How to Write Perfect Marketing Angles for App Install Campaigns – 3 Tried and Tested Strategies

With 3 Examples of Profitable Marketing Angles We’ve Used to Promote a Mobile Android App Install campaign.

When Brantley Pace, the co-founder of Tripcents came out with the travel budgeting app for millennials,  they had a problem to solve.   How do you come up with marketing angles for App Install campaigns that will get their attention? 

marketing angles

The following guide is my exact method on how I come up with angles for App Install Campaigns on Android.    If you are into running iOS apps, the approach is similar except using different tools, we will cover that another time.

Coming up with angles is something that seems to be the biggest problem to many affiliates out there?   Maybe they are not creative enough, or are worried their angles they come up with are just not good enough.   I’ve devised a tried and tested, and proven method that just works.

Why is it important to test various marketing angles?  Because that is what will make or break a campaign.  More often than not people make the mistake that they try 1 angle and a shitload of banners and their campaign ends up at -90% ROI, so they give up concluding this offer sucks.       We, super affiliates know this super well that’s why we aren’t worried by the influx of new affiliates hitting our industry everyday.  Instead we structure our campaigns well, test a ton, and then let the data do the talking.

All right, now that the intro is all done, let’s get down to business shall we.  This is how my team comes up with angles for app installs we run; and we run many exclusive app installs that we cap out for direct advertisers so we use this method a LOT.

The 3 internal ways we come up with Angles for app installs.

How to Write Perfect Marketing Angles for App Install Campaigns - 3 Tried and Tested Strategies

1) spy using whatrunswhere mobile  – The easiest method by far

What runs where is a premium spy tool, probably the best and the first choice for us in our quest to come up with angles for our app install campaigns.    You might be thinking, but there are so many spy tools out there why WRW?  Short answer:  Because we’ve been using it forever and know it just works, so there you have it.


Before we jump right in WRW and spying, we need to get the Google Play app name/ID for every single app we’re going to be promoting.

In this example, I am going to be using CCCleaner (which by the way used to make me over 60k per month alone, but now its too saturated since everyone and their mom runs it and they are too late)  

1. Go to, search for your app by name, open it’s page and then look in the address bar of your web browser.
You should see something like this:

The app id will be the part after ?id= and before &hl=en, so in this case com.dianxinos.optimizer.duplay

*Repeat the above steps for every single app you want to run to grab their App ID!


A) Login to WhatRunsWhere

B) Click on Switch to Mobile up top to make sure you are on the mobile WRW.

C) Under the BY ADVERTISER tab, paste the app ID into Where does ______________ advertise and click SEARCH

D) If you are lucky, you will get results by the app ID which is your BEST BET for accuracy, if not, try typing in the APP Name right in the search box and select the one that has the most prevalence.

E) Click on Banner Ads from the left side bar inside WRW, and then make sure you sort by AdStrength.

F) Read what it says on the first banner, write it down.     Read what it says on the next banner, write it down IF its different from the previous one.  Repeat this process until you have 5 different angles for your app.

The reason why this method is a good place to start is because these angles have been proven to work over time, and that’s why they are appearing at the top when we sort by ad strength.

PS: If the angle is NOT IN ENGLISH thats FINE!  Write it down in whatever language its in, later you can just translate it to english to understand what it is, and test that angle.

PPS:  Sometimes, if the app is new, exclusive, or not many people ran it you will not find it on WRW.    This happens, so don’t worry.

GP Comments

2) look at comments in the app pages on google play  – the second best method

This one is SUPER SIMPLE, but highly effective!

Go to and find the app you are promoting.

Scroll down to the comments section, and read what people are saying,  you will get great ideas for angles from the comments section,  definitely many gems a lot of other affiliate marketers probably didn’t think of 🙂

Write down as much as you can find.

3) look at the app features listed on google play page for the app & wing it – the hardest, most difficult method used by super affiliates

The following method is the hardest method, but if you are creative this it by far the best method giving you that edge to outperform other affiliates running the same offer.

In order to kick ass at this method,  we will be using the google play page for the app we are promoting.

First open the page, then read through the description from top to bottom.

Then scan your eyes over the bullet form/point form parts of the description.

Next ask yourself the question, what problem does this feature solve?   Write down everything that comes to mind.

Rinse and repeat the above with all the other features until you have a list of problems written down.

Now, come up with angles that address these problems.

Let me give you an example,  the app is CLEAN MASTER.

One of the features is that it helps clean up trash on your phone.

What happens when your phone is full of trash and temporary files?    IT SLOWS DOWN BIG TIME.  IT LAGS.  IT CRASHES.    <<— 3 angles!!

  1. Phone is slow!?  Clean the trash out! Get app
  2. Phone lagging?  You need to take out the trash! Get app
  3. Phone crashes often?  You might have a trash problem!  Get app

There, see?  3 angles just like that!!  And I didn’t even dive deep and go crazy.

As you can see, the above 3 methods are highly effective at coming up with angles.  The more angles you come up with, the more budget you will have to throw at it to test it properly.

If the app payout is below $1, I will spend $5 per day per angle for 1 week straight in order to properly measure using DATA which angle is the best.   After that I will kill 80% of bad angles, and leave the top 20% running and collect more data.

Hope you enjoyed this primer on coming up with Angles,     and can use it in your next app install campaigns.


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    • You are right, and 2 other ways that do not use any sort of paid spy tool. Guess you stopped at part 1 and didn’t read the whole article.

  1. You Reid, have the right mentality who will make it affiliate marketing and become the next super affiliate! Unlike some people… sheesh…

  2. Good stuff Attila. Very few affiliates research what others are already running. It’s essential to do this competitive research and WRW so far is one of the best tools to do it.

  3. Hey, I’m doing some research on Angles, because I know it’s the most important step for setting up a succesful campaign. And I want to sincerely thank you for this well written piece of content, because of the clearly actionable steps and because it has helped me to wrap my head a little bit more around this so important and often neglected aspect of campaign creation. Thank you!


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