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[GUIDE] How to Setup a Campaign on Popads

Popads is a paying advertising network with tons of traffic for both desktop and mobile, in many GEO locations. It is specialized in pop-unders.

When creating a campaign, under Advertising type you will have options: pop-under, pop-up, tab-under  (only works with Chrome browser) and tab-up .

Pop – unders are pop-up ads that open in new window of your browser, usually behind the main window and are visible when user closes or minimizes the main window.

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3 Ways to Setup a Google Display Network Campaign for Success

When it comes to Google Display Network (GDN) there’s a ton of ways you can setup a campaign. I’ve invested thousands of dollars into testing all the methods; and still am puzzled at how many times the methods differ from vertical to vertical a LOT. That’s why its super important to follow a series of best practices which help you do the maximum IMPACT right from the start.
One of these things is to setup the campaign so it’s only catering to one type of traffic right from the desktop.  (Read my guide on how to block mobile and all kinds of other crap from your campaign HERE)

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