MUST SEE Banner Split Testing Ideas

A friend sent me this great infographic that shares some great ideas on how and what you could be split testing to get higher CTR/Conversion %!   I decided to repost it here for you guys to see, and share with friends, etc.   Enjoy!

MUST SEE Banner Split Testing Ideas
An awesome infographic by the great people at AdChop – Official link ->

2 thoughts on “MUST SEE Banner Split Testing Ideas”

  1. Priceless Information! Ive found a way to make more profit thru pivot tables.
    Its also on

    Bookmarked this site.
    Two questions:
    Do you have more cool stuff to share?
    Do you use nlp language patterns in your sales copy?

    • thanks for the link Peet

      1) i share cool stuff as i come across it 🙂
      2) this is the first time i heard NLP, so the short answer is no, but ill have a read – i usually just write on landers what i think dumb people would need to complete the process

      ie for an app install, the OLX app, on my lander i wrote, In order to start posting your classifieds and responding to classifieds, you must follow these 3 easy steps ..

      1.. click the button GO below
      2. click install
      3. open the OLX app

      that worked best in the geo i was testing, simple instructions … ppl are not tech literate, so u gotta guide them as you’d be telling your grandma how to send a text message 🙂


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