The Easiest Way to Run Campaigns on ZeroPark – Here’s how to do the “Rip N Run” method to 10X your chances of making money.

If you are a new affiliate just starting out, you probably don’t have a lot of money to blow on testing campaigns and learning this interesting and super awesome world of affiliate marketing.

Maybe you are a BH guy sick of getting banned non-stop on Facebook and Google, and not being able to get any spend out of your accounts in 2019; so you want to try something new – something where you can focus on testing creatives and angles and optimizing, vs having to battle the accounts game.

Well you are in luck because in this guide, I am going to show you how you can maximize your chances for success running uncloaked campaigns on ZeroPark, and harnessing the power of an affiliate favorite, aka the rip n run method with data from spy tools!

The Goodies You Need To Do All This

Without further a due lets get started… just to be clear, I assume you already got a ZeroPark account, after all we can’t do anything unless we have traffic… hope you have access to a RedTrack account (or Voluum or some other awesome affiliate tracker), as you do need to track the zones, creativeIDs, campaigns, and many more important variables…

I also assume you know the basics.. if not sign up for an STM account here and learn em quick.

I also hope you know how to rip n clean landing pages, or at least got bannerslanders on skype, so they can do it for you.

And last but not least, have an AdPlexity mobile account – which is my spy tool of choice for mobile, pops, and push. Get it here for 30% cheaper!

Seeing What Others Are Running on ZeroPark, and Which Ones are HOT (and therefore, profitable)

AdPlexity is a great spy tool, it gives you the ability to see the campaigns by traffic source. Once you log in, you can go on the left menu and do this:

I simply typed zer, and ZeroPark appeared. I clicked it, now all the landers that show up are all that run on ZP

Here are the results, the newest campaigns running right now on ZP

We can sort by – Newest, Running Longest and Received the Most Traffic

In this case study we are going to sort by Received the Most Traffic, for the period 07/02/2019 – 08/01/2019. My theory behind this is if a campaign received the most traffic, it must be making the affiliate money – else they wouldn’t be spending so much on traffic on ZeroPark right?

These are the results when we sort by received the most traffic. Those black boxes, and gray boxes they are asking the user to click ALLOW. Basically a lot of the biggest spenders are building their own database for PUSH so they can “spam” them later for free (or very little) – how to create your own push db available inside iAmAffiliate premium. Anyways…

We want to pick the campaigns that are relevant to us, first one is a VPN, next one is an antivirus offer, 3rd one is sweeps one. Here they are:

The next step for us to do what affiliate marketers do best. RIP them, and then clean them up so they don’t have any malicious code that will steal the traffic we buy on ZeroPark. If you don’t know how to clean a landing page properly, or get stressed by the process – talk to bannerslanders on skype and get it done by a pro.

One of the biggest and most beneficial features inside AdPlexity is the ability to see the top zones by ID and domain on Zeropark. So when you rip n run, you don’t run RON which is RUN OF NETWORK and lose all your money on shitty placements. Instead you start with a whitelist and only run there – maximizing your chances for success. All you have to do is click on the Landers we picked from above, and this is what you’ll see when you scroll down on the campaign page.

so, this is what you gotta do… when you spy, pick 3-5 campaigns that you find interesting, next open them up, and on the campaign pages, write down the zoneIDs for all of them.. these will be the ones you’ll target..

once the landers come back from getting cleaned up, upload them to the ftp, then setup your campaign in RedTrack or Voluum and get the campaign URL…

next, it’s time to set them all up in ZeroPark… Sign up for an account here if you haven’t yet! Use this link to get extra 5% BONUS on your deposit (applies to new and old customers alike)

