Why working with Facebook account selling companies is a HORRIBLE idea and won’t be worth it coming 2023!

1) They charge you anywhere from $800-1100 per account, yup you heard that right. They charge THIS INSANE AMOUNT but there’s no benefit other than them making a huge profit on you.

2) If you get your account disabled in the beginning, in other words you uploaded an ad, and BOOM, banned, you appeal and can’t get it back due to FB’s latest paranoia craze… they will say SORRY, not our fault, but we can give you a replacement for $500-700. Yea WHAT THE AFF!!

3) Their accounts don’t come pre-warmed properly, they run a likes campaign, and boost a few posts and spend around $50 total before selling it to you for $800-1100. When you take over, you need to spend another $100-150 to get the threshold up and upload a ton of ‘safe ads’ (11/22/2019 – these can get you insta banned right now for no reason, and then see point #2) — there’s no guarantee that once you spend more of your own money on top of the expensive account costs that you will be able to launch a blackhat ad, most often than not 8/10 – you will upload your blackhat ad, it will get the ad account banned – or – it will run for a day, and you’ll wake up to being banned for policy the next. 2 accounts out of 10 (that’s around $8000-$11000) of spend, so 2 accounts will work, so you will be in the hole over $10,000 that you’ll have to make up with BH campaigns… BH campaigns where the ROI isn’t 500%++ percent like it used to be. So if you are lucky you might make some FUMES by the end of it all and recoup that $10k u spent on the accounts that died.

4) Here’s the worst one, if you don’t use these expensive accounts, they will charge you $150-200 per month for every single one dubbed the maintenance fees (they’ll pay $50 to the person they rent it from, and keep $100 for doing zero)

5) They don’t have a stock of accounts ready to roll, they usually reach out to the rentee, and start renting the day you order, and then run the initial likes/boost campaigns then, and make you wait 1-2 weeks before you receive the account. They don’t want to pay a lot to rentee (see #4), they want to maximize profit for themselves.

BH is going to shit (trials dead due to cc rules not allowing them, pin submits done due to carrier billing rules becoming very strict, AI recognizing intent before you even go black, policies being up to date with every lil aff method that used to bank big), buying accounts from the sellers that build a business and ranked in mega profits from selling them is coming to an end unless they improve their service and stop their price gauging.

Only way to go is to manage your own Ad Accounts library or to simply start working with whitehat projects moving forward. BH ROI that we used to see in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 is gone.

Very seldom are there 1000%+ ROI profit campaigns, these days. The gurus that make their money from selling courses, and spending their day creating amazing videos for Youtube, and hours editing it have zero clue because how the fuck could they, they spend their day creating guru content to sell the $997 course, $4995 mastermind or god knows how expensive inner circle.

Things are changing, don’t buy accounts, make your own account sourcing system and accounts will cost you not $800 to $1100 before warm up; nope, they will cost you $200 total with a good threshold.

This is the truth from the front lines, no guru, no course to sell, so I have the luxury to speak it how it is. Agencies don’t count, people spending other peoples money to run campaigns (aka Brand money) don’t count. This is all about BH affiliate.

That is all, fuck expensive account sellers and their rip off schemes that are stuck in previous year when BH could truly make crazy high ROIs with ease.

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