How To Structure Your Google Ads Campaigns Properly for Conversion Success

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Facebook is such a popular topic every forum, every skype group; Facebook Ads, this, Facebook Ads that. Don’t get me wrong, I personally love Facebook Ads. What I don’t like is how they ban you for no reason; never explain how to fix something when they banned you so it doesn’t happen again, and pretty much make their so called golden laws, or the policies a ‘mystery’ riddle.

Thank goodness, there’s life beyond Facebook Ads; the #1 advertising platform in the world – Google Ads.

In this post, I am going to share my formula when starting campaigns. This is ONE campaign, with 5 adgroups. Starting budget is $500/day:

each ad-group has different targeting as such:

  1. Device – Topics Only – Demo
  2. Device – In-Market – Custom InMarket, Most Common Words Of Your Offer
  3. Device – URLs of high-intent sites related to offer where audience goes – Demo
  4. Device – Custom Affinity of URLs of offers like the one you are promoting
  5. Device – URLs with and without www of top placements in SPY TOOL DATA from AdPlexity Native/Display

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