15 Epic Tips to Increase Sales with Facebook Ads in 2021 for Your Business

Want to increase sales for your company? In this article we will share 15 of the best tips on how you can drive more customers to your business.

Facebook marketing for small businesses is booming. Learn the top tricks on how to turn Facebook ads into profit by gaining lots of new customers and sales!

Facebook is a powerful platform, it’s not bad like the media painted them out to be. Facebook knows a lot about user intent, and what people like that’s why you can leverage this to your benefit, and get the best customers for your business by running ads on their platform!

On Facebook, there are billions of people that you can market to. Finding out what ads work best for growing your business is the hard part. There is a bunch of information on the web but most of it is outdated or pure gibberish. 


Some Important Statistics to Consider

Actually, the usage amongst teens dropped from 71% in 2015 to under 50% today! [1]

  • Only around 10% of Facebook users live in North America

Most of the users come from the Asian-Pacific region (~41%). But on the other side, around 50% of the revenue still comes from the US and Canada. 

  • The highest traffic occurs mid-day Wednesday and Thursday

Between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday is the most activity on Facebook. Keep this in mind when launching your campaigns, as that should be the best time to advertise. 

  • Over 90% of revenue comes from mobile

We are increasingly spending more time on our phones, this is shown through the earnings and percentage of earnings from Facebook. Remember how important mobile is and keep optimizing for it! [1] 

  • An average user clicks on 12 ads per month

So in theory you should have plenty of chances for someone to click on your ad. All you have to do is make it appealing enough. 

  • The average engagement rate on Facebook posts is only 0.18%

Now that you know the average, you can strive for better. Use some of the tips inside this article to boost your engagement significantly.  [2]

With Facebook marketing, you can increase sales and increase customers in no time. If you want to make it you need to have the best and most successful strategies. You need some great tips and insight into how everything works. This is where we come in to play. 

How to Increase Sales and Profit for your Business with Facebook Ads

We decided to do some hardcore research. In fact, we found 15 things that make an impact on Facebook ads. These tips are made for marketing for business. We care about you guys so we decided to show you the best ones we found on the web. With these tips, you can grow your business and earn some serious cash! All you need to do is implement these tips into your new or existing Facebook ad strategy! Small business marketing is where it’s at and with Facebook you can get big in no time. 

These are some of the proven tactics to increase your sales and customers! You can use them if you are a small business or an industry titan. Follow this Facebook ads guide/tips and learn the secrets behind Facebook marketing!

  1. You Don’t Need a Massive Budget

People think that you need a massive budget to do well, but it isn’t like that. Even with a small budget, you can have incredible campaigns. It’s all about how good your targeting is. The better you optimize your campaign the less you will need to spend anyway. 

Small businesses shouldn’t be scared of advertising and promotion ads. Like always, it’s all about optimizing what you have to the max!

  1. Structure And Organize Your Account

Facebook uses a different approach to their accounts and campaigns compared to others. One of the key differences is that the budget is controlled on the ad set level. This provides you with unmatched flexibility in your campaigns. 

We recommend you create two campaigns with your desired objectives. Then create ad sets inside of them that target different audiences. The ads within those ad sets can get even more specific. Soon you will have a lot of information on what is working and what’s not. Use these stats to delete bad performing ad sets and explore the well-performing ones. 

  1. Use Facebook Analytics to Get Valuable Info 

Facebook analytics is one of the most powerful tools you will have access to. It comes with a bunch of features that can help you find out a lot about your campaigns. 

The most important thing is the Facebook pixel. It is a small piece of code with which you can track conversions. Traffic, interaction, downloads, purchases, all these can be tracked through the pixel. But of course, that isn’t the only feature. 

Facebook even announced some new ones like custom insights and auto-detecting funnels. [3]

  1. Learn The Ad Sizes and Requirements 

If you fail to upload ads in the right sizes they will be a lot less effective. Sometimes they will have an obvious crop, bad clarity, or poor placement. To avoid this, learn the basic ad sizes and requirements. 

  • Image Ads – 1200×628 px
  • Video Ads – Higher than 720p resolution. Formatted in .mov or .mp4. We also recommend an aspect ratio of 4:3
  • Carousel Ads – 1080×1080 px
  • Slideshow Ads – 1289×720 px

All of them also have a limitation of:

  • Headline: 25 characters
  • Link description: 30 characters
  • Text: 90 characters 
  1. Pick The Correct Ad Placement
How to increase sales for your business

Beginners mostly pick the automated placements. While this isn’t awful, you can do a lot better by picking placements. Placements have a huge impact on your campaigns so pick carefully!

Currently, Facebook offers four places to place your ads within their platform.

  • Mobile and Desktop News Feed 
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • The Audience Network

With those placements, you can mostly further pick where to run them. 

  • Mobile only 
  • Desktop only
  • Both

Depending on what you chose, you might not have every placement available for you. 

  1. Create Relevant Ads

The relevancy score isn’t some random number, it matters to Facebook! It determines the quality level and engagement of your ad. Facebook uses this score to determine your CPC and how often it shows the ad to users. 

The relevance score goes from 1 t o10 and the higher the number the better. It isn’t measured by actual engagement by the audience but Facebook’s predictions. This makes it sometimes difficult to adjust for the relevance score. 

