our initial campaign setup is like this.

Initial launch is, 2 video ads, 2 image ads in the same adset.

We will do $100 CBO campaign, with 4 adsets, each adset has an audience of 2-4 million people.

To give you an actual example:

Let’s say we’re selling a PHOTO STICK.

Adset #1 – targeting people that are parents
Adset #2 – targeting peopl that like photography
Adset #3 – targeting people that match interest: credit cards, debit cards
Adset #4 – targeting people that are interested in: technology

in every adset, we exclude AliExpress, and drop shipping to get rid of other drop shippers from seeing our ads while spying, and also people that shop and like AliExpress so they won’t come and comment and leave us negative words on our ads.

now that we have the basic framework out of the way… we need to launch… and then let it run for 2-3 days without touching the thing…

after it runs its course, we will be able to see which adset, which creative(s) achieved positive ROI … we focus on those

if the campaign fail, it’s a failed offer/product, it’s ok, this happens a lot so just move on and test something else.

Now let’s assume you found your winner, creative ID 239082938239823 targeting Broad: 35+ that like technology, excluded aliexpress/drop shippers…

SCALING METHOD #1 – Different Ad Sizes

This is an unbelievable way to scale that I actually perfected while running Google Display Ads. Usually most affiliates go for the trust square ad size, but by running square they miss out on other placements and Facebook has a ton.

Be sure to try the three most popular ad sizes 1200×628, 600×750, and 1080×1080.

What do you mean Attila? Well let’s say you find a winner, and it’s a square. Remake that same ad into the 2 other ad sizes, throw them into an adset and launch.

SCALING METHOD #2 Test Different Ad Formats

Marketers are usually very lazy people, they love to do the bare minimum and hope for the maximum. How many styles of ads do you see if you fire up your spy tool like MagicAdz?
Usually it’s either letter box or a square right? Picture most of the time, or video. How many carousel ads do you see? How about dynamic ads? Not that many.

This is where this method comes in; when you find a winning ad, use the elements it has like the ad copy, headline, description, images or video content to create every type of ad format facebook offers.

One of my favorite ones to try, especially on re-targeting campaigns is carousel ad. It works amazing, and people seem to love it as they can browse and flip through multiple images/videos about your product. This results in super low CPA’s and great ROAS.

SCALING METHOD #3 Play with Manual Bidding

Tim Burd loves to give manual bidding strategies funky names, like the shot gun method, the surfer method and many more. Want to know why manual bidding works?

It has to do with how the facebook algo works. It’s all about who spends the most money. Think of it like a ladder, the top of the ladder is the highest bidder, the bottom of the ladder has the lowest bidder. If you use Auto Bid, it’s going to place you at a calculated spot based on what the ALGO thinks your CPA will be based on your targeting, ad content and what not.

The people who are at the top of the ladder will be shown first to Facebook users scrolling their news feed.

Imagine Grandma Ngo takes out her iPhone and opens the Facebook app. She starts checking what her grandkid is cooking up for his lovely wife to be. Is it SALMON with Miso? Or is it fried rice? As she begins scrolling down, the first ad appears – this ladies n gens is the HIGHEST BIDDER, and it can be you!!

Being seen first, has the advantage of getting the most hyped up click that will take action. If someone has been on Facebook scrolling and looking at funny videos for hours, chances are they won’t likely take action and pay to convert.

Problem is, we don’t know what the highest bid is, the right bid so we test.

We use these 3 different bid setups when we’re scaling using manual bids.

A) BID 3x MAX CPA – $15-20 budget per adset
B) BID 6x MAX CPA – $15-20 budget per adset
C) BID 9x MAX CPA – $15-20 budget per adset


It’s true Facebook knows everything about its users; including their buying habits, what they like, what they talk about. Once we acquire data, we can create custom audiences. Then from these custom audiences we can generate Lookalike Audiences.

They look at people in our audience, and check what do they like, where have they been, what did they search for, how long were they reading about a topic, what movies they into, when are they most likely to buy, do they click ads, and many, many more things.

In fact, they say facebook has 1000s of data point intersects for each user; allowing their system to build people that look just like your buyers in a manner of minutes.

How it works is, you create custom audiences, wait for them to populate, then you generate Lookalike audiences from that. You can setup new campaigns, and target these lookalikes.

