There are just so many offers out there, and when someone is starting out in affiliate marketing it can be quite overwhelming to pick which vertical, which country, which offer to run. Smartlinks solve this problem, quick and easy.

MOBIPIUM’s Push Notifications Smartlink is so good, that the awesome people at STM FORUM wrote a full guide around it titled “How To Make Your First Conversion Online”, a guide they have available inside STM.

If you are looking to get into affiliate marketing you already know how sharp the learning curve is. And this Smartlink makes things easy. So, I have a really good tip for you: you can try MOBIPIUM’s Push Notifications Smartlink. Their algorithm will select the best offers for you, so you can focus on just mastering the traffic source. ZEROPARK is my favorite when it comes to push and pops, there you can master the strategy of picking winning creatives, optimize them and MOBIPIUM will take care of the rest in the background.

If you are not a newbie, but looking to make extra bank out of your campaigns, here’s an advanced tip: you can place javascript that will trigger when the user leaves the active window of their browser, and show an interstitial alert box. In this box, you can put all kinds of banner ads or creatives (or a simple PLAY button image for high CTR) and send that traffic to MOBIPIUM. This way, you’ll make money you wouldn’t have otherwise.

You can also place a backbutton redirect script, which would automatically send people to the Smartlink and you’d reap the extra profits.

This Smartlink is different from others because the guys in MOBIPIUM are always updating and optimizing by eCPM to make sure you have the best offer pairs lined up to make money from.

The Smartlink covers over 50 countries and, since the offers are 100% in-house, the payouts are one of the highest you will find out there. Also, there are no caps and it converts better than all the other Smartlinks on the market, based on tests from many affiliates that tried it. Don’t miss out on this, any extra money is good isn’t it?

In addition to the Push Notifications Smartlink, MOBIPIUM also has really good Mobile Content/Carrier Billing and Dating Offers that work super well right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. STACKED MARKETER news covered recently on how due to coronavirus more and more people are hitting up dating sites, so it’s a good idea to try these Direct Offers as well.

EXCLUSIVE FOR IAMATTILA READERS! I was able to work out a deal with MOBIPIUM, so if you send them traffic and generate let’s say $1000, they are going to add another $200 bonus on top. In other words, they’ll pay 20% extra of the revenue made by new affiliates during April and May. All you have to do is CLICK HERE to get started!