If you are looking for a CPA network with exclusive nutra offers, I’ve got an awesome update for you today!

Introducing NutriProfits! They have been in business since 2013. That’s 7 years in the biz with a proven track record. Which is great, it means you will be paid.

If you are looking for unique offers that solve common problems in the health vertical, check this out as they have their own offers that are really exclusive.

Their products are highest quality, certified products that can be sold worldwide. They offer up to 40% cut of sales, which means that if a customer orders more, you will get paid more.

If you attended conferences before the COVID-19 nightmare graced itself on us, you probably already saw NutriProfits’s booth. They are always at the top shows like Affiliate World, CPA Life, Affiliate Expo, Affiliate Summit and more.

ATM they have 40 offers, and adding new ones and new geos each month. If you have a great idea for an offer, they also take suggestions!

One of the coolest things is their offer & checkout pages are available in 41 languages. And if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know I LOVE to go outside of the USA because I find it’s way easier to make money where competition isn’t so fierce (and recommend you steal this strategy to make a ton of money as an affiliate)

To get started with NutriProfits, all you need to do register in the affiliate program [HERE]. Since I’m referring you, you will have no issues getting approved! Make sure you mention iAmAttila sent you!

They have these verticals available, so fire up your spy tools and see what’s hot then make a plan and launch:

Apart from the most popular verticals you may also promote in verticals like: Anti-Aging, Breast Enhancement, Colon Cleansing, Female Libido, Joint Health, Nootropics, Protein Bars, Sleep Aid, Snoring, Testosterone, Thyroid, Varicose Veins.

Commissions and Payouts

We gave NutriProfits a try on Push traffic in HU,GA,SK,PL and here’s how we did in July 2020
NutriProfits Review - A CPA Network That Owns Their Own Offers in Health Niche

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They pay net-30 by default. That means you get paid once a month. You need to have a minimum of EUR 100 or GBP 80 or USD 120 or PLN 400 in your account to withdraw funds, which is less than other networks (other networks require you have a minimum 500 or even 1000 before you can get any of your money out!)

NOTE: If you show that you are a serious affiliate, they don’t mind accommodating your request to get paid sooner!

A Look Inside Their Affiliate Panel

You can easily grab the links to promote the offer and see which geos they accept right from the offers page:
NutriProfits Review - A CPA Network That Owns Their Own Offers in Health Niche
NutriProfits Review - A CPA Network That Owns Their Own Offers in Health Niche
They offers are available in a ton of countries, and the links auto update based on the users location. So here’s a tip: You can run lets say Switzerland, Belgium and it will automatically detect browser language, then show the user right language for the offer (since these countries are tri, and bilingual).
One thing that’s huge is they pay you for sales you make, even if the customer doesn’t buy right away. They call this the lifetime cookie tracking. Many customers don’t buy right away, having this lifetime cookie means that even if they buy 2 weeks later you will get credited for the sale, which means mroe money for you! Nutriprofits is the only company I know of that offers lifetime cookies to their affiliates!

Promotion methods That Work Well For Their Offers

  • SEO is allowed
  • Push Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads

Promo materials

The following materials are available in the affiliate panel:

photographs (both professional and amateur),, advertising banners in different resolutions and the technical documentation of the product.

NutriProfits Review - A CPA Network That Owns Their Own Offers in Health Niche

You can launch right after signing up, all the tools are made available no time is lost waiting for CPA rep to approve and verify stuff. They don’t hold you back from making that bread!

Pros of NutriProfits:

  • High Commission – for the vast majority of the products the commission is between 30-40%
  • Lifetime cookie duration
  • Lifetime cookie – every person you send will be credited if they convert, it doesn’t matter if they convert right away, or 2 weeks later. You will get paid for it.
  • All products are made from high quality ingredients
  • NutriProfits is the owner of all products offered under the program
  • Educational tools regularly send through email
  • Dedicated account manager – excellent support 😉


It’s not a push button system, you need to go out there, and test the offers/geos on your traffic source of choice and see how great they convert after you optimize; you can scale it to four figures of profit easily (realistically speaking!) Maybe even more, if you have what it takes!

To get started with NutriProfits, all you need to do register in the affiliate program [HERE].