How I Lost 2ETH (over $5500 USD) in an NFT Scam on 2/2/2022!

I’ve heard about this NFT scam, but didn’t think it could happen to me. It can happen to anyone, and I fell victim to this crime because of how ADHD and clusterfucky DISCORD is. Shiny things flashing, popping all over the place, messages scrolling at 100000x speed.

I joined an NFT Project called INVISIBLE FRIENDS. Quick research said good things about it, actually my 12 yo son told me about this and I thought I’d pick it up for him, because why not support him right.

I got back to my PC and get an alert from Discord, that looks like it’s from the official Random Character Collective (

Here is that message:

How i lost 2eth (over $5500 usd) in an nft scam on 2/2/2022! 6

I didn’t check anything, I clicked on the link and there it was, the standard MINT thing. I thought ok, if we’ll do this, lets do it right. So I decided to mint 5 NFTs as 0.2 eth each.

Here’s the scammers website (they are changing domains all the time with invisible friends in the URL):

Image 4
How i lost 2eth (over $5500 usd) in an nft scam on 2/2/2022! 7

I’ve had around 2 ETH in my metamask (thank god not more) and I pressed approve.

I didn’t think of it much, except when It said I need to approve again. And then i saw, ALL MY ETH was sucked out.

A Panic Attack Set IN, I was like AHHHHHHH FUCK. I was just scammed with the newest affiliate hustle of ex Tech Support scammers turned crypto investors.

And long and behold, I was taken for everything I had in my MetaMask.

Here’s the Etherscan address

Image 1
How i lost 2eth (over $5500 usd) in an nft scam on 2/2/2022! 8

As you can see, they took my money and they also took almost 1 more eth from someone else so far.

⚠The scammers ETHER WALLET address is 0x596551D8F0f906CB7a7Ec6992d823D73a2ca24b2

The scam went like this:

  1. They DM’d me on discord, with official looking profile and official formatting and all the funky flashing shit that they post in Discord chats.
  2. They had a domain that was similar to invisiblefriends, but it wasn’t the real domain ofc. As on the real domain minting doesnt start for another week (now I learned)
  3. I’ve connected my METAMASK, and then approved to mint 5 NFTs for 1 ETH. After that completed, I get another request to approve from Metamask, so I thought it must be my internet connection or something fucked up because nothing is ever smooth.
  4. I see that my ETH balance is close to ZERO now. Oh shit and that’s when I realize.

How to Protect Yourself from This NFT METAMASK MINT SCAM (and other crypto scams)

  1. Inside MetaMask there’s a section called CONNECTED SITES. In order to ensure you don’t get more money taken in the future, its important to open this and REMOVE EVERYTHING.
Image 2
How i lost 2eth (over $5500 usd) in an nft scam on 2/2/2022! 9
Image 3
How i lost 2eth (over $5500 usd) in an nft scam on 2/2/2022! 10

2. Use the site to revoke all tokens that may have access to your wallet. This one is for ETHER.

For BNB/Binance Chain use

3. NEVER EVER Believe DMs ANYWHERE. In fact TURN OFF ABILITY for ANYONE to DM you on TG, Discord, wherever. This space is worse than TECH SUPPORT was years ago. It’s straight up theft. I was victim and spent over $5500 to learn it the hard way.

In Conclusion – This was ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE MISTAKES OF MY LIFE (after not taking out my stocks before the dot com bust back in 1999)

Trust me, getting scammed this much doesn’t feel good. I am ashamed especially because I’m supposed to know better. But we live and learn right. Please SHARE this with your friends, show this to your smart kids (like mine) so they are also aware. Lets bring awareness to how dangerous it is to ‘trust’ anyone in this wonderful yet dangerous space.

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