[100% FREE] Super Detailed, Paid Traffic guide to Converting Financial Lead Gen Offers on PUSH Traffic

In this guide, I will show you how to run Media500 Offers on Push traffic from A to Z!

First of all, we will need to register a few accounts that are necessary – Google Search to start.

These are the: 

-CPA Network

-Traffic Source


-Spy Tool.


In our case it’s going to be Media500.

So go to media500.com and register an account if you haven’t registered yet.

When you have successfully registered and you got approved I recommend to talk to your dedicated AM (Affiliate Manager) and tell him about you traffic, target, niche, etc. and he or she will help you to choose the best offers for yourself and they will give you the offer links and everything you need.


After choosing a CPA Network the next step you need to choose is the Traffic Source where you are going to run ads.

We want to run Push notification ads so we are going with ZeroPark which is one of the best traffic sources for Push.

So, go to zeropark.com and Sign Up.

When you’re done, the next step is to get a Tracking Software.


In order to track all the necessary data you will need to optimize and scale later you will need a tracking software.

In our opinion the best one is RedTrack.

Go to redtrack.io and Sign Up.

If you are not sure you want to go with RedTrack you can even try it for 14 days completely FREE.

Now that you have your CPA Network account, Traffic Source account, and your Tracking Software, it’s time to do some spying on what others are running successfully in your niche.

To do this you will need a Spying Tool.

There are many spy tools out there, but we tested a few and found that Adplexity is far the best.

They have separate spy tools for Mobile, Desktop, Native, Push, Ecom, etc.

In our case, we are going to run on Push so we are going to choose Adplexity Push for now.

Go to push.adplexity.com and create an account.

When you are done and have your spying tool, it’s time to do some spying for the best Landing Pages, Angles and Creatives.

Spying With Adplexity Push

Now let’s fire up Adplexity Push and see what we got there.

As you can see there are a bunch of ads showing up in many different niches, since we are going to run financial offers we want to search for those.

So first I set the date filter to last 30-days at first and see what I can find.

Then I always check the newest ones first, and after that, I go for ’’Running the longest” because the longest-running campaigns are probably the most profitable, otherwise they would not run it.

Then since we want to find financial offers, I usually just put ’’250’’ in the search bar, because in all of these financial offers people need to invest $250 to make ’’millions’’, so they will include ’’250’’ in their landing pages.

Another thing you need to decide (or ask you AM at the CPA Network) which GEO you want to run.

In this case, we are going to try Singapore, so we go to the left sidebar inside Adplexity Push and select the Country filter.

If you want to only see ads that are running ONLY in Singapore nowhere else, check the little ’’Exact search box’’ otherwise it will show you ads that are running in other geos beside Singapore.

After I set these filters we can see a bunch of potential ads right away:

What we want to do now is going through these ads and see how others are running these, and check for potential landing pages that are good to use for our offer.

So let’s check this one for example:

First, we are going to check the landing page they are using:

I found this one and it’s going to be good and fits our offer, so we are going to use this lander.

And we are going to save the Ad Angles and Creatives and make different variations of it and save it on the side so you can easily copy them later on.

Rip & Clean the Landing Pages

Rip the landing pages you want to use, or you can download them directly from Adplexity like this:

I highly recommend to ALWAYS check in the landing page source code and clean them if needed, because there might be hidden click stealer codes and things you don’t want.

If you are not sure how to clean a landing page correctly, I recommend to hire a professional to do it for you.

Banners&Landers will clean any landing page fast and cheap!

>>> Click here to check them out

After your lander(s) are ready you need to upload them to your web server.

*For better testing purposes I recommend to start with at least 2 landers to see which one performs better.

Setup RedTrack

First, you need to add your Landing Pages, CPA Network, Offer and the Traffic Source in RedTrack.

Adding the Landing Pages:

Log in to RedTrack and find the Landers tab in the top menu, then click on +New :

Then you need to add a Title to your landing page and the URL of the landing page on your server, and click save:

Adding the CPA Network:

In the top menu select Networks and then add your network. In Redtrack there are already a bunch of networks as templates just like Media500 in our case, so we just click on Add.

Here you can set up the postbacks and subids (ask your AM for help)

Adding the Offer

In the top menu go to ’’Offers’’ and click + New:

Then you need to fill in the Offer name, choose the Affiliate network and the offer URL:

***Always ask your rep at your CPA network which subID to use to send the CLICKID on !!!***

In our case it’s aff_sub5={clickid}so we need to add it to our offer link like this aff_sub5={clickid}

Adding the Traffic Source

Select Traffic Sources in the top menu and click on + New

Just like in the Networks menu there are already traffic source templates included in RedTrack.

We need to find ZeroPark and click on the Add button:

The template will automatically add the Sub IDs and the S2S postback template. (We are going to get back to this later) now it’s time to create a RedTrack Campaign.

Setup a RedTrack Campaign

Go to campaigns and click on + New:

Then, what you need to do is to:

  1. Name your campaign
  2. Select the traffic source (Zeropark in our case)
  3. And the tracking domain (or use the default redtrack domain)

After that, you need to set up the flow.

Select the landing page or landing pages you want to use, and select the offer and click save:

When you have this you will need to set up the S2S Postback from your tracking software to your CPA Network. (RedTrack To Media500 in our case).

