The Virtual Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle and How You Can Live It Too

Virtual Affiliate Lifestyle and Why Affiliate Marketers Love The 4 Hour Workweek and the Virtual Business Lifestyle That Chris Ducker Used to Talk About

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for many, many years. I started in 2008, so that makes me an OG in this industry. I’ve met thousands of people, many have come and gone. So I had my fair share of opportunities to chit-chat with affiliates across the world. Through these talks, I learned why they got into affiliate marketing in the first place.

What I learned is quite interesting. Many started in affiliate marketing to earn tons of money. A thing they all had in common is that they all wanted the virtual business lifestyle. Work from where you want, when you want. That’s why Thailand is so popular among affiliates. At least it was until the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic came. 

I remember reading a blog by Chris Ducker, he used to talk a lot like Tim Ferris about the 4-day workweek. This post is about some of the best tips from that book and how you too, can live the virtual lifestyle. Work from anywhere you want and earn an amazing income online.


So What Is the Virtual Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle?

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The virtual business lifestyle is something everything could enjoy. Achieving it requires a lot of hard work, focus, and dedication. Not everyone has the willpower to pull it off. But those who do can live a life of dreams!

The theory behind it is to outsource most of the things you work on to other people. This should leave you with a lot more free time. You will also have more opportunities to innovate and create something new. 

What can a virtual affiliate marketing lifestyle offer? Well, a lot of things! Here are just some:

  • A 4-day workweek
  • Regular travel 
  • More free time
  • More time with the family
  • Great earnings
  • Financial stability and freedom
  • New opportunities 
  • Work from home or any location you want
  • Much, much more!

Chris Ducker is a great proponent of this. He started with almost nothing. Throughout the years he managed to bring over 3 of his businesses over the 7-figure profit mark. 

How Chris Started His Virtual Business Lifestyle

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Chris was one of the first people to manage a Virtual Business Lifestyle. He started with not much but worked for years on his dreams to make them come true. He is famous for creating many businesses with 200+ employees. And taking himself out of the operation of those businesses. He managed to outsource most of his work. This gave him more free time to learn more, improve his business, and innovate. This lifestyle was also adopted by Tim Ferris. He is the proponent of “work less, but work smart”. He is so much into the philosophy that he even wrote a good book about it! Ferris is one of the experts in virtual operations, entrepreneurship, and taking advantage of outsourcing. Running a profitable company takes a lot of knowledge. These two are ready to offer you all of it through their wisdom. 

To continue with Chris’s success story…

For years he worked as an independent consultant. He focused on the infomercial and business process outsourcing sectors. There he gained valuable experience and knowledge. He later used it to start his first business. 

In 2008 he opened the doors of his first brick and mortar business, Live2Sell. The call center worked with B2B clients all around the world. It specialized in providing:

lead generation

– customer service

– appointment setting

– live chat with clients. 

He moved to Thailand where he had first-hand experience with outsourcing his workforce. He managed to find a great group of people that were ready to work with him and so he started his second business. Virtual Staff launched in 2010 and it’s been a booming success. IT is hailed as one of the best virtual assistant services online. The business focuses on helping understaffed businesses. It helps overstressed staff with the help of hard-working Filipino virtual workers. So far it has helped over 7000 Filipinos find work!

In 2015 he launched Youpreteneur. A platform where people can learn everything about running a business from Chris. Over 200 people enrolled into the Youpreteneur Academy in the first 24 hours!

Since then Chris didn’t launch any new businesses but he focused on making his current ones better. He also launched a few books, guides, a blog, and organized a lot of real-life events for his fans. 

The thing Chris did differently than others is work hard and smart. His businesses could help each other with most tasks so his role got smaller and smaller. He surrounded himself with the right people that could always help and take over when need be. He ensured he is always rested and that he has time for his family. 

“What good is all the money in the world when you don’t have time for your family!” 

