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A HOT NEW & FREE Newsletter Every Affiliate Should Read!

Hey, if you read my blog you know already that I like to keep things blunt, as is; no sugar coated bullshit.

I always try and bring it; ‘state of the art’ if you will as to what’s worth running right now.

Staying on top on all of the news, industry gossip, mastermind chatter and trends is a huge task of its own; I mean you need to subscribe to a dozen different places; usually via RSS feeds; facebook updates; skype group notifications and then filter the crap from the good.

Who the hell has time to read every good Skype mastermind; every Facebook group chat; every forum and news source? Not me!! Chances are if you follow Tim Ferris’ 4 hour work week and work smart; you don’t have endless time to stay on top of it all either.

Now Here’s some AWESOME NEWS!!!

Earlier this year; I was invited to observe a hot new publication called WHAT THE AFF!! (Yea like WTF!!) LOL

This is a kick ass news letter that is put together by a guy named Manu that happens to be a moderation on the #1 premium forum STM; as well as a successful affiliate himself.

It’s Manus’ ‘baby’ and he keeps it current; filtering the best and the most useful knowledge he gathers from masterminds, facebook groups, forums, news sources and publishes it every single day Monday – Friday – sending it out to your mailbox.

It’s like having your own research assistant to help you keep on top of everything important to make even more money as a super affiliate!


Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

And here’s the catch…. wait! There’s no catch – this newsletter is absolutely free and I invite you to sign up today right here ==>> GET THE NEWSLETTER HERE!





PS: Here you can check out the past WHAT THE AFF newsletter archives; tons of golden nuggz in there!!

How to Add Dynamic Inputs to Your Landers and Increase Your ROI

The following is a super easy trick you can do to ‘customize’ your landers.  It can be done to dynamically change the headline on your lander to include a word that will make the lander more ‘related’ to the audience.  For example, you could use this code to localize landers for the persons’ city or county name – or their favorite TV Show, or their favorite grocery store.  Whatever it may be,   localizing and making a lander related to your audience will increase your ROI and that’s a fact.

We run a lot of lead gen, and while we can use scripts that automatically print the state, city, county or whatever of the visitor, sometimes we target visitors who are out of state, who are out of country but usually live in country.  We do this for different reasons; and the following code comes in handy

1) Paste the following code into your landing page source where you want to input your own custom text:

2) Save & Upload the lander to your web host making sure its extension is .php

3) Head over to your browser, type in

now when you visit the lander, it will fill in iAmAttila wherever you placed the code in step #1.

Hope this tiny but super useful code hack will help you make more money!

Adding Custom Code To Specific Pages in WordPress

A new challenge presented itself, and I decided to document this because I’ve been doing it blindfolded, but many people might be a bit confused on how it’s done.  The task is to add a custom tracking code to specific pages in WordPress.

In my case, I need to add a custom tracking code from LinkedIn into the thank you page at (this one ->

You can use webhooks and php code to do it if you are a 31337 hacker, but if you are like me who likes things simple and fast…. then the easiest way is to install a wordpress plugin named Tracking Code Manager.  It’s awesome, because you just add the tracking code, then you paste a shortcode by editing the WP post itself and BAM you are done.

Here’s how:

  1.  Login to wordpress, and on the left hand side select Settings -> Tracking Code Manager
  2.  You should see the Add New Script page, if not click it on the top menu and then give this tracking code a link.   I wrote LinkedIn Tracking Code
  3. Paste the code, and select where/how it should be shown (for me it’s before the </BODY so i selected that)
  4. Click SAVE and now you will be presented with a list of the tracking codes where you can grab the shortcode.
  5. Copy the shortcode; my shortcode is [tcm id=”1″]  and head over to the page you want to add the code into.*Since I am tracking for conversions, aka people that filled out the contact us form that came from linkedin, I am adding this to the B&L thank you page over at
  6. Paste in the code, and press update post and bam you are done.

That’s it pretty simple right?


HOW to get Amazing Angle Ideas for your product/service/affiliate offer

As CPM rates are rising like mad, and regulations are increasing on how you can target, and what you can do on the best traffic sources like Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  It is important to have an edge (a moat as Charles Ngo would say).

