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I’m going to make this short and sweet, the biggest mistake 99% of new guys coming into affiliate marketing make is they just dive right into making campaigns but do not spend the time to do their homework.

Doing homework includes learning about the product as much as you can, and then using the knowledge gained to research your audience.

Let’s say we’re pushing a dating offer,

There are many tools out there, that let you type in the URL of the site, and get information on demographics,  where most of their traffic comes from, what keywords,  what traffic sources and so on so forth.  You’d go to each of these sites, and pull as much data as possible (NOTE: many sites need a subscription to get full data, but when you are starting out the free data is also better than NO data)


Use the data, see how it overlaps (ie age groups, sex) to start building an ‘avatar’ of your target market.    You may also look at similar sites (in our case lets say similar sites to and pull their statistics as well to get more ideas, and build a clearer picture of who the target market is.




Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!