We typically create custom audiences from these:

Added to Cart – Last 30 days
Initiated Checkout – Last 30 days
Purchased – Last 30 Days
Viewed 95% of our video ads
Top 25% time spent on site
Top 25% highest purchase value

then we generate lookalikes – 1%, 1-3%, and 3-5%.


Retargeting is a must, if you are not doing any form of remarketing you are leaving a LOT of money on the table. If your cost per purchase for cold audience is $20, with a retargeting campaign you are looking at 1/3rd the cost usually.

We like to follow a systematic approach to getting our retargeting campaigns up, and send the users direct to interestitials and offer pages, rather than advertorials or landers meant to warm up cold audiences.

When scaling your facebook ads be sure to create custom carousel re-targeting campaigns with these style of headlines to catch attention

-The Top 7 Best Selling Products %NICHE% – targeting everyone
-The top 5 Products for Women – targeting women only
-The top 5 Products for Men – targeting men only

*This applies to ecom mostly, however it can be applied to any kind of offer with a bit of a twist.

When retargeting, create an audience for Added to Cart – Last 30 days, Initiated Checkout – Last 30 days.

Exclude purchasers custom audience in these.

Since we have 3 ads, we will create 3 adsets for each audience, so for the above example, we will have a total of 6 adsets. As we want to separate each ad into it’s own adset so we can target the demographics properly.

Duplicate the ads in each adset 2x, so you have a total of 3 ads in each adset sharing social proof. *When duplicating it will ask if you want to share comments, likes, shares counts.

BONUS TIP: Inside iAmAffiliate premium forum we have over 70 different ideas on what kind of custom audiences you can create, and test with. You can check it out here.

In Conclusion…

How to Scale Properly with Facebook Ads is an art that you can MASTER! The main requirement is that You need to have solid creatives that can support scale.

That’s why I sad make sure you test creatives first. We have a lot of awesome guides on how to make very good video ads inside the members area here; it really does matter how an ad is put together, as people have ultra short attention spans, and they see 100s if ads every single day you truly need to stand out using special tricks of the trade.

I understand that not many people will do what was explained in this tutorial, however those that will are the most likely to become super affiliates themselves spending six figures a month on Facebook Ads and scaling it to seven figures in revenue.

Scaling is one of those things that’s vital especially if you want to make some real money in affiliate marketing through paid facebook ads.

Hope you find these facebook ads scaling methods useful. See you next time!

How To Make Money in Affiliate Marketing using Spy Tools & Why Ripping and Running Does Not Work!

It’s #coronatime (SADLY). We are living in historic times we’ve never, ever imagined would happen so randomly, so unexpectedly. However, here we are.

Making money online from anywhere has been the main reason why being an affiliate marketer has always been awesome!

What about affiliate marketers right now during COVID-19?

What’s happening to the shopify drop shippers used to selling FOMO and fun, viral products?

What about the offers that converted like wild fire? Well initial data is back, and according to the stacked marketer newsletter, over 80% of affiliates are suffering and campaigns have dropped.

In our own experience, all of our COD stuff died; people are holding on their cash and not really spending it. Which meant we had to pivot, real quick into offers that are doing well.

How do we find things that are selling right now and offers worth promoting? With spy tools like Anstrex & Adplexity of course! (We also use tools like Google Trends to check if the niche/vertical is on the up)

There’s one mistake a lot of affiliates make when it comes to spy tools, rather than getting ideas and innovating they simply rip n run. Then, they are shocked nothing works, and they lose money.

The biggest affiliates in the game today have a lot of MOATS on their side.

-They get higher payouts from networks
-They get traffic deals through direct buys
-They get exclusive offers no one else can run, or only they can run an offer on a specific traffic source.

This doesn’t mean if you are not BIG, you are doomed to fail. Here’s some tips to ensure you are maximize your chances of success.

