How to find people most likely to buy your Shopify products? [Quick Guide]

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Shopify is hard as hell, it’s not uncommon to blow $10,000 to test 100 products, and lose $9000 in the process. When you ask people how do you target your products, most will always tell you BROAD. Which is total bullshit, and it’s a sure way to lose all your money really fast. (Unless you already spent a million bucks plus, and you have a trained pixel, but that’s another story not all of you starting out can proudly be in possession of).

So HOW DO YOU maximize your chances to succeed and find the peeps most likely to buy your SH*T? ūüėÄ

Facebook audience targeting / interest targeting / keyword targeting coupled with the NARROW down function.

Let’s say we are trying to sling a cooking related product, going broad would mean targeting everyone in the country thats a woman, maybe 25+ right? That’s like over 30 million people, too much. Even if you narrowed it down by using the “COOKING” interest keyword, it’d be way too broad. You see the way fb works is their algo will automatically throw anyone in that liked anything related to cooking, and this does not mean that person loves to cook; hell no. Maybe they watched America’s Test Kitchen once, and liked the show, or they are fans of Gordan Ramsay just because they ate at his restaurant. THIS WAY IS THE SURE WAY TO BANKRUPTING YOURSELF!

The right way to go is to go after the passionate people, you find them by starting with the broad keywords like COOKING, and then narrowing that down with RECIPES, and then adding in some MAGAZINES like Taste of Home, and even more magazines, like Cooking Light, and more magazines like COOK’s Illustrated Magazine.

Now the tards at Facebook took away one of the best ways to explore a niche and get the truly the best targets passionate people in that niche love – aka the affinity score. But that’s ok, we can use Google. For magazine’s just type top NICHE magazines, NICHE organizations, NICHE clubs, and the list goes on. Then you take these names, and add them into your targeting.

Here’s how cooking is looking for me, narrowed down through 5 layers:

As you can see, the audience is 12000 only Рyes, yes I know when you talk to people they will say they love their audience to be 2-5 million, that is the sweet spot.   REALLY?   Why is that the sweet spot, do they explain?  Or do they explain how they got to that audience size?

You see, ¬†the smaller the audience size the better as long as you are targeting and narrowing it to be the most passionate. ¬† Facebook is so damn smart, that if you run ads to these guys and the product does well, ¬†then you can generate a LOOKALIKE based on everyone that clicked through from this audience, and then you will have your 1 mill, 2 mill…. 5mill audiences that are very much like the people in your super passionate narrow audience. ¬† And that is where scaling begins.

Hope you liked this quick one,  until next time!

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9 thoughts on “How to find people most likely to buy your Shopify products? [Quick Guide]”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I also drank the koolaid of large audiences (1mil+) but my best campaign ever was with an audience of around 100k using a combination of behaviour targeting narrowed down with interest targeting. I then scaled by using the same audience in different geos and when i built up enough purchases in each country scaled again with LLA.

    • i believe in one thing, and one thing only – that engagement drives cheap clicks, therefore we test PPE first, and where we see traction is worthy of a test as a WC.

  2. Did you figure out how to setup FB pixel the way, so it could capture not just “Purchase” event, but “Purchase-ProductName” events for each product purchased?

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