iAmAttila’s Top 7 Tips on How to Setup your FB campaign for Success

I’ve been ‘doing’ Facebook ads for 2 years now or so, and over time had the chance to test way more things than most people. I attribute this to my nerdy side, which loves to take things apart and learn how they work. In the process, I discovered and repeated, then confirmed a lot of hypothesis’ which helps my team greatly in their daily work of launching successful campaigns.

You probably heard often that Facebook is one of the best traffic sources, but as usual, people don’t explain why… they just say its the best. So let me help you understand:

-Very little bot traffic
-Highly accurate targeting options
-HUGE chance for scale

Even though Facebook makes it easy to target your perfect audience, you can STILL blow thousands of dollars $$$ and end up with 0 conversions if you don’t launch a campaign with the right ‘elements of success’.

I don’t have time to write a lot of blah blah text, instead let me cut to the chase why you clicked through to read this blog post of mine. The top tips on how to setup your FB campaign for success in no particular order:

1. Make sure you use unpublished PAGE POSTS for all newsfeed ads. DO NOT create ads from the power editor/ad manager. This has two benefits, a) it will help ensure that when people like/share/comment on your ad and b) it will make it way easier to manage, especially when you have to moderate and/or respond to comments.

2. Create one adset per element being tested. So if you have one angle, and one image – do not throw multiple angles/images into the same adset. The algo works in strange ways, and unlike Google you don’t have the option to rotate ads evenly.

3. Set the tone for your ads – a lot of the time, the attack of the negative people is imminent. What does that mean? You publish an ad, and right away you will have the ‘good simaratins’ throwing words like it sucks, it doesn’t work, you can buy it on ebay for 1/3rd the cost, etc etc. That’s why it’s important to be proactive. Once you create an ad, go to it, like the post, and ask friends to reply, like, and post some positive comments.

4. Build highly passionate audiences to target, always start with a broad audience (you will know this by typing the most broad related keyword to your product/service/offer and it will have the most people in it) then click NARROW audience, and start adding in relevant interests, ie magazine names, club names, tv shows, tv channels, organizations. How this works is, if a person likes lets say Body Building, and they like FLEX magazine, they are more likely to engage with your ad, vs someone who just is in the broad bodybuilding interest group. The reason is they might have liked a post or video related to body building but thats it; vs the guy who liked a post and also liked stuff from flex magazine.

5. Make sure your audience size is at least 1 million; if it’s too small that means you will burn out your ad too fast, which can cause all sorts of problems (audience burn out, spam complaints, CPA rising rapidly)

6. Include a call to action link in your ad text – use a link shortener like bit.ly or goo.gl or something similar. People are not the smartest, and unless you show/tell them where to click/tap they will post comments like HOW DO I GET THIS? Even though the ad might have a button to learn more, or buy now, or whatever. This is definately an ROI Boosting practice.

7. Be the first to reply and comment on your ad with a link to your offer. This goes hand in hand with what I said above, people aren’t the smartest…

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10 thoughts on “iAmAttila’s Top 7 Tips on How to Setup your FB campaign for Success”

      • Thanks Attila! I started using this after you had recommended it but unfortunately as of a few weeks ago I can no longer edit the headline and display link text when sharing a link within an unpublished post. Are you seeing the same challenge?

  1. Hey Attila, Can’t thank you enough for your posts man 🙂
    You said use a link shortener to send people to your offer other than the call to action button! Can I use that to send people to a Pre lander? As mostly facebook doesnt allow you use aggressive landers directly! Do they check these links? If yes, is there a way out for this? like can we comment with that link?

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  3. Great post as usual,thank you

    1-Do you use tracker with your facebook ads cpa offers? or just Lead pixel?
    2-Do you use Redtrack with FB ads if yes can you show us how?

    Thank you

    • 1-Do you use tracker with your facebook ads cpa offers? or just Lead pixel?

      yes i use redtrack to be able to track which ad account, and which copywriter’s ads we’re running, etc, i use their pixel also, and google analytics

      2-Do you use Redtrack with FB ads if yes can you show us how?

      i will have a guide on how to use redtrack with fb inside iamaffiliate premium

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