Setting up a sweeps offer on Voluum + Cake Platform (ClickDealer)

*This guide assumed that you already have an account on ClickDealer (or another network that uses CAKE platform) and that you were approved for the offer you want to add to voluum.

If you haven’t yet signed up for an account click here; or if you haven’t yet been approved for the offer make sure you talk to your rep and take care of that before proceeding.

1) Login to Clickdealer HERE and click on Offers on the left

2) Find the offer you want to add to voluum and click on it

3) Once you clicked on it, a pop up should open up with the offer, click the Creatives tab

4) Look for the offer link and copy it (in my case offer link is )cd002cd003
5) IMPORTANT: Click dealer is allergic to receiving SUBIDs from voluum via s1 token, so its important to modify the link so the end of it reads &s2=
like this:

Copy the new modified link to clipboard!

6) Go back to Voluum and click on OFFERS from the top menu bar

7) Click on NEW OFFER – the green button

8) Paste the link you copied to clipboard; in my case into the URL field.

9) For the NAME field, type in the offer ID and the name they have on ClickDealer
10) For country, select the geo this offer is in
11) From the Affiliate Networks tab select ClickDealer (I assume you added your CPA Network already, if not follow the steps above under the section Adding your CPA Networks to Voluum)
12) For payout put Manual, and type in the payout your network gives you
13) Press SAVE when done
14) Next we are going to place the POSTBACK URl.

WTF is a postBack URL and why do I need it? When someone clicks your banners, they get a unique serial #, if that unique serial # results in a conversion, then the CPA Network will POST BACK that serial number to your tracker, so it knows to mark it as a conversion/lead – that’s what a PostBack URL is used for in a nutshell)

17) In voluum, click the gear icon on the top right.

18) Click the SETUP tab on top

19) Look for the PostBack URL down on the page, click the CLIPBOARD button to copy it to the clipboard

20) You should have something like this:
21) To keep it simple, we need to strip all the junk from this URL, and you should too – so you only have something like this:
22) Next, we want to append the postback URL subID that CAKE uses; something we setup in step #5 – #s2#

Our PostBack URL should look something like this:

Copy it to the clipboard


23) Go back to Clickdealer, to the offer windows (I hope you didn’t close it) and click on Testing & Tracking tab

24) Under the testing&tracking tab paste your tracker link you copied in step #22 into the Postback URL (Server Pixel) field and then click SAVE.

25) We are done with this part, now postback URL has been placed so conversions will register in Voluum when they arrive in Clickdealer.

To continue we will be creating a campaign using Cake platform (through ClickDealer) and Voluum.

26) Click NEW Campaign and fill in the fields as follows:

-For Name put – Test 002
-Traffic Source: select the traffic source you added previously that you want to run this offer on
-Select the country for your offer
-Cost mode: Don’t track clicks (unless you want to, I personally don’t because I use an excel to calculate my costs/profits)
-Redirect mode: 302
-We aren’t using a lander, so click DIrect Linking check box
-From the drop down, select the offer, and press SAVE

27) After the new campaign is created, it will return the screen with a unique Campaign URL and highlight it in green. This is what you need when setting up the campaign on the traffic source!! Click the Clipboard icon to copy it to your clipboard. From there you should save it in a notepad or excel because you will need it when you setup on your traffic source.
28) Next, you have to login to your traffic source, create campaign, upload banners and use the Campaign URL we copied in previous step as your link where traffic will be sent to.
29) Now you know how to setup a campaign using CAKE and voluum from scratch, sweet 🙂

Time Saving Trick: Clickdealer and the CAKE platform has the option to set a master postback URL. This is a great time saver, because you don’t have to set a postback URL each and everytime then. Ask your rep, they usually can do it for you fast.

The Top Affiliate Networks that use CAKE and I recommend are:

-ClickDealer – click here to visit
-F5 Media – click here to check out f5!
-Ads 4 Dough by Jason Akatiff – jump to a4d!

How to add Leadbolt traffic source to Voluum?

LeadBolt (2)Do you want to know how to add Leadbolt as a traffic source to Voluum? Follow this short and simple guide and set-up your traffic source in minutes. There is an existing post that covers the dynamic tracking tokens/scripts/macros for Leadbolt right HERE. This guide will skip the account creation process and assume you already have a Voluum and Leadbolt account.

Read moreHow to add Leadbolt traffic source to Voluum?

How to setup Offers from ClickBank on Voluum

clickbank-logoTo be able to add your first offer you must have a ClickBank and Voluum account. To get your Voluum account go HERE.


What is ClickBank?

It’s one of the biggest, most popular affiliate marketing network on the net. If you dive into it you can find all sorts of products for all sorts of niches, price ranges are also vast. They have an amazing selection of products to promote with high commissions. ClickBank is extremely reliable with their on time payments. One of the best things is that anyone can join ClickBank as an affiliate because it’s free. One of the things that you need to know as a ClickBank affiliate is that you need to use a HOPLINK referral tracking URL to promote ClickBank products. To get a more detail insight about this system visit ClickBank’s support page.

After you have logged in into Voluum you can proceed following the guide below:


Add your new affiliate network



2) Click on the “Affiliate networks” tab

3) Click on “New affiliate network” to begin




1) Set a name for your affiliate network (I named it after ClickBank since we are going to use that network)

2) Check the box “Append click ID to offer URLs”, this will add a {clickid} to the end of your offer URLs

3) Click Save and your new affiliate network will appear in the list


Adding your first offer



1) Click on the “Offers” tab

2) Click on “New offer” button to begin





Note#1 – Input text in the Name field will change depending on the options chosen from the Affiliate network and Country menus.

Note#2 – If you wish to make changes to the fields, you can do so at any given time by clicking the Edit button.

Note#3 – If you want to track conversion it is required to use the {clickid} token in the URL field

Note#4 – All links used in this guide are taken from ClickBank’s official webpage.

1) Insert your desired Name for your offer (it can be anything)

2) Paste your offer URL from your affiliate network, as an example we used:{transaction_id}{clickid}

3) The available URL tokens can be used to pass back information from your affiliate network

4) Country field groups your offers and landers into country groups. If nothing is selected, then “Global” will appear in the Name field

5) Choose your affiliate network from the drop-down menu (in this example: ClickBank)

6) If your affiliate network doesn’t have a payout token or you didn’t add the payout parameter to your postback or pixel URL, check “Manual” and enter your desired price

7) Click Save and your offer will be listed