Bulk Tiny URL Generator – Increase your Conversion Rates by 37%

TIP:  Increase your conversions by 37% by including a short URL in your Facebook ad angle.

This is a fact, I tested it, go ahead try it to confirm.

We launch so many different ads every single day that I was sick and tired of having to create short URLs by hand. So my coder wrote this awesome tool, which will take long urls and generate tiny urls from them in bulk.

Why tiny URL and not bit.ly?


The reason is simple, bitly doesn’t forward HTTP headers (think UTM tracking codes attached to domain for tracking purposes) while tinyURL does.

Here’s the tool, sharing is caring baby!!



Top 8 Facebook Scaling Methods to Increase your Profits Overnight

No big blah blah text, you know me – straight to the point, stuff that works.

This is best done taking your lowest CPA adset (the one making you the most net profit, then doing these)

1. Duplicate existing adset 3x
2. Duplicate existing adset 3x increase budget by 50%
3. Duplicate existing adset 3x set RHS
4. Duplicate existing adset 3x set DNF
5. Duplicate existing adset 3x change objective
6. Duplicate existing adset 3x increase budget by 50% change objective
7. Duplicate existing adset 3x set RHS change objective
8. Duplicate existing adset 3x set DNF change objective
*It helps if you open up an excel and follow how each performs, and run this for at least 48 hours before touching anything. Ideally you want 72-96 hours though.

Once the data has ran, kill the ones that are not making money and leave the rest. There you go, spend has increased, and so did profits. Remember, increasing the budget in your original adset by editing it is a big NO NO. It is only going to increase your CPA 99.9% of the time!! And you don’t want that!

Go ahead, try it and thank me later 🙂