Facebook Has You Down? What To Do If You Get BANNED (Facebook Ads)

If you are feeling down/depressed/want to quit because Facebook seems to ban EVERYTHING you launch, or you are scared to split test new ads to lower your CPA because you fear they will INSTA BAN YOU. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

If you didn’t do anything wrong, yet they ban your entire facebook ad account citing policy violation, or in some cases your entire business manager then this information will be useful to you.

Common messages we get when an account gets banned. 90% of these are automated messages by bots. Here are some of the messages that show up in red boxes and the email replies the automated system gives us when we try and appeal.

“Your ad account has been flagged for policy violations. Any ads you’re running have been turned off. If you believe this is a mistake, please contact us.”

“Only active accounts can create or edit ads.”

“This account is disabled or inactive. This could be due to reasons such as violations of our Advertising Policies, lack of account activity or deactivation by an account admin. You can visit Ads Manager to see more information about the status of this account.”

“After further review of your business account, we found it didn’t comply with our Advertising Policies (https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads) or other standards. This business account will no longer be allowed to advertise and its Ad accounts and Ads will remain disabled. “

“I had a look at your ad account and unfortunately we won’t be able to re-enable it.

All ad accounts are evaluated for policy compliance and quality of ad content. Due to your ad account consistently promoting ads that don’t comply with our Advertising Policies or other standards, the ad account has been disabled.

I suggest taking a look at our e-learning Blueprint module to better understand our Advertising Policies. You can access the module via this link.

Facebook Ads Team”

“I had another look at your ad account and unfortunately we won’t be able to re-enable it.

Our policies are in place to keep users safe and foster a positive global community. When accounts run ads that don’t comply with these Advertising Policies or other standards, they’re disabled.

At this point there’s no further action that you may take. Please consider this decision final.

Facebook Ads Team”

Does this seem familiar? Like no matter what, seems like you are talking to a brick wall and wasting your time?

This is happening because Facebook has their filters turned up way high, and because they came out with new policies to target us, affiliate marketers.

This guy named John Mac does an AMAZING overview of how to approach account bans where they kill your entire BM, and disable everything.

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How to A/B Test Landing Pages without Losing Social Proof on your Facebook Ads

A/B Split testing Landing pages on Facebook with RedTrack

One of the problems with the built in Facebook A/B – aka split test feature is that it does not allow you to test different URLS/landing pages for your ads so that the social proof is shared.

If you want to split test landing pages, you need to duplicate the ad, change the link the ad goes to and do it that way – and say goodbye to the engagement you’ve built on the ad.

But what if you want to retain the social proof like likes, shares and comments on your Facebook Ads? Well here’s how to do that!

Step #1 – Get an account at www.redtracker.io
Step #2 – Make sure you set it up, configure your domain, add Facebook as a traffic source, etc – read my detailed guide here how to do that
Step #3 – Add the links to the landing page you want to test as OFFERS like so

save it, and add the second URL being tested

next we create the campaign

we add both of the ‘offers’ we added, which is actually our landing pages being A/B tested – in this case, I am testing to see if Facebook Ad to $99/month vs $49/month price point will convert better for iAmAffiliate premium forum.

Add both of the ‘offers’ aka landing pages being a/b tested so they have a 50/50 weight. RedTrack will do this on its own. press Save & CLOSE to get back to main campaigns screen.

Click the Little CHAIN icon, and this will copy the campaign URL for our split test campaign.

If you are just starting brand new ads, link them to this link… however if you already ran traffic and have a few winning ads with great metrics.. here’s the advanced trick I used to use existing ads to split test price points…

Now here comes the fun part..

My ads were sending traffic to www.iamaffiliate.com/join-now .. this was a join page with information, which I updated to another link now to make the a/b test possible …

Since FB doesn’t let me edit where the ads point to, and retain the social proof I created a simple 301 redirect in PHP, and placed it into the join-now folder via FTP on my domain. This 301 redirect file forwards everyone to the RedTracker link – our A/B test campaign.