Click new Campaign, then select Domain redirect traffic.
Select Keyword, because adplexity is telling us domains to target, and to do that we need to run a keyword specific campaign.
Notice how in the campaign name, i write geo, vertical, offer, and i am making it specific for only 1 device type, in this case android phones only.
For the bid I am putting 0.01 because when I add keywords later, ill be able to bid specific to each keyword manually. My daily budget is $100 so we can get data fast, and campaign budget $500. I also select Mobile only because we are targeting only Androids in this campaign. (I will make a new campaign for every device, so they are separated, as they bring in different results)
As you can see, Android traffic is selected. Freq cap is at 30 minutes, if you put it on 24h it will kill most traffic. We aren’t day parting, although some offers like crypo offers from Media500 need to be day parted as they rely on live call center to convert the leads you send. So remember to enable day parting feature in case you want to try Crypto offers on ZeroPark.
Make sure your tracker is configured to use dynamic tokens! You must track everything and ZeroPark offers a lot of dynamic token variables to track. RedTrack you can easily add ZeroPark as a new traffic source with tokens pre-filled, the same goes for Voluum which natively integrates with ZeroPark.

When you are all done press SAVE.
Remember, how towards the beginning of this guide I showed you how I spied and got the best placements for proven offers that ran the longest / received most traffic inside AdPlexity? This is where you enter that data for the domains!

My placements for sweeps in FR are these:

AdPlexity the spy tool for mobile pops, redirect has seen sweeps offer running for many, many days when visiting these domains. The logic is this, if they would suck and not convert, the affiliate that’s running sweeps in France would’ve killed and nulled them and not let them run for 20+ days. So we are just going to take this data, and run with it by entering it as you see on the above screenshot.
And we are done. Now all we have to do is wait for campaigns to get approved which usually is pretty fast on ZP thank goodness.
After we start getting traffic, we will have to keep an eye out on our tracker.

It’s been two days since the campaigns gotten approved, and now it’s time to block the bot infested sources/targets thanks to the awesome feature inside RedTrack that shows you these stats.

All you have to do is login to RedTrack, find your campaign, and click on Fraud Report on the middle menu

On the fraud report screen, select the SUBID you want to filter. In my case it’s SOURCES. Then, click export as CSV. Now you want to sort by Datacenter, and Blacklist.. and find the bad placements.

As you can see, this placement is total crap, it sent 92 visits, 17 were on a blacklist, and 45 came from data center IPs. That’s a bad sign it means that more than half is fake traffic. Luckily most of the traffic / sources on ZP passed the Fraud Filter checks with flying colors, and there’s not that much bot traffic on these placements.

Using Data from Spy Tools is good, because they are usually the placements that work. That’s why this method works super awesome. One of the things ZeroPark does is upload new sources/targets every week to iAmAffiliate premium forum for all the popular verticals that work on PUSH/POPS/Redirect on ZP. You can grab them, run some clicks through them and monitor them in Fraud Filter inside zeropark. Using this method, you save a ton of money because you get the best placements that actually work.

There’s many great spy tools out there, you can also do advanced tricks like use a source code search engine online like to find ZeroPark footprints, then you can use a tool like SimilarWebPro to see what kind of affiliate offers people run on these the most (which is a lot of work) or you can type in the domains one by one into spy tools and see what comes up. Again a lot of work, but going beyond what most lazy affiliates do is usually the way to yield great ROI. You can automate things too; or just hire a cheap VA from and give them the tasks to research stuff.

This case study was about how to use spy tools to find placements that were proven to work on ZeroPark. Using proven landing pages, and offers on a traffic source is the quickest short cut to success. To get extra 5% bonus on ZP, use – it works for new clients and old ones alike.

Image result for tip #1

ZeroPark allows you to target by domain name as well. What you can do is create a list of domains you’d like to pop your offer on.

Here’s an actual thing you can try – in the target geo that you are running sweepstakes to win a samsung galaxy s10 you can make a list of every single online store that sells the galaxy S10. Then you can run a modified lander that you’ve found while spying that would be branded in the same name as the store you are targeting. You could say they are giving away an s10 for $1, and to take the quiz. Sure it’s a lot of work to make this for every single store, but hey, it could pay off if you are willing to do the work! Remember, do what and where most affiliates won’t go, and believe me most affiliates are lazy 😀 Exploit that to your advantage!