  1. SPY using the best tools like Adplexity & Anstrex.
  2. When you find interesting campaigns, DO NOT just RIP n RUN it. Instead write your own advertorial from scratch, take your own product pictures, make your own look and feel based on what is proven to be working.
  3. While spying, make note of the redirect URL chains and write them down; go direct to the SOURCE vs a 2nd or 3rd tier middle man re-brokering the offers from other networks.
  4. Make your own ads based on what’s proven to work; do not rip and run ads on traffic sources, chances are their algo has the original affiliate memorized, and they will give them priority.
  5. When it comes time to scale, be sure to take what works, get it translated into other languages and just launch the winning combinations quickly into as many geos as your CPA network has the offer in. (One cool thing we did in the past with Adcombo to scale to $1,700,000 in Asia, was take our winning video ad, add a country flag and national country music to it and just launch translated ad copies)
  6. Make your own mini masterminds, find people who are going to return the favor, help you out with info, be sure to help them out tell them new things. It won’t make you earn less money if you share with a select few, and they share back – you will all make more in the end as you can bounce ideas off one another.
  7. If you don’t know many people; get help from people who are better than you, join a forum like iAmAffiliate and ask questions, and get answers from top affiliates.

If you follow these 7 tips, you will find it easier to earn money during these trying times.

There are tens of thousands of new people flocking into the world of internet marketing because they were laid off or lost their jobs for good and need to provide for their families. If you decide to go beyond what 99% others will do; that is what will make you successful. It’s still possible to earn a killer income in affiliate marketing, you just can’t be average anymore. Sadly the good times from years ago are over, time to step up.

Study stuff like Google trends, see what’s showing up in spy tools and make your own version and don’t be lazy. If you are bad at copy writing, find a copywriter. If you can’t afford one,work out a JV where you guys split the profits and both just invest time and energy into the project.

A CPA Network where you don’t have to wait for Approval & Offer Links – THE MOST EXCITING THING SINCE SLICED BREAD?

If you are like most affiliate marketers, you spend a ton of time waiting on your rep at the CPA Network to dump you links or approve you on offers. Time spent twiddling your thumbs while your media buyers wait around watching funny videos.

If you are just getting started affiliate marketing; you might have already experienced how PITA it is to sign up to a network; they make you fill out a long questionaire, more often than not you have to go through an interview process where if you don’t have a strong referral they will deny you. Not with these guys. They make it easy, and FAST to start making money.

Finally a CPA Network decided to start a new way of doing business! This is AWESOME for affiliate marketers that hate waiting for basic things like offer links and approvals.

This isn’t a new CPA network, they’ve been around for over 10 years and have over 9300 advertisers with offers in their database that you can start running right away. These offers span many different verticals & geos. I am talking about Admitad btw.

These guys developed a killer new Chrome extension that makes things INSTANT. You can dump the links, copy it to clipboard and get your campaign up in RedTrack in no time. No need to wait for an AM to respond on skype, no need for them to get approval on the offer, or for them to get you the offer links.

I don’t know about you, but I am in European Timezone, most of the reps we work with are in America that means I have to wait till 3-4PM my time, before they see my Skype message and then I have to wait a few more hours before they get their day started and get me approved/links. THIS CHANGES NOW thanks to this killer solution from Admitad.

A CPA Network Where You Don’t Waste Time Waiting on Approvals & Offer Links!

When I asked, how do they monitor fraud and make sure people won’t scam them? They told me that anyone can sign up in just 2 minutes, and get their offer links the next (minute). Once traffic starts flowing, they will start monitoring it – if it’s suspicious they will get in touch otherwise they will let you do your thing so you aren’t disturbed and can do your thing as an affiliate and make that money!

The top verticals on Admitad are: e-commerce, travel, financial offers, mobile, online gaming.

They also have a great selection of offers in these niches:

  • Auto products
  • Accessories
  • Pharmacy
  • Hypermarkets
  • Food delivery
  • Pet shops
  • Tools & gardening equipment
  • Internet services
  • Books
  • Health & beauty
  • Coupons
  • Furniture & household goods
  • Mobile offers
  • Music & sound
  • Apparel & shoes
  • Online games
  • Gifts & flowers
  • Soft & games
  • Sport goods
  • Kids products
  • Hobby & DIY
  • Goods from China
  • Travel
  • Digital equipment & household appliances

Top Offers From The USA – Shein, AliExpress, FarFetch, Adobe, iHerb, Walmart, Gearbest, Skyscanner, Endclothing, Airnbnb, Adorama, Mariott, Hostinger.

Get started now, no need to fill out long sign up form, go through approval process, or wait on a rep. You can get your offer links in a few minutes!