, Free Way to Spy on Other Affiliates Using GOOGLE!  [QUICK TIP]

Free Way to Spy on Other Affiliates Using GOOGLE! [QUICK TIP]

, Free Way to Spy on Other Affiliates Using GOOGLE!  [QUICK TIP]

Take RedTrack footprint rdtrckcbp and type it into Google as search inurl:rdtrckcbp , you will see landing pages come up of real campaigns affiliates are running through RedTrack. Now, check out where these landing pages go to, which offers.

Next, you want to find which CPA network has this offer, you can do that by asking around on groups like iAmAffiliate on Facebook, or Telegram “anyone know who owns this redirect domain, which network?”

And that’s how you find profitable offers right now that others are running. You can repeat the above using rtkcmpid or rtkcmcid to find more!

PS: You can type in voluumdata as well as a keyword.

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, Free Way to Spy on Other Affiliates Using GOOGLE!  [QUICK TIP]
  1. Test multiple verticals (dating, crypto, ecom, ed, skin, diet, casino, sweeps, etc)
  2. Test at least 10 different ads from the start (2 different texts, 10 different images)
  3. Split up Campaigns – MOBILE – DESKTOP – TABLET – they perform way differently and cost different prices
  4. USE A TRACKER and track all the dynamic variables available (ask your ZP rep!)
  5. TEST and use SMILEYS and EMOJIS (emojipedia to the rescue!)
  6. IMAGE MATTER THE MOST – when you find a winning ad/image combo, test SIMILAR images to it
  7. TEST the same offer(s) on multiple networks, you never know… I had one network kill it, while going direct to advertiser our CR was shit. Ultra weird I know but it happened.
  8. TEST different landing pages (with different looks/copy/authority images)
  9. Use www.transey.com to get HIGH QUALITY, native translations – else your Conversion ratio/percent will suffer BIG TIME!!
  10. Use Google PageSpeed to get insight into your lander and what causes slowdowns and optimize it.
  11. Check and make sure your landing page looks great on different devices using https://ready.mobi/
  12. Once you find a winner, don’t wait!! Scale it to other traffic sources quickly!
  13. DO NOT tell anyone about your winning campaign, they will find out soon enough, until then reap it for all it’s got!!

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How I start A Brand New Vertical/Offer I Never Ran Before – Legal Lead Gen

, Free Way to Spy on Other Affiliates Using GOOGLE!  [QUICK TIP]

Ever wonder how to start a campaign from scratch for a niche you’ve never, ever worked in before?  

You know when you see on a revenue report by a CPA network that they are doing huge volumes on an offer, but it’s so alien to you, you’re like WTF how do I jump on this and run it?

In this guide I am going to show you how I do it!   Starting with the tip from my CPA manager.

I received the link and some examples of ads they’ve used to push this new legal offer.

I immediately fired up my spy tool MagicAdz, and plugged in the offer URL.

Right away, I was presented with a shit ton of ads, many running for 1-2 months.  YAY that’s a great sign, it means it’s profitable.  If it wasn’t people wouldn’t be spending so much on expensive traffic on Facebook in the USA right.

Next time, I sorted the results by total number of likes, and then I opened each ad.

I watched the ad, took notes on what the content of the ad was (video/image) – if video, what kind of clips used, what kind of words, what was the fb ad text, what was the headline etc.

Next, I dove deep into the comments, to get ideas for my own variations of ads to create.  COMMENTS are HUGE, HUGE source of great angles  (I’ve learned this from my days many years ago running T-shirts when people would tell me, exactly what kind of t-shirt they wish we had for sale).

After making note of the comments, I sent the project brief over to AdsBabe and ordered a bunch of videos.

While waiting for them to make those vids, I started looking inside audience insights for targeting options.    I started with the most generic term I could think of, and branched out from there for suggested keywords with high affinity. 

I also sent a message on Skype to my rep, to ask what’s the best kind of targeting for this offer, what do they recommend? And he told me its people 40+   so I narrowed my results on audience insights even further.

While I continued to wait for my video ads to be done, I placed the pixel and got the landing page ready.  I am going to be using a proven landing page that received a ton of traffic from my spying sessions (I checked which lander did the best by using the super expensive similarweb pro, it’s like $1200 per month but we use it, because you need tools to make money). 

The LP was ripped & cleaned by Banners&Landers in 1 hour, and I asked them to upload it to my domain which is an aged domain with SSL on it because it’s better be safe than sorry esp since FB is freaking paranoid.

The vids ads still didn’t come in after around 8 hours, so I created a FB page, and launched a page likes campaign to get at least 20 page likes for it, and posted a bunch of interesting memes and quotes and articles from other sites related to the niche im doing.

Finally when the ads came in the next day, I created a CBO campaign, with $200 budget, targeting 40+ USA and in it, I placed 8 adsets.

Every single adset had a different single interest target I built from audience insights that was at least 1 million people.

I uploaded my campaign, and I prayed to the ZUCC God that he won’t insta ban me…

   1 hour later all my ads were approved.  SWEET !! Didn’t get banned! 

I let it be, and let the campaign run for a day before looking at stats.

The next day, I stopped all the adsets that spent my CPA payout, and got zero leads/sales.   I duped the ones that got conversions and let it run again. 

That’s basically it, the rest will be covered in another post on how I scaled it and optimized it to lower the CPAs to make more $$$

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