How to create an ad inside Google’s gmail

How to create an ad inside Google's gmail

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  1. Login to your adwords account.
  2. Click on +CAMPAIGN button and select DISPLAY NETWORK ONLY display_network
  3. Type a campaign name – and select no marketing objective, select the country you want to target,  budget per day, leave rest as default



  1. Click save on continue on the bottom
  2. Next screen is where the magic happens.  On the ad group screen,  you need to do the following:
  • Type adgroup name
  • Set your maximum bid
  • Select use a different targeting method, and select placements.


  1. Next click on MULTIPLE PLACEMENTS, and type in > click ADD

It should look like this



  1. Make sure you de-check the let adwords automatically find new customers; this is very important.  If you do not they will load your ad on other sites outside of Gmail. When done click Save & continue


  1. On the next screen, Click SKIP AD CREATION button at the bottom because Gmail ads don’t support text ads, they actually require special Gmail only ads you create in another place.


  1. Click on ADS tab, click the +AD button and select AD GALERY 




  1. Click on GMAIL ADS


  1. On the next screen you have the option to create many kinds of ads; for this tutorial I am going to go with GMAIL SINGLE PROMOTION template.



  1. The next screen is where you create your ad. Gmail ads have a collapsed ad, and an extended ad.  You need images 144×144 pixels for the logo and can have an image 650x up to 500 pixels for the expanded ad.



  1. That’s it, your ad should now be created and waiting for approval.


As you can see from the entire step by step process; NO WHERE is it disclosed that clicks in Gmail ads only campaigns aren’t the same kind of clicks we advertisers are all are used to (that clicking a text ad,  display ad, HTML5 ad will get the clicker to our website).

Please note:  Google does not disclose this while setting up a campaign but clicks inside Gmail campaigns are not what you are used to. So if your CPC is 10 cents in the USA, that isn’t your actual CPC. They have a new metric called website clicks in Gmail campaigns you need to add via custom columns inside your adwords panel to see the real CPC.

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

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