How to Find WINNING Products That Will Sell Like FIRE on Google Shopping Ads

WINNING PRODUCTS – Yes, it may take a village to find and test this out, and earn huge profit in the end.

So, here are some tips and strategies on how you can find the best possible products for your Google Shopping ads, i.e. products that will sell really, really well, and can earn you A LOT of money.

This tutorial will be a bit longer, but definitely worth it as it can help you out with your ads.

What to Look for in a Product for Your Shopping Ads

So, here are some things that I’m always looking for when trying to find the ideal product:

  • +$50 in sales price — If you want to run Google Ads, you must keep in mind that the numbers will be in your favor if you pick expensive products. $50 is the minimum that I stick to when choosing products, and I recommend that you do, too. Yes, you might be able to succeed with a cheaper product, but the more expensive the product, the easier it will be for you to sell it. Remember, Google Ads is quite expensive and just because your product is cheap, doesn’t mean the ads will be, as well.
  • Low brand loyalty — If you want to sell phones, laptops, and similar items, you have to remember that people usually buy branded tech products (Apple, Samsung, etc.), which is why I think it’s a good idea to look into no-name products with little to no brand loyalty.
  • Solves a need or is functional — In the ideal scenario, your product should be able to solve a problem that people have or at least be functional. Gadgets are a good example of this — smart locks, anti-theft backpacks, and other dropshipping products that have a very specific purpose.
  • Belongs to a “deep” niche — If you run a niche store, you want your focus to be on a deep niche, because the more specific your niche is, the less the product matters. How come? If you become an authority in your niche, people will be much more likely to buy from you, because you will have exactly what they are looking for.
  • Differs from the competition i.e. it is unique — My advice is that you avoid selling the same model like everybody else — if you opt for the same one, the “price war” becomes inevitable and it gets much more difficult for you to achieve some profit.
  • Less is more, in terms of competition — This doesn’t really come as a surprise, I know, but a lot of people in the dropshipping space actually go looking for validation in order to see if there is a market for a certain product. Still, it’s always better to have less competitors and try to create your own successful niche or product. That way, people will have only you and maybe two other competitors to choose from, instead of you and 30 others.

Obviously, you don’t have to tick all of the boxes that I mentioned once you start searching for a product, but the more boxes you tick, the higher your chances get for finding that one winning product.


How to Search for Your Winning Product

I used AliExpress to find a product, but you can use any supplier that works for you. I will show you how to do a quick research for a general store product, but that can also be applied to niche store products.

Step 1: Find a Product on AliExpress

When looking for products, I recommend that you get some inspiration on the home page first. On AliExpress, you can scroll to infinity and beyond, and easily find some really hot products which you can use. You don’t necessarily have to use bestsellers, but you’ll find them on the home page, too.

Now, if you have a general store, you can use any product that you want, but my suggestion is that you go to certain categories and see if there’s anything for you in one of them.

So, let’s say that we want to use something from the Home Improvement & Tools category. I picked Night Lights as an example.

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