Quick and Effective Campaigns with Wiget

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With Wiget, you can create Landing Page Ads which will be displayed as site-unders, pop-ups and mobile redirects.


If you want to create a campaign, first you need to create a Campaign Group.

On the left-side of your panel, click on Create new and from drop down menu, first select Campaign Group.

Give your group a name, for example if you want to advertise products for Weigh Loss and you will run many campaigns in this niche, give the group name “Weigh Loss


After that, click on Create Group button:


When your Group is created, you can start Creating New campaign.

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Fast and Simple Guide to PropellerAds Campaigns

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PropellerAds has been in the business since 2011 and serve 650 million of daily impressions. The minimum deposit for starting a campaign is 100USD and campaign can only be approved if deposit is paid in advance.

Ad Formats

  1. Onclick pop-under ads – an Ad that pops up after the user clicks anywhere on your website. It pop ups in a new tab or window, depending on the browser). This is a full page graphic ad or lading page, but it will remain hidden behind your man browser window, until you close or minimize the main window.
  2. Mobile web ads,
  3. Baner ads,
  4. Direct Links,
  5. Video Ads.

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[GUIDE] How to Setup a Campaign on Popads

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Popads is a paying advertising network with tons of traffic for both desktop and mobile, in many GEO locations. It is specialized in pop-unders.

When creating a campaign, under Advertising type you will have options: pop-under, pop-up, tab-under  (only works with Chrome browser) and tab-up .

Pop – unders are pop-up ads that open in new window of your browser, usually behind the main window and are visible when user closes or minimizes the main window.

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