What to do when your Facebook Ad gets disapproved [HOW TO FIX]

There is NOTHING more stressful than getting your ads disapproved after spending countless hours thinking about the perfect angle, writing the copy, and creating the most spectacular image in Photoshop or the coolest, most viral video ad in Adobe Premiere.  

It sucks, and I know it, it’s like this literally!!! 

I FEEL your pain and Facebook doesn’t make it easy.    Rather than telling you WHAT part of your ad triggered their disapproval, they give you a canned disapproval message like this: 

“Your ad wasn’t approved because it doesn’t follow our Advertising Policies, which apply to an ad’s content, its audience and the destination it links to. We don’t allow ads that use profanity, or refer to the viewer’s attributes (ex: race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, name) or harass viewers.

How to fix: We recommend focusing on your product or service, rather than the audience, and/or remove the profanity from your ad and/or destination it links to.If you’ve read our policies and think that we made a mistake, you can request a second review by our team.”


Something we like to refer to as the ‘process of elimination’

Here’s an ad that was disapproved with the above message:

Disapproved ad.

Rather than focusing and trying to guess what caused the disapproval.  We are going to use a process of elimination. 

Step #1 is to come up with a plan.   Here’s what we usually follow:

A) Remove all text on the ad, fill it with boring, product centric text aka dummy text.     In this case, we just put  Webdesign Service.  Full Service Design. Click SHOP NOW To Learn More.

B) Change the links in the ad.  Rather than pointing to our old homepage www.bannerslanders.com, we will find a high ranking site on Google for wordpress sites and try that link instead of ours.  

C) We are going to change our thumbnail for our video ad.

D) We are going to change our video ad to static image ad. 

Step #2 – Create duplicates of the disapproved ad, and edit them with the plan from above creating variants.

Step #3 – Send it for review by hitting the PUBLISH button then wait to see which one gets approved which one gets disapproved.  

Once you isolated the problem this way, you can move down that ‘road’ and fix it.    Eventually, being able to run your original ad with slight edit to pass the policy check.

Good luck!

PS:Ā  Ā After testing variants based on the rules above,Ā  we had an ad approved where we reworded it so it doesn’t mention YOU/YOURS, etc at ALL and that got approved.Ā  See the LIVE ad right here.

Facebook Page Scoring Alert – Read this If You Run FB Ads for your Shopify Store or Business

If you are running Facebook Ads, which most of us do, this should be of utmost relevance to you.

And no, we are not talking about Ad Relevance Score or Negative Feedback on your Ads. That hurts too, but this one is relatively new.

When you run Facebook Ads, selling a product or service using Facebookā€™s platform, some of your customers are asked for their feedback on the overall buying experience, an average of which becomes your Page Score.

The Page Score can be accessed here by adding your page_id at the end of the URL. Letā€™s hear from you all on the highest and lowest scores you came across!

Starting 22nd Nov 2018, as Steve Tan mentions in the Ecom Elites group, FPCBS (Facebook Page Customer Feedback Score) is being officially rolled out, where your Page could receive penalties if your customers leave a negative/low feedback score on their buying experience.

These penalties could result in affecting your ads performance in terms of low ad delivery and insanely high CPMs to name a few.

So, make sure to work on keeping your page scores consistently good or improving them by improving the overall shopping experience like product quality, shipping time, customer support etc. May the force be with you, if you are casual-dropshipping from China.

Your Business/Ads Manager will notify you of your page score!

We recommend keeping your Page Score above 2.5 at all times.

For pages that receive an average score of below 2, here are some probable penalties that your ads could experience.

Score 1.51 – 2: Reduced delivery and/or more expensive CPMs
Score 1.1 – 1.5: Temporary ban for 45 days (Able to appeal within 45 days for manual review)
Score 0.5 – 1: Temporary ban for 45 days. (Ability to appeal is gone)
Score <0.5 : Permanent ban

If you are not doing anything wrong and are creating a great shopping experience for your buyers, you have nothing to worry about!

Honestly, the number of advertisers on Facebook are just growing so much each day and an average user sees thousands of ads every year. Itā€™s an understandable move by Facebook to keep out advertisers that hurt user experience on its platform.

This also means users continuing to use the platform with a better experience and trusting the ads they see.

Though this update was pushed out a few months ago, itā€™s now clear what the penalties are for pages.

Put page id —

Thread URL — https://www.facebook.com/groups/EcomElites/permalink/506007979916721/

How to Create Custom Audiences for Facebook Ads When Someone Completes a Specific Step/Action in Your ManyChat Bot

We’ve been using a ton of ChatBots lately with Facebook Messenger. This is an awesome way to get high inbox rates/delivery to your target audience, and great engagement.Ā  The following guide shows how to make a facebook custom audience based on specific action (ie when someone clicks a button in your many chat bot, or when they complete the chat bot sequence, or whatever your specific objective might be)

You can then re-target this custom audience with Facebook Ads, or generate lookalike audiences to build your subscriber count on the chatbot.

First of all, You need ManyChat PRO accountĀ ($10/month) to use the Export PSIDs menu is Bulk Actions, Audience page.

Add a tag [eg. ā€œTo Custom Audienceā€] to the flow step which you want to make Custom Audience

Go to the Audience menu and select this tag (or use Filter to select subscribers):

Export their PSIDs, choose Export PSIDs from the Bulk Actions menu

Download this .csv file

Go to the Ads Manager and choose the Audiences

Create a Custom Audience

Choose the Customer file

Choose the Add customers from your own file or copy and paste data

Choose the Direct from customers in the Original Data Source drop-down menu

Upload your exported .csv file and name it this audience

Choose the Facebook Page User ID from the drop-down menu

Add your Facebook page ID (which connected to the ManyChat)

Go to the About of your Facebook Page and copy the Page ID

Go back and paste the Page ID and click Add 1 Page button

Click Upload & Create

Click Done to finish

The new Custom Audience list will be ready asap