Why do media buying teams choose ad accounts from Scrooge Frog?

Why is Scrooge Frog a reliable partner?

The affiliate world is full of incredibly useful tools and services that can make your campaigns better and faster and achieve more than you could ever hope for. The guys from Scrooge Frog themselves started from media buying, so they know all the needs and pains of the affiliate business, now they are a service provider!

ScroogeFrog is a service provider since 2007, with a specialization in advertising traffic.

● They have been helping to attract customers by native and social media advertising;
● International and local traffic sources, turnkey work from premoderation to traffic tracking with optimization for results;
● They are practitioners and use up-to-date data sources as well as regularly expand the database of new sources.

So why is Scrooge Frog a reliable partner? First of all, for their experience in marketing over 15 years, they have worked with more than 50 different geos around the world – North and South America, Europe, Asia. Moreover, their advertising budget is 2 million EUR+ in process and worked with 100+ native platforms ranging from Taboola to local native networks.

Scrooge frog partner networks.
Why do media buying teams choose ad accounts from scrooge frog? 3

Therefore, they have experience in advertising in social networks, for example:

● Facebook;
● TikTok;
● Likee;
● Pinterest;
● Snapchat;
● Telegram;
● Instagram;
● Twitter.

They work with client accounts and fully control them. In-app traffic they work with consist of a huge number of messengers and mobile browsers. These guys keep up with the times, despite the fact that they have been on the market for 15 years, they are constantly studying trends and the market. They can definitely offer different sources of traffic for any offer! When working with such a team of professionals the client receives accounting and support at all stages, due to experience they will find and help with different types of traffic and optimize it, they have many different services that you will get acquainted with in this article!

Agency AD accounts. Facebook & TikTok

Former affiliates and now a service provider knows what problems with bans and payments are, they have reliable suppliers and personal managers! Service provider Scrooge Frog offers agency accounts from the most popular social networks Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and over 100 other native and social networks from around the world. The main advantage is that they are accounting and supporting at all stages and their accounts have fewer problems with bans and have direct support from each network during moderation. They know how to operate with account suspension, and what to-do to avoid it.

As a bonus, they have a branded checklist with detailed rules for working with accounts!

The agency account differs from the self-service ad accounts in the following advantages:
● Help with moderation;
● Advanced Support;
● No need to spend resources on farming;
● First access to new network features;
● Landing pages pre-moderation;
● High percentage of approval. Ad networks trust agencies more than self-service accounts. Campaigns are moderated faster and are more likely to be approved;
● Financial security. If the account is blocked, you can request a refund and transfer them to another account.

In-app. Unity & Bigo & Petal etc

In-app is advertising traffic from mobile applications. This source appeared some time ago, but remained unclaimed for a period. Over time, new and convenient tools for working with it have appeared. And now such traffic is increasingly attracting affiliates and advertisers. The guys from Scrooge Frog also have in-app advertising support. In most cases it is used in such applications Unity, Bigo (Likee, Imo), Petal Ads.

And here are the main advantages of working with them for in-app

● Ability to pay for advertising per install
● The ability to launch border offers without strict moderation
● Tracking opportunities through independent accounting systems
● Various ways of replenishment
● Personal manager

In the latest trends, in-app advertising is generating more and more revenue, and they provide access to international and private sources.

Local & worldwide native networks

The Scrooge Frog’s team has been advertising goods and services using native advertising for 15 years, and who better than them will provide high-quality traffic? In addition, not only worldwide, but also local traffic from, for example, Japan, Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia…

Scrooge frog worldwide native networks.
Why do media buying teams choose ad accounts from scrooge frog? 4

What the team offers for the client:
● Making predictions based on statistics;
● They are an authorized partner of many native networks;
● They work with all currencies of the world, for the convenience of replenishment;
● Understanding the features of each network;
● Direct contact with moderation;
● They make individual accounts for the client. And most importantly, few people know how to replenish in local currencies and communicate in local support!

And most importantly, few people know how to replenish in local currencies and communicate in local support!

Direct publishers

Advertising platforms are constantly appearing on the market in order to select the maximum traffic, so they made the service of advertising with publishers! The service provider Scrooge Frog has its own direct connections with publishers, owners of sites, forums and other Internet resources that are ready to provide space for advertising banners, ads, etc. Direct publishers are beneficial because you yourself choose the location of your advertising creative, the maximum custom traffic!

Scrooge Frog has its own direct publishers from
● Latin America;
● Africa;
● Asia.

These are huge news sources that provide high-quality traffic!

Unique products. Antifraud system & Automatic bidder

Scrooge Frog’s antifraud system is based on 15 years of experience in the field of marketing and media buying, who better than them can recognize fake traffic? By using the Scrooge Frog service, the user gets a number of benefits:

● Reducing advertising costs by reducing ad impressions for clickers and bots;
● Reducing fraud when launching contextual and banner ads;
● Checking new traffic sources for traffic quality;
● Optimization of the conversion cost by cutting off low-quality sites and users;
● We automatically send fraudulent IPs to google in real-time making sure bots, competitors or any harmful sources do not see your ads;
● Ability to connect anti-clickfraud with native networks. No extra charge.

Antifraud system:

● Checking a source for % of bot traffic;
● Combining different devices of the same user through digital fingerprints;
● Botnet detection;
● Integration with many ad networks;
● Custom filtering settings.

And for even more efficient work, they provide an automatic bidder product. Pain – a large number of advertising sources and announcements is very difficult to keep track of all advertising so that it goes to the KPI you need! In order for your advertising campaigns to bring you profit and be qualitatively optimized, you need to use automatic bidder.

Automatic bidder:
● automatic optimization of the advertising campaign under KPI;
● integration with a large number of ad networks;
● performance is higher than the internal bidders of ad networks;
● using machine learning algorithms;
● they work 24/7 with any amount of data.

There is also such a product as a tracker – all the analytics of your advertising in one place, it is convenient to switch between slices, that is, as a tool for end-to-end analytics. The tracker is integrated with a huge number of advertising networks, and you can receive data with an accuracy of 1 cent. After all, you can avoid the mistake of collating ad data!

Get maximum results at minimum cost!


Service provider Scrooge Frog, due to their experience and knowledge of the β€œpains” and β€œgoals” of the affiliate world, can afford high-quality fresh traffic, without fraud and bots. Also, the agency accounts service is at β€œthe peak of popularity”, here you will find accounts from the most popular social networks with full support!

Moreover, the owner of Scrooge Frog is Konstantin Novofastovsky – an honorary speaker at world conferences on affiliate marketing.

An impressive number of services in one place – conveniently and quickly from professionals with Scrooge Frog, fast and efficient access.

Try and you will succeed! Contact them!

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