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[FYI] Even More Traffic Sources

Pay Per Click Traffic Sources

Google Adwords –
MSN Adcenter –
Looksmart – LookSmart > Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising
7Search – 7Search | Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising Network
Facebook Ads – Advertising | Facebook
MyAds –
Clicksor – Contextual Online Advertising and Behavioral Marketing Company
Marchex – Marchex : Pay Per Click
AdSide – AdSide
Adblade – Adblade – Online Advertising and Monetization Services
Adbrite – adBrite Exchange
AdSonar –
POF Ads – – Online Advertising Company : PPC : Email Traffic : Remarketing : Display Advertising : Online Ads : Pay Per Click Advertising :
Pulse360 – Pulse 360 – The Leader in Content Targeted Sponsored Links on the Web’s Best Sites
AdClickMedia – AdClickMedia Advertising Network – Pay Per Click Advertising, online text advertising, banner advertising, and Interstitial advertising.
Bidvertiser – BidVertiser – Pay Per Click Advertising On Sites Of Your Choice.
Adknowledge – | The leading long tail marketplace
Findit-quick – Pay Per Click | Pay Per Click Advertising | PPC | PPC Advertising | Pay Per Click Search Engine
AdManage – Admanage affiliate and advertising network – PPC, CPC Banner, In Text, Display Ads, CPV, Domain Parking
Findology –
AdMarketplace – Performance-Driven Search Advertising |
Ezanga –

Pay Per View Traffic Sources 

Media Traffic – Media Traffic – CPV PPV Contextual Advertising
Trafficvance – Trafficvance :: Advanced Display & Text Link Traffic | Home
DirectCPV – Pay Per View PPV Cost Per View CPV Contextual Online Advertising Network
AdOnNetwork – Pay Per Click Advertising | Pop Under Ads | AdOn Network
Lead Impact – LeadImpact

Pay Per Text Traffic Sources 

Infolinks – Pay Per Click Advertising – In Text Ads for Websites by Infolinks
Kontera – Kontera
50onRed – Performance is Paramount | 50 on Red
Vibrant Media – Vibrant – The Leaders of Contextual and In-Text Advertising
Linkworth – LinkWorth | Search Engine Marketing – Text Link Advertising
Inlinks – inLinks – In Content Link Market Place
InText – InTEXT SYSTEMS (wwwserver2)

Media Buy Traffic Sources

Casale Media – Casale Media – Home
Valueclick – http://www.valueclick.comhttp://www…
Tribal Fusion – Home « Tribal Fusion
Traffiq –
Yahoo AdReady – AdReady – Online Display Advertising Campaign Software for Agencies, Advertisers & Publishers | AdReady
Ask –
Illyx – illyx Network | Affiliate platform Pay per install, impression, click
MegaClick – NOTICE – Online traffic marketplace, where website owners and online marketers do business. – Shopping Search |
BuySellAds – Buy Ads | BuySellAds
DoubleClick – DoubleClick: The technology foundation for digital advertising
Burst Media – BURST MEDIA
Dashboard Ad – Dashboard Ad
Adengage – AdEngage – Engaging Internet Advertising
CPX Interactive – Welcome to CPX
Undertone – Undertone
Ad Pepper – ad pepper media: Home

Contextual Pop Ups 

Adoori – Adoori – Reinvent Your Advertising.
Infinity ads – Contextual Advertising | Pop Under – Pop Up Ads – Targeted Internet Advertising Services


AdRoll – Retargeting and Display Advertising | AdRoll Retargeting
AdRetargeting – Ad Retargeting – Behavioral Retargeting – Behavioral Marketing – Search Retargeting
Fetchback – FetchBack – The Retargeting Company
Recrue Media – Retargeting Advertising | Retargeting Companies | Recrue Media

