, How to A/B Test Landing Pages without Losing Social Proof on your Facebook Ads

How to A/B Test Landing Pages without Losing Social Proof on your Facebook Ads

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One of the problems with the built in Facebook A/B – aka split test feature is that it does not allow you to test different URLS/landing pages for your ads so that the social proof is shared.

If you want to split test landing pages, you need to duplicate the ad, change the link the ad goes to and do it that way – and say goodbye to the engagement you’ve built on the ad.

But what if you want to retain the social proof like likes, shares and comments on your Facebook Ads? Well here’s how to do that!

Step #1 – Get an account at www.redtracker.io
Step #2 – Make sure you set it up, configure your domain, add Facebook as a traffic source, etc – read my detailed guide here how to do that
Step #3 – Add the links to the landing page you want to test as OFFERS like so

save it, and add the second URL being tested

next we create the campaign

we add both of the ‘offers’ we added, which is actually our landing pages being A/B tested – in this case, I am testing to see if Facebook Ad to $99/month vs $49/month price point will convert better for iAmAffiliate premium forum.

Add both of the ‘offers’ aka landing pages being a/b tested so they have a 50/50 weight. RedTrack will do this on its own. press Save & CLOSE to get back to main campaigns screen.

Click the Little CHAIN icon, and this will copy the campaign URL for our split test campaign.

If you are just starting brand new ads, link them to this link… however if you already ran traffic and have a few winning ads with great metrics.. here’s the advanced trick I used to use existing ads to split test price points…

Now here comes the fun part..

My ads were sending traffic to www.iamaffiliate.com/join-now .. this was a join page with information, which I updated to another link now to make the a/b test possible …

Since FB doesn’t let me edit where the ads point to, and retain the social proof I created a simple 301 redirect in PHP, and placed it into the join-now folder via FTP on my domain. This 301 redirect file forwards everyone to the RedTracker link – our A/B test campaign.

So to summarize, since you can’t edit the link URL on facebook ad and retain the social proof, I simply took the facebook ad link, made a 301 redirect there and sent it to the campaign I’ve setup in my redtracker. Now I was able to retain all the likes, comments, and shares and test which price points converts the best.

Wondering what is iAmAffiliate? iAmAffiliate is a premium affiliate marketing community created for advanced affiliates. Covered inside are BH, WH, Lead Gen, Ecom, and High Spend Scaling techniques. The forum at this time is invite only.

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