Related image

Tip #2 – You can use a site like Alexa to find the top 50 sites in a geo, and then just set to show your landers on those websites. This way you will be getting traffic from the most trafficked websites, instead of random ones. Alternatively, you can browse the niches on Alexa, and target groups of sites in different niche where you might think your target audience is. For example, if you run sports betting offer, then you could target just the top 10 sports sites in the country with your offer and see your CR increase greatly.

Related image

Tip #3 – When setting up campaigns – SEGMENT them. At the minimum, separate Android & iPhone into their own campaigns and if you decide to run Tablet and/or Desktop as well – separate those into their own campaigns as well.

How We Made $51,167.60 For A Client On $7,240.42 Ad Spend (707% ROAS!) [Golden Tips Inside]

Ever wonder how big Black Friday can be for a newly established brand? Here is a an awesome case study that was published by Tomasz Babiec, a Facebook marketing expert specializing in ecommerce. There are many people struggling to get sales for new brands, but this case study shows that with a great product, good website and the right approach, you can sell a shitload of it on Black Friday by giving an amazing deal that’s better than all the deals throughout the year. He talks about strategy, he talks about targeting, and he talks about optimization and what I love the most, what he would’ve done different.  Thanks Tomasz for letting me share this with all my readers!!

⬛️💲Black Friday Case Study: How We Made $51,167.60 For A Client On $7,240.42 Ad Spend (707% ROAS!)💲⬛️

Hey everyone, hope you guys crushed Black Friday! I’m writing this post to share a case study around this year’s Black Friday campaign we did for a client. This is raw and fresh information that you can use in your own campaigns!

Quick background story:
▪️This campaign was for a premium brand that is not available anywhere else other than on the client’s website, so it may not work for affiliate offers.
▪️A normal day of sales on this store is about $5k on average, sometimes reaching highs of $15k and lows of $3k.
▪️95.7% of the ad spend ($6,930.35) was spent on Facebook, the rest was Google Ads spent across brand keywords and several niche ones.

💊💊 The recipe:
▪️You really need to have a great product to confidently push it. If your product is average, you risk getting negative feedback on your ads (measured in comments and in the results of surveys Facebook sends to people) and dealing with refunds/chargebacks.

▪️Prior to big events like this, you NEED to upload and publish your campaigns in advance (that means setting up campaigns, targeting them, giving them initial budgets, and scheduling them). Many people here have posted about this and it is absolutely crucial.

▪️Your offer should ideally be something that is not normally available for people during the year. A great offer was what made this campaign. If you give 30% discounts all year round, doing that again on Black Friday may work better than on other occasions, but most probably you aren’t going to make you a killing. We did a buy 1 get 1 free offer to drive up AOV and don’t kill margins too much.

▪️As others have suggested (shoutout to Nick Shackelford!), you need to drive traffic to your site several weeks before the offer goes live to warm people up so you can later retarget them with your offer. Your short-term ROAS will decline, but it will pay off. We didn’t say anything about the offer until 12:00am Black Friday, so people weren’t sure if we were going to do it.

Needless to say, on days like this, you don’t go anywhere without your laptop, 100% battery, and good internet!

💊💊 The setup:
🎯 Targeting:
❄️ Cold audiences: 3-10% LLAs (mostly 6% and 8%, apart from that I had 1×3% and 2×10%) of audiences that were historically performing very well, that is: 30 days FB engagement, customer LTV lists, Facebook’s new “value-based audience using pixel data”, 4% top pageviewers (shoutout to Tyler Garner who posted a video with this a while ago. You create this audience through FB analytics by checking how many times the top 4% purchasers trigger the PV event).

💰 I had 6 cold ad sets total, each with initial budget at $1000 and autobid. I later switched to manual, more info below. I admit I was a little too scared to go straight for Tim’s recommended shotgun and surfing setup and do $16k/day 😃

♻︎ Retargeting:
Literally anything you can retarget. This is where you make money from the traffic you were driving in the past few weeks. Target FB engagement, insta engagement, VCs, ATCs, past customers, newsletters, all kinds of website events, 75% VVs, literally anything that is relatively recent or that worked in the past (for example I wouldn’t target FB engagement that’s 180 days old, IMO that’s a little too broad for something like clicking your post). Depending on the size of your audiences, it may be better to put them together in one ad set, I had 2 ad sets.

