, Useful tools for the CPA Marketer

Useful tools for the CPA Marketer

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Resize your banner – Photo editor online – Pixlr.com edit image
Resize/Optimize your .gif banner – Animated gif tools
Preview mobile offers with proxies available – http://preview.offermobi.com/preview/frames/
Mobile emulator to preview offers on various devices – Mobile phone emulator (by COWEMO)
Web proxies (Use them to enter a mobile emulator and preview offers) – Fresh Web Proxy List
Mobile traffic source map – Mobile Traffic Sources
Ad Networks review by Duru – Mobile CPA Paid Advertising Network Traffic Sources List
Thorough Ad Networks review – What
US Carriers review – Mobile Network • View topic – pros and cons of US carriers
Custom IP Targeting (Yet to be tested, not sure how to get IP ranges) –http://docs.buzzcity.net/wiki/IP_Tar…9_(Closed_Beta)
A very detailed case study, definitely worth a read – http://www.imobitrax.com/case-study-…ey-in-the-bank
Free Tracking Tool – http://www.bevomedia.com/
Free 1st million tracking – http://tracker.mobaff.com/
Paid tracking Tool – http://www.imobitrax.com/
Are you getting scrubbed? – http://www.lukepeerfly.com/stop-scrubbing-me

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