He explained most of his thinking and success stories. He posted them on his Virtual Business Lifestyle blog. His blog was the perfect platform to share his expertise and wisdom. With it, you could get a glimpse into the world of virtual assistants and outsourcing. There he had all sorts of tips, tricks, podcasts, and guides to help you with your projects. He focused most of his posts on how to outsource your work and live happier.

How Does One Start In This Exciting Way of Living?

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It all starts with you!

First of all, you need to get into the right mindset. You need to start thinking about what is best for your business and who is most qualified at running it. People often make the mistake of trying to do everything themselves. This can lead to stagnation or failure as most likely, you aren’t the perfect person to run that business. 

Find people who can help you with running and expanding your business. If you can’t find people in real life, try searching online for them. There are a lot of websites like Upwork where you can outsource your work to others. 

Hiring help for your business can take your business to the next level. As well as make it more passive/automated. Hiring a virtual assistant is great. If you are unsure how well they can fit in your business, try part-time assistants first. Don’t expect them to know everything at the start. As with any employee, virtual assistants need some training and adjusting period. You have to spend some time helping them understand how your business works and what it needs to grow. After a few weeks of work, your virtual assistants should start being much more helpful. 

If you want to join the virtual marketing lifestyle do the following:

  • Create a great workflow for your current employees
  • Optimize your business as much as possible
  • Outsource your logo design, web design, etc to people on the web
  • Find the best people for your available positions
  • Hire virtual assistants 
  • Train those virtual assistants with tools like Skype and live coaching
  • Record your training via external software. You can use that footage to train new employees or help current ones. You can teach them things they might have forgotten or never knew to begin with
  • Optimize your work with your virtual assistants and let them take over more of the job
  • Guide your virtual assistants and employees slightly so they stay on the course of your idea
  • Watch your business grow and prosper with the smallest input on your side

Some further things to consider

  1. Time is money! You can always earn more money and spend it on newer and better things. But the time you spend is irreplaceable. Once you spend your time on something, that time is lost forever. Don’t spend days working when you can get other people with a similar skill set to do that work for you.
  2. Don’t do everything yourself. Outsource as many tasks as you can. The less you have to do, the more you can focus on what is important.
  3. Hire the right people. Find those who can improve your business in ways you didn’t even know possible. Don’t just hire the first person that comes around. Interview them, test them, and make them prove they are worth what you pay them.
  4. Don’t skimp on paying your employees. Great people are hard to come by. Your business will suffer much more if you lose a valuable employee than a few hundred dollars per month. Also, well-paid workers love their work much more and give more effort into working!
  5. If you have an online business, hire an SEO expert! An SEO expert is worth his weight in gold! Such people can propel your business. From the fringes of relevancy to top results on each search online. Don’t hire the cheapest one, hire the best one!
  6. Do the same for media buyers and content writers as well! You want your core team to be experts at what they do.
  7. Join a forum where you can talk to experts and learn things from them. One of these forums can be the iAmAffiliate forum. Here you will find a bunch of experts that know everything there is about: 
  • Marketing
  • Outsourcing
  • Business running 
  • Affiliate market

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The virtual affiliate marketing lifestyle is growing in popularity each day. Good affiliates do everything themselves and great ones delegate tasks to others. The sooner you start pulling yourself out of the everyday business tasks the better. You should focus on the big picture, not small tasks or tasks you are not best suited for. Everyone in your team should have a purpose. That purpose is to get your business running as best as possible. No excuses, no workarounds. Hard work and a lot of outsourcing!

Of course, this is all easier said than done. Newcomers to the industry don’t know enough to be able to delegate everything to others. They might make a big mistake after all. So this is where some pro help can come in useful. We recommend you visit blogs like mine to get all the right info you need. These blogs will help you with the basics and with more advanced stuff. Listen to what these industry veterans have to say and you will make it for sure. 

If you need extra coaching and help you can try premium forums like iAmAffiliate. It gathers some of the biggest experts online in affiliate marketing. If you have any questions about anything, iAmAffiliate is the perfect place to ask!

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