💰 Budgets: $400/ad set for the start.

🛠 DPAs
VC/ATC: past 3 days, past 7 days, past 14 days (this one did bad compared to the other DPA ad sets), past 30 days, and cross selling to people who bought in the past 60 days.

💰 Budgets: $200 per ad set for the start.

🤖 Rules (Revealbot) – scheduled every 15 minutes. Target CPA was $130. I attached a screenshot of the rules I was running on the cold campaign, I also had rules I was running on retargeting and DPAs.

📧 We had a BF email that went out early in the morning on Black Friday.

💊💊 Campaign execution:
I checked stats every 1-2h, I didn’t want to do it too often because for me personally it does more bad than good. Patience is a virtue!

I really wanted to test Tim’s shotgun and surfing for the first time and my aim was to start bumping budgets as fast as possible, as soon as I started seeing initial proof that things were working. As I said earlier, I was scared to do a $16k per day setup, but conversions started flying in so quickly that I didn’t even wait for my reveal rules to kick in to increase budgets. I knew this was black Friday so the odds were kinda in my favor, so as soon as ad sets got 3 purchases, I doubled their budgets.

It quickly turned out that Facebook wasn’t spending quickly enough, so I went from auto bidding on all campaigns to manual. For cold ads, I first started with a bid cap of 3xCPA goal ($390), for retargeting I went for $450, and dynamic something like $600.

After letting that run for 1-2 hours and seeing the hourly breakdown of spend, I decided to give the best cold ad sets $10k/day budget and bump the other ones to $4-5k/day. I set DPA budgets at $1000 each and retargeting $2000 each. It still wasn’t spending quickly enough so I maxed out bids on dynamic ads and retargeting ($1000 USD bid cap) and set them to accelerated delivery. I did the same thing with cold ad sets, the best ones had accelerated delivery, $800 bid caps (not sure why I didn’t go for $1k) and $2-3k budgets.

I admit this was a little crazy as some ad sets started spending $500 per hour so I had to decrease their budgets from the $10k I set a few hours ago. They ended up at 2-3x the spend they had when I set them. My logic was that the daily budget was acting as a stop loss. If a rule I had set up wouldn’t kill it quick enough, the daily budget would run out. I was increasing budgets on accelerated ad sets and carefully monitoring performance. Surf with the waves!

My total daily budget at one point was probably $25-30k, though not all of that was accelerated.

Sales were flying in like crazy all the time. First I wanted to crack $30k, then 40, 50, and 60. For a few final hours of the day I was watching the account very closely (anyone know that adrenaline rush when you set a lot of ad sets on accelerated delivery and crazy bid caps? 😀) and 30 minutes before midnight ad account time, it completely stopped spending. I panicked thinking it’s a manual review that would shut us down for the rest of the BFCM weekend.

I still don’t know why but it only started spending at 12:00am Saturday ad account timezone. All credit card charges were successful, there was plenty of budget left, all important ad sets were live at that moment, yet it stopped spending. I admit I was disappointed because I wanted to get closer to $60k, but my hands were tied.

Conclusion: MAN, I exceeded my most ambitious expectations!

Shotgun and surfing works MIRACLES if you do it right! It wasn’t ideal (too much manual work on my end), but it worked really really well. I highly recommend this to anyone for events like this, I’ll be looking forward to testing it on another occasion without a sale really soon!

Now, some thoughts after analyzing everything.

What I would have done differently looking at it now:

💵 Higher budgets (definitely would start with $16k/day)
💵 Manual bids all the way from the start
💵 HIGHER BIDS! Bully them!
💵 Spend more budget on retargeting and DPAS
🎯 Broader targeting!
▶️ I would use the “Black Friday Cyber Monday” angle from the beginning. Doing Black Friday only limited the offer too much.
🤖 Set more automated rules!

Thank you for making it this far! It means a lot for me that you read the whole post so thank you once again 🙏🏻

I hope you found it valuable.

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments 👇🏼