Paypal is great, and all… but don’t their insanely high fees of 2%-4.9% drive you crazy?  They drive me nuts especially when I am doing media buys and sending/receive payments from traffic sources/networks.   They take a hefty chunk, and if you are sending 5 figures that is a lot of money.

Do you want to Save Your Money? - READ THIS!

I’ve been using a service called Paxum for the past few years, and it lets you send funds peer to peer for a flat rate of $0.25.   You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why paxum is better than paypal.

But in case you can’t, let me illustrate – If you send $1000 dollars,  paypal will take over $40 dollars from you for being Paypal.    If you send that $1000 with paxum, you on the receiving end won’t pay a cent,  the sender will pay $0.25 !!  That’s over 400,000% difference!!

You can load paxum 5 different ways

-Receive funds from a paxum account
-Add funds via your credit card
-Add funds via bank account (ACH, Direct Deposit)
-Add funds via WIRE transfer
-Add funds via certified check

You can withdraw and spend funds 4 different ways

-You can use the Paxum Mastercard WORLDWIDE – it is accepted at every ATM, every POS Terminal where they accept Mastercard
-You can send money to other Paxum account holders via peer to peer transfers (for 0.25 cents!)
-You can withdraw funds by WIRE
-You can withdraw funds by CHECK

What are the costs?

Do you want to Save Your Money? - READ THIS!

but Attila, what is the CATCH?

There is NO CATCH, this is a tested and proven service used by adult affiliates for the past few years.  It is very good, and best of all it keeps more money in your pocket.         Unfortunately, not many people in media buys know of it yet, and that is why I decided to share – because we all love to save our money don’t we??


PS:  Banners & Landers, AngleSaurus, and Transey will Already Accept PAXUM.  

PPS:  What do you think?