Domain Traffic 

Elephant Traffic –


Admob – Mobile advertising with AdMob: mobile ads for apps ? Google Ads
Jumptap – Jumptap | The Leader In Targeted Mobile Advertising
inMobi – InMobi | Global Mobile Ad Network
Adfonic – Adfonic
Mojiva – Mobile Advertising with Mojiva’s Mobile Ad Network
Mobclix – Mobile Advertising, App Advertising and Analytics, Mobile Ad Exchange, Mobclix

BREAKING NEWS: Flappy Bird sequel – SWING COPTERS game

The flappy bird craze took the world by storm, here it was a genius developer by the name Dong Nguyen from Vietnam using bots to get his app to rank high,  so high that mainstream took notice and people went crazy.

How could such a simple game be so hard to play?  That was the magic formula that kept people up at night playing endlessly trying to become the top player, but not being able to get farther than a couple dozen tubes at best.    The Flappy Bird success story resulted in endless knockoffs,  all effectively looking the same.

I made quite a lot of money capitalizing on Flappy Bird craze with Pin Submits back then, now I am gearing up to do the same with his newest release coming out soon named Swing Copters.

This app again looks really cool, like the old school Nintendo games.   I love it!   I made this post to gear up for the Swing Copter crazy I’m hoping for.    If you are smart, you’ll have creatives prepped so you can launch some mobile campaigns asap this thing hits the mainstream news!   Take advantage of my golden tip right there,   you can make some serious BANK if you get your stuff0 in order and prepped right now.

How to add Go2mobi traffic source to Voluum?

go2mobi-logoI will walk you through a short and simple guide on how to add Go2mobi traffic source to Voluum tracking software. There is an existing post that covers the dynamic tracking tokens/scripts/macros for Go2mobi right HERE. This guide will skip the account creation process and assume you already have a Voluum and Go2mobi account.


Step#1 Learn your traffic source, what is Go2mobi?

Go2mobi is a mobile ad network and mobile RTB DSP Platform. They deliver traffic to advertisers that drives over 25,000 mobile app installs and mobile web sign-ups every day. They have top notch support team ready to jump in at any moment if you are experiencing some issues or simply want to inform yourself a bit better with the whole system. Go2mobi offers more opportunities for advertisers to optimize their campaigns. Their platform allows you to “cherry-pick” the traffic that is working for you and turns the rest off. They also offer some advanced features in mobile marketing including GPS-targeting, Re-targeting, Rich Media and much more. If you are looking for inventory Go2mobi has tons of it. Their network is approximately 50% iOS, 40% Android, 10% Windows and feature phones. 85% phones, 15% tablets. With over 10 billion impressions per day, Go2mobi has plenty of inventory you need. Registering is free so you can jump right in.


Step#2 Login to Voluum at



–          Click the “Traffic sources ”tab and then on the “New traffic source” button”


Step#4 How to fill out the optional and necessary fields


After you have completed “Step#3” a new window will appear with many fields to fill out. Don’t worry if you are uncertain about some fields you can leave them blank and fill them later when you get the info you need from your traffic source. This set-up is not final, and you may get different parameters for example different Postback URL depending on your traffic source. You can always add more custom variables or remove some depending on what you campaign needs.


Note#1 Every value in this guide is taken from Go2mobi’s official website. If you encounter any issues at all feel free to contact either Voluum or Go2mobi to get a solution for your problem.

Note#2 Since these values are taken directly from their site they are only examples on how should your set-up look like, these values will be provided to you from Go2mobi after you start making campaigns with them.

1) Input “Go2mobi” or any desired name into the name field

2) Postback URL which we will be using in this guide is:{externalid}&payout={payout}

3) External ID, Cost and Custom variables are also optional fields but here is shown how to fill them up properly

Note#3 For the entire list of Go2mobi tokens please follow this LINK!

4) When you are done with the fields click Save to finish and your new traffic source will be listed

5) You can make changes at any given moment by clicking the Edit button after selecting your traffic source from the list

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully added Go2mobi as your new traffic source to Voluum tracking software.