Facebook Ads – PPE vs WC vs C2W – is it true what they say?

Page Post Engagement, Website Conversions or Clicks to Website – Which objective to use?

Facebook has a lot of objectives; and people are often unsure which one to use and for why.

I just run WC campaigns myself for our ecom stuff; but I wanted to get some data and show you guys the answers to the questions you might have – Which objective to use?

Check the screenshot, the red circles are the PPE campaign; the blue circle is the Clicks to Website campaign.


As you can see, the Optimize for Post Engagement DID in fact get the most engagement, most likes, most shares, most comments. Facebook is smart; and when you do this objective they are going after those people on FB who love to comment, share, and like stuff and the DATA reflects this as you can see. One interesting thing to note, the CTR. If you do PPE you will always get the highest CTR. That means, when someone sees this in their newsfeed, they are going to most likely click it when you do a PPE campaign.

Next, Clicks to Website. As you can see looking at the CTR (Link) column I circled in blue; clicks to website has the highest link CTR. Mind you all 3 of these are the same exact ad. The reason behind this is that FB knows people who love to click on stuff; and they target them when you run a Clicks to Website objective. So if you are running any kind of content marketing, or lead generation, or you are building custom audiences to retarget later – it’s wise to go with Clicks to Website to get the max visitors to your site.

Website Conversions – these did the worst if we look at Link CTR, only 0.45% people clicked on the link to website, and only 3.53% on the ad to view it. Also engagement was lowest; I didn’t run it long enough to get any conversions on this ad; because the point of me spending around $60 was to show you and my new hires in the office which campaign behaves how. So there you have it.

Hope you found value in this post.

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15 thoughts on “Facebook Ads – PPE vs WC vs C2W – is it true what they say?”

    • Sometimes initial sale isn’t the goal. I run PPE ads to get my audience engaged with my content so that I can then monetize them organically with posts. Once someone starts engaging with your posts they’re more likely to see them in their News Feed. I can then hit them with multiple ads over the course of a few days/weeks.

    • Heard this tip from Alex Becker. The longer you can afford to build your brand out there before you ask for clicks is Huge with FB. I heard the Best ROI long term on the planet! 🙂

      • this works best in WH where you know the lifetime customer value; for example at Banners&Landers a customer always returns to order more services so we can spend $100 per customer no problem as over time it will pay off many times over and over.

  1. My current thinking for eCom is to run PPE to engage and raise awareness then re-target those who showed interest (e.g. watched 50% of a PPE video ad) with a clicks to website objective.

    Thoughts? What’s working for you guys?

    • Hey David, may I ask what whether you use the same post for PPE and CTW? If so, do you include link to your website in the initial engagement post? Do you include it in the ad copy or add a button (call to action) to the PPE posting?
      Many thanks

  2. Sometimes, the conversion rate depends on the kind of product you campaign for. My guy actually used PPE to create a kind of buzz for his e-commerce T-Shirt business and then, retargeted them with a WC and made over $10k net profit in 30 days. Great right?

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