How To Setup Facebook Conversion API (cAPI) tracking Using Google Tag Manager Server & Web containers

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There’s MASSIVE confusion regarding to server side tracking. Many can’t comprehend that 3rd party tracking, aka “paste thie script into your page, and be done with it” is finished. It’s ending. Ever since January 2024, Google has been slowly pushing out Chrome updates that STOP measuring if you use 3rd party scripts/tags on your page. … Read more

How To Run Health Care Offers From Leadbit On Facebook


In this article, I’ll walk you through how to promote health care offer from Leadbit using Facebook Ads. Leadbit is a great CPA network to join, especially if you’re searching for Nutra offers. They collaborate with the top product producers in the world to provide you with the highest payment, and top converting offers. So let’s get started, I’m … Read more

The 8 Ways You Can Optimize WH Lead Gen Facebook Ad Campaigns and Promote CPA Offers from ClickDealer

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Explaining The Affiliate Marketing Terms Before starting with everything, we should explain what all the terms mean. While those who are in the business already know all of this, the beginners mostly don’t so it’s time for them to learn as well! Lead Generation or Lead Gen People who are interested in buying your product … Read more

Facebook Ad Account Bans and What To Do If You Get Your Facebook Ad Account Disabled

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Facebook Ad Account Disabled? Read This guide. It was written to help people that had their Facebook Ads account disabled, banned and/or lost access to their advertising account. Every since the Cambridge Analytica scandal Facebook has been ramping up their efforts to ‘make the community safe’. The by product of their efforts is ad account … Read more

15 Epic Tips to Increase Sales with Facebook Ads in 2021 for Your Business

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Want to increase sales for your company? In this article we will share 15 of the best tips on how you can drive more customers to your business. Facebook marketing for small businesses is booming. Learn the top tricks on how to turn Facebook ads into profit by gaining lots of new customers and sales! … Read more

Facebook Ads – PPE vs WC vs C2W – is it true what they say?

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Page Post Engagement, Website Conversions or Clicks to Website – Which objective to use?

Facebook has a lot of objectives; and people are often unsure which one to use and for why.

I just run WC campaigns myself for our ecom stuff; but I wanted to get some data and show you guys the answers to the questions you might have – Which objective to use?

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Facebook Ads Case Study – 13 VERY Interesting Takeaways After Spending $9498.14 on Facebook Ads Collecting Data

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This is a Facebook Ads Case Study where I’ve spent over $9400 dollars on FB Paid Ads – just collecting data to test 13 different myths affiliate marketers love to talk about. Here are some notes that answer many, many questions you and people might have in regards to what happens IF. What happens WHEN. … Read more

How to Use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

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The Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are a great way to promote targeted products to the customers most likely to be interested in them. They are a very effective marketing strategy and can look just like any other ads on Facebook, whether it be image or slideshow ads. What is great about these is that you … Read more