One of these moats of mine are ANGLES,  I love to speak the language of my target audience so they agree, and click and then convert.

But how in the world do you come up with awesome angles?  Not everyone is creative,  I get it.    Don’t worry there’s actually an easy trick where others will come up with ideas FOR YOU without knowing they are doing you a favor.       The trick is to read the COMMENTS!!!

Let me tell you a story,  very recently (actually 30 minutes ago) I clicked on a post on STM – The #1 affiliate marketing forum from a guy titled Custom Landing Pages – Where to Buy?     in this post someone vented their frustration and posted the comment “I am kind of on the same page. Currently looking for a very good landing page designer that has experience working with affiliate landers. It seems like people just bid on freelancer without actually reading the requirement, so you end up with 100s of proposal that are super irrelevant to what you actually need and its very challenging to figure out who actually knows what they are doing. If someone has a proven contact please PM!!! ” 

This comment gave me the idea to come up with the following really awesome, that speaks to the affiliate marketer that actually tried to hire and experienced time wasters, and endless back and forth on sites like UpWork/Freelancers, etc:

Looking for a designer that actually knows what affiliate landers are? Sick of freelancers just bidding on your job posts without actually reading what the job is about? Hate reading 100s of proposals only to confirm none of the applicants have a clue of what you are looking to get done?

Well here’s the solution – Banners&Landers. The #1 outsourcing service used by affiliate marketers that know what you need.

What should my facebook adset budget be?

People always ask me this question  and me, myself sometimes lose confidence in which budget to set.   But today, I noticed something while looking over stats inside Business Manager..

The adset when it receives 50 conversions, it will change from Active (Learning) to Active – Initial Learning Complete.

People always said “FB Needs 50 conversions in a week (if you have that window set) to start optimizing. What optimizing means is to show your ad to people that look like the ones who converted…   I was lime mkay, cool it needs that, but only now I realized what that is in reality thanks to these little footnotes FB now provides.

So what should your adset budget be?

Let’s say your offer payout is $35.  You want to make 100% ROI on that.  That means your CPA you want is $17.5 – since FB needs 50 conversions to optimize,  your budget in a week to properly test this would be 50 * 17.5 = 875 / 7 = $125 per day for the adset.

An Actual 10 Step Guide on How to Scale a Working Campaign into Other Geos

Happy Valentines Day 🙂

Here’s a step by step guide on how to scale a working campaign from One geo to many other geos (assuming that the offer you are running is available in other geos).

You will need to pick the top two angles and top two images from your winning campaign.    You can do the picking yourself, or your senior trusted media buyer – many of the other steps can be done by grunt labor/assistants.

We use trello for the process, and people just move the cards along the production line like a factory.  Here’s how our internal trello looks like (this is a mock up, of course I won’t screenshot our actual one with content)

Step 1 – Order translations for the winning angles in your target countries,      you can get them cheapest at (half price compared to OHT)

Step 2 – Get variations made of your ad – not really a must but recommended (different color border,  swap horizontal, other minor variants to have a different pixel footprint for safety reasons)  – can help here or your VA!

Step 3 – Get the landing pages translated (transey) – we always run two of our best pre-landers, when the translations come in get the landers localized (changing the text, updating the images on lander in photoshop to be in the target geo language, also changing out logos/references to make sense when someone in the geo visits the lander, change people’s images/faces to that of the target audience – you want to make sure the right races show up in the right geos, etc otherwise you won’t have good enough LP CTR)

Step 4 – Get a safe site up for the geo,  populate it with local articles, etc (Safe Site Creation Service)

Step 5 – Upload the pre-landers you had localized on the safe site via FTP

Step 6 – Setup the tracker campaign, make sure the postbacks (s2s) and cloaked pixel or tracking codes are properly placed. (Voluum)

Step 7  – Setup the cloaker campaign and test to make sure it works, after you are done, set it to deny all or in review.

Step 8 –  Access the dedicated ad account you wish to run the new geo on (one geo per ad account!) and create your campaign, linking it to the safe article URL on your safe site.

Step 9 –  Wait until it gets at least 20 clicks, then turn on cloaker

Step 10 – Observe and monitor the new campaigns

*Rinse n repeat for every single geo you wish to scale to.