So to summarize, since you can’t edit the link URL on facebook ad and retain the social proof, I simply took the facebook ad link, made a 301 redirect there and sent it to the campaign I’ve setup in my redtracker. Now I was able to retain all the likes, comments, and shares and test which price points converts the best.

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How to Target Your Ads on Facebook for Ecom/Shopify/ClickFunnels (with real product example)

There’s a lot of people complaining in Clickfunnels and Shopify groups that they launch a product, and they don’t get any sales and when they are asked to show their click metrics, the CTR is total crap, and so is the relevance score.

It is of outmost importance to target correctly on Facebook and get a high relevance score. To do this is pretty easy, once you get the idea – but still, a lot of people out there seem to be confused so let me show you with an actual product from AliExpress on how it should be done. You’ll be shocked that it’s easier than You think! Lets go!

Our Product: Scratch Fix Repair Pen

We start by asking a question, and then narrowing it down like so:

Q: What problem does this fix?
A: It fixes scratches.

Q: Who is likely to care about scratch on their car?
A: Not everyone, more like car enthusiasts, people that love cars.

Q: Where do we find these car enthusiasts? Where do they hang out online – what forums (Q1)? What kind of influcencers do they follow (Q2)? What kind of magazines do they read? (Q3) What kind of events do they attend? (Q4) What kind of TV shows/movies do they watch?

We answer by doing a search, then we write down what the answer suggest.

Q1 – Where do they hang out online – what forums (Q1)

Car Forum Interests:
Bimmerforums,Nissan Club, VWvortex, Automotive Forums,Car Forums,CarForum.net Hybrid Cars Forums Ford F150 Forum Kia forums Toyota Owners Club

Q2 – What kind of influcencers do they follow (Q2)?

I have no clue which car influencers are the most popular, so again I hit up google and do a search like this..

Motor Trend Channel.
Mighty Car Mods
RegularCars. …
Doug DeMuro. …
Carwow. …
Jay Leno’s Garage. …
The Hoonigans.
Idiots on Wheels

Q3 – What kind of magazines do they read?

I’ll go to Google, search for something like top car magazines, first result, link to top 10 car magz. I grab the list, and there you go. Of course you can get a VA to go through the full page on google results and extract the results and go from there, but instead of doing that and wasting time/money we can just get like a list of 10, then use the FB ads related interests suggest function when creating the adsets.

Q4 – What kind of TV shows/movies do they watch?

Again, back to trusty G for the answer. Top Car Movies of All Time. BAM. Top Car TV Shows. BAM, write down the results.

Now that we did some market research, we know how to target the most passionate audiences.

What we need to do next is write an ad that speaks to all of them, and then a variant of this ad that talks to all the different groups.

So our generic ad might say…

Worried about scratches on your car? Over 57,247 happy customers in America. 4.8/5 star rating based on 4728 reviews. Special 50% Discount If You Order In the Next 30 Minutes! ORDER YOURS NOW =>> iam.link/your-discount

Our ad targeting the car forum audience

Worried about scratches on your car? Recommended by The Top Car Forums in America! Over 57,247 happy customers. 4.8/5 star rating based on 4728 reviews. Special 50% Discount If You Order In the Next 30 Minutes! ORDER YOURS NOW =>> iam.link/your-discount

Our ad targeting the magazines audience

Worried about scratches on your car? As Seen in the Top Car Magazines! Over 57,247 happy customers. 4.8/5 star rating based on 4728 reviews. Special 50% Discount If You Order In the Next 30 Minutes! ORDER YOURS NOW =>> iam.link/your-discount

you get the idea…

What I recommend is you start out testing audiences with $30-50 per adset – DO NOT USE CBO FOR TESTING!!!

Put the generic ad in the adset, and put the variant of the ad for that audience. Then duplicate both ads 2x and make sure you use USE EXISTING POST ID, to retain the social proof. In the end, you should have an adset with 6 ads.

ADDED TIP: It’s highly recommended to use NARROW function in FB Ads, and select engaged shoppers as an interest to narrow your primary list.

Audience size 2-6 million.

I recommend running 4-5 different ad targets when you are starting out from scratch, then looking at your data 24 hours later.

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