Pay Per Call – Which Facebook Ad Objective is Best in 2024?

Did you know that there’s 4 types of Facebook campaign types that allow CALL ONLY pay per call ads?

I thought it was two after reading the RingBa tutorial for call only FB pixel setup, but now it’s actually 4, and they are:


If you know me, you know I am all about data. I trust data, I don’t trust human theory.

So to put a Pay per call offer to the test, I’ve decided to see which call only ads work best using the same creatives. To do this I created 4 separate campaigns, each have 3 different ad groups:

One is Broad AF, 2nd one is targeting a 15+ million audience of people related to ‘credit’, and the 3rd is targeting 15+ mill audience related to ‘loans’

Here’s my campaigns inside FB:

Pay per call facebook ad campaigns
Pay per call - which facebook ad objective is best in 2024? 5

This started yesterday, I’ve spent around $200 bucks and got 1 result at UNIK Media Group (the Pay Per Call network I am running to). If you know anyone buying debt calls in spanish with 10k qualifier. LMK

Anyways.. OF COURSE the Facebook pixel didn’t work as planned. It’s reporting “results” all over the place.. and my actual result didn’t come from either of the ones were the Pixel says I had a call from.

Since I knew this would happen, I allocated a different phone number and created a different campaign inside RingBa.

Funny enough, my sale came from my Engagement campaign and not any of the others that reported conversions.

Pay per call offers
Pay per call - which facebook ad objective is best in 2024? 6

What’s going to happen next in our Pay Per Call Journey:

Immediately this morning, I’ve put in a ticket to Ringba support to help figure out the FB Mess. It’s probably my fault, but I can’t wait to hear what went wrong, and blog about it here afterwards.

I’ve also had another campaign running which was Lead Form with a Call Us button, but as it turns out, 99% of people just fill out the lead form, answer all the Q’s (I was running a multiple choice conditional web form btw), and then leave. I think they are scared about the calls or talking to someone. If anyone knows a CRM which is cost effective, meaning it’s not expensive AF to use right now.. LMK.. I need SMS integration.. because some people already suggested to follow up with the calls via SMS, and my mind ventures a step further and thought oh yea we can also follow up via autoresponder email too. Ask them to hey call us at xxxxxxxxxx, for which I’ll also get another phone number.

Some interesting takeaways for me:

Setting up a pay per call campaign properly is 3x more work than doing a CPA campaign. If you mess up the phone number, you are Fked. Also if you mess up the highly technical ringba, you are Fked 🙂 So my assistant is helping do layer 1 QC-ing, and then I do layer 2 QC-ing, and update the campaign name to say it’s been Checked and well Quality Controlled to ensure all the creatives, ad texts, headlines, cta’s are showing the correct numbers and inside ringba the target paths and campaigns are all associated properly.

That’s it for this update.

UPDATE: Jan 20th, 2024 in our Pay Per Call journey

Woke up this morning to check the campaign, well it generated total 14 calls and had zero conversions. My angle is total crap and it shows in the CTR. I tried to go as vanilla as possible.

The calls I generated were all short, so despite being extremely detailed in requirements and making the ad vanilla the calls produced were low quality.

This lil experiment cost around $800 and did $40 in revenue. Horrible, but this is how you learn, you spend money. Bookmark this blog and come back, I am the ONLY marketer that spends his own money to test theories and see what the data says and actually SHARE IT with the PUBLIC.

here’s our final results:

Image 8
Pay per call - which facebook ad objective is best in 2024? 7

What I noticed is despite integrating with Ringba, following their FB pixel tutorial, its not tracking properly.

As you can see on the screenshot above, it’s way different vs actually what was produced which is this in Ringba:

Image 9
Pay per call - which facebook ad objective is best in 2024? 8

Engagement produced the most calls at 23, out of which 13 were dupes, this was also the one that created the only conversion.

Sales produced 12, and 2 were dupes.

Leads produced 9, 2 dupes

and Traffic objective produced 9 as well, and 1 dupe.

Overall, we paid a lot for the calls and got shitty results. But this is a real case study, most fail. Although fake gurus will tell you it’s just easy as uploading ads, and pumping the budget, and checking stats on a beach somewhere 🙂

Until next time hope u enjoyed this real life case study on pay per call via fb ads.

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