What to Do If Your Ads Stop Working — How to Revive Failing Ads

Ads dying out usually happens three to four weeks after scaling. Once it does, Facebook automatically shuts it down when it notices the ads have started performing poorly.

However, it’s not the end of the world if your ads stop working. Really.

Ad set dying out does not equal your audience or product being dead. It is far, far from that, because there is a way for you to revive failing ads and today I’m going to show you how easy it is to do it.

How to Revive Old Ad Sets

What you want to do first is revive old ad sets that were performing well. This means that you want to focus on ad sets that had a 3.0 return on ad spending or higher during the time they were active. If they had ROAS lower than that, bringing them back to life is probably not going to work.

Step 1: When you notice your ads are turned off, let them rest in peace for about three days. Let the ads and the audience cool off for a bit.

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