Increase your score by better targeting, testing, and making good quality ads. [4]

  1. Use Carousel Ads to Show Off Your Products
Facebook carousel ads

Facebook has a lot of different ad types that can be used for varying things. If you need something to show off some of your products, look no further than carousel ads. 

They give you the possibility to show off up to 10 images or videos (with 10 CTA’s) in one ad. This also works on Instagram (Facebook owns both). 

Unlike some other ad types, carousel ads are available on every platform. They are great for most ad objectives. 

  1. Page Post Engagement Ads 

Most businesses struggle to reach most of their followers. If you want to expand your reach, consider using page post engagement ads. 

Facebook is a company and they are all into profits. A few years back they limited the reach organic posts can have in favor of engagement ads. While this sucks, there is no real way around it. Luckily, enabling it is easy. You have to opt-in to the “engagement” marketing objective. 

  1. Keep It Short With Gif Ads

The shorter the video the more likely it is somebody will watch through it. We think that around 30 seconds is the optimal length. Sometimes, though, you require something even more short and simple, a GIF!

With GIFs, you can make nice animated images that last for a few seconds. Grabs all the attention and then loops again. You can reformat parts of videos to fit the GIF format or create new ones. Try making them subtle yet impactful. Of course, this is easier said than done. If you need some inspiration check out Pinterest for inspiration. There are some great GIF ad ideas out there for you to try out. 

  1. Start Using Facebook Canvas Ads

If you are up to date with the latest developments,  then canvas ads must be familiar. Facebook has been pushing its canvas ads for years. These evolved a lot through the years and now they are some of the best ad types out there. In their current form, they are a mix of videos, images, text, and CTA’s. 

But are they worth the hassle? Hell yeah!

Some stats show that over 53% of users engage with canvas ads regularly. Also, the view time per ad is high as well. 

The only real downside to canvas ads is that they are only available on mobile. Which, depending on your audience, can be suboptimal. 

  1. Gain Massive Views With Video Ads
Facebook video ads

Facebook video ads are great. Users who got video ads were almost twice as likely to buy some product. Of course, not all video ads are the same. Some are better and some are worse. If you plan on showing these ads, be sure they have some decent ones that might convert. 

There is no real limit on how long they can be, but we recommend keeping it short and sweet. Add captions to your video as they have been proved to boost watch time (by 12 %). If you are bad at making quality videos on your own, hire somebody to do it for you. It will pay off for itself in no time!

  1. Use Lead Ads To Your Advantage

Leads are great for getting names and stats about your potential customers. They are affordable, effective, and provide a lot of useful info. This info can be of great help when you decide to better target your audience. With it, you can create lookalike audiences in no time. 

Sadly, they are mobile-only. So it won’t be the perfect solution to your every problem. 

  1. Increase Your Remarketing Skills
Remarketing on facebook ads

Sometimes your audience will be attracted to your product. They will read your copy, watch your ads, and click your CTAs. But something happens. Something that leads them to never complete their purchase.  

This happens often. Most people get stuck on the add to cart page and never complete their buy. This is where remarketing/retargeting campaigns come to shine. 

With them, you can target these people, who are interested in your products. And give them another shot at buying something off of you. For this you should try using Custom Audiences, it will work wonders on your campaigns!

  1. Master Custom Audiences

If you want to be great at remarketing and optimizing, you will need to learn more about custom audiences. There are different segments that you should focus on. 

  • Customer file – Matching user data like email, phone number, user ID to Facebook Accounts. 
  • Website Traffic – Finding people who have visited your website or a specific page on it. 
  • App Activity – Finding people who interacted with your app. 
  • Offline Activity – Finding people who interacted with your real-life businesses. 
  • Engagement – Finding people who engaged with your content

If you manage to learn these segments well, you will have insight into these audiences. You will be able to deduce which are good for you and which you should avoid.

To this, you can also add layered behavioral, demographic, and interest targeting. 

  1. Target Behavior, Interests, and Demographics 

Knowing how and how to target is the most important thing. Fail in any of these aspects and your campaign will be a disaster. If you already know a thing or two about retargeting, you could try our manual targeting. With it, you can create audiences based on:

  • Behavior (purchase behavior, intent, device usage, …)
  • Interest (activity, liked pages, topics they like, …)
  • Demographic (age, location, gender, language, …)

With this type of targeting, start broad and narrow it down. At first, you won’t have great results, but as you hone in on the right audience, you will have more success.

In Conclusion

With this Facebook ads guide, you should be able to differentiate yourself from the competition and have success. Of course, Facebook ads have almost infinite amounts of things you can do.  Further optimizing your campaigns is quite difficult and it needs real experts. But you can do fine with these 15 most important ones.  Follow them closely and gain more customers and increase sales.  So join on in and profit!

If you need help with Facebook Ads,  we highly recommend you join iAmAffiliate, the #1 online marketing school where you can get 1 on 1 help with your small business marketing & ads!

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[1] https://sproutsocial.com/insights/facebook-stats-for-marketers/
[2] https://blog.hootsuite.com/facebook-statistics/
[3] https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2014/01/30/facebook-advertising-tips

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