You can do this by going to Tools – Conversion tracking and copy the S2S postback URL and give it to your CPA Network’s AM and ask him to place it as a Global Postback:

Now we have everything we need to create a campaign on ZeroPark.

Setup the Campaign on ZeroPark

Log in to zeropark.com click on New campaign and select PUSH.

Then select a targeting option.

In the beginning, we are going to select RON which allows us to buy all the traffic from the chosen country, and then later when we have some data ready to be optimized, then we are going to create Target and Source campaigns.

So for now, select RON:

Then fill in the Campaign name and the GEO you want to target.

**Always create separate campaigns for each country, because the bids are different for every geo and it will help you scale your data later on.

After that, you need to choose your bid amount and the amount of your daily budget, and your campaign budget also.

For the traffic filters, always create separate campaigns for Desktop and Mobile, as this is all part of your split testing.

You can also set up Day parting to select when your ads should be live. In these offers the call center is working in working days/hours only so you should ask you AM when you should run the campaigns.

Now it’s time to add your angles and creatives:

I recommend to use at least 5 different creatives and at least 3 different angles to be able to see which one performs the best and to be able to stop bad ones as soon as you can.

The Copy the Offer URL from RedTrack and paste in the Destination URL, select the campaign vertical (financial offers) and select Yes you are using prelanders

Now that you have created and published your campaign, it’s time for wait until your campaigns get approved and if anything gets disapproved fix them, re-submit and adjust until they get approved.

Checking Data

After everything is approved and your campaign is live, double-check everything to make sure it’s working correctly and you don’t waste money!

Check your flow, click on your ads in Zeropark and make sure it takes you to your landing page and finally to the offer.

Also, log in to your CPA network and check if the clicks are showing up there.

As well as the sub id’s in Redtrack (creative id, source id, campaign id ect.)

To check this find you campaign in RedTrack and click on the Report icon:

Then browse through the Subs and ensure that you can see all the data from the traffic source through the dynamic variables:

This is really important otherwise if the sub ids are not working for some reason we’re not going to be able to optimize our campaigns correctly.

Optimizing Creatives

After your campaigns have been live for some time and you have enough data, you should check how your creatives are performing.

You can do this by going to Redtrack, find your campaign, click on the Report icon and select Creative Id in Subs.

Check the stats and if you have enough data stop the bad performing creatives and only keep the best ones running.

When you have identified your best creatives and stopped the bad ones, go and find/create new creatives very similar to the best-performing ones and add them as new creatives.

After some time check these again and repeat the method if needed.

Optimizing the Landing Pages

If you are using multiple landing pages (as I recommended for testing purposes) go to your campaign’s stats and click on ’’Landing’’ to see the stats of your landing pages that you are using.

Check the data and if one of your landers is significantly better then the other, then remove the worse one from your flow and only keep the best one.

If you can’t see any significant difference then you probably don’t have enough data yes, so wait a couple more days and check on them later.

Optimizing the Sources

The next step in the optimization is the Sources.

To check the sources go to your campaign stats in Redtrack and under the Subs tab select ’’Source’’

There are 2 things you can do here:

  1. Go through all the sources and get rid of the bad performing ones
  2. Select the best-performing ones and create a new Source Campaign on ZeroPark targeting only the best sources you got.

If you don’t have enough data just yet, then maybe it’s better to slowly get rid of the bad sources.

But we are going with the 2nd option now and we are going to create a new Source campaign on Zeropark.

What we need to do now is to check our data, and select the sources with the most conversions/ftds

Create a new SOURCE Campaign on Zeropark

Log in to your ZeroPark account and click on New Campaign, and Select Push and then Source:

Then we need to set up the campaign just like before, and after that we need to add the Sources we want to target.

We can do this by clicking on ’’Input Sources Manually’’ in the campaign setup process.

And then we just need to paste the Sources we copied from RedTrack just like on this example:

Then click Bulk add sources and that’s it.

Review Data and Scale

A couple of days later, we can see good result in our Singapore campaign so we are going to leave that as it is for now, and try to scale further.

What we can do now is to try raising the daily budget and see if it remains profitable or not.

The other thing what we want to do is grabbing the same campaign with the same lander, creative and angles and test it on other traffic sources in order to be able to scale more.

Remember: always test and optimize whenever you can, and which your campaigns on a regular basis to ensure you are not wasting any money.

If you found your winning campaign always try to scale it and keep on testing because you never know when your campaign is going to burn out.

PS: If you need help, someone to hold your hand, you should join my free community at www.iAmAffiliate.com/amember/signup It’s only $49.95 per month, and you can get help from me with your campaign!

How to Manually Upload Conversions to ZeroPark [Quick Tutorial]

If you made a mistake setting up the S2S postback to Zeropark for your PUSH, POPS or Redirect campaigns and the conversions you got on your tracker don’t show up then here’s a quick step by step guide on how you can get them manually sent over to ZP so they appear in the interface.

  1. Copy your Postback URL to any spreadsheet (e.g. Excel, Google Sheets). It can be found in any campaign creation form, under ‘Convertion tracking’. This URL is for your whole account, it is not campaign specific.

2. Take the list of CIDs that have converted and add it at the end of your Postback URL (Postback URL + CID values)

3. Use any site, browser extension or script that will hit each postback links.

Website e.g.

When the link is opened, you should receive ‘ok’ message that a postback went through.