The 8 Ways You Can Optimize WH Lead Gen Facebook Ad Campaigns and Promote CPA Offers from ClickDealer


Explaining The Affiliate Marketing Terms

Before starting with everything, we should explain what all the terms mean. While those who are in the business already know all of this, the beginners mostly don’t so it’s time for them to learn as well!

  • Lead Generation or Lead Gen

People who are interested in buying your product or services are called leads. Lead gen is the process of finding and creating these leads through advertising. With good lead gen campaigns, you will attract people and turn them into potential customers. There is a lot of lead gen strategies out there. Blogging, email marketing, social media, networking, landing pages, live events, etc. 

  • Optimization of Ads

Ad optimization is the process of creating and adjusting your existing ads to be more relevant to your audience. This means changing the angle, copy, creatives, and approach based on the data you have. Every ad should be optimized to some extent. Those optimizations can bring you more revenue and decrease the costs of running them. In this post, you will learn a bit more about how to do it properly!

  • White Hat and Black Hat

Usually, this term refers to hackers. White hat hackers hack systems to improve them, while black hat hackers hack them to gain an advantage. In marketing, it’s a bit different. Whitehat marketers do everything the proper way. They don’t use sketchy workarounds or break any rules. On the other hand blackhat campaigns aim to gain as many profits as possible breaking the rules as much as they need. Blackhat marketing was popular a long time ago. Recently platforms have made it very easy to detect and you will get banned for doing so. 

  • CPA Offers and Marketing

Cost Per Action or CPA is a marketing model. In it, affiliates get paid based on actions that users need to complete. This could be anything from clicking on a specific link to buying something. 

  • ClickDealer

ClickDealer is an online marketing agency that specializes in CPA campaigns. This CPA network provides affiliates with offers that they can advertise and make money on. It’s a great platform for beginners and experts to start on, learn and run profitable campaigns.

Running WH Lead Gen on Facebook

Now that you know what everything means, it’s time to see how you can use this knowledge. 

  1. First of all, you will need to come up with an incredible ad copy and create around 5 variations of it (angles). You should also create unique creatives for your lead gen campaigns. So that you can test what is working the best. You can run these campaigns as Page Post Engagement (PPE) campaigns. This will make your ads be shown to people that Facebook thinks will engage with your content. Run these ads for at least 2 days and see which ones get the most engagement. 

Keep the best-performing ones and change the ones that perform badly. Try changing the creatives and copy as well. Repeat this until you get ads that resonate with your audience and get incredible engagement. With the increasingly aggressive stance, FB has with new ads, be prepared to get a few of your ads flagged and disabled. Don’t try to fight it too much and try changing the thing that you think triggered Facebook. Fighting it will give you no advantage and will lead you to get eventually banned, which is something we don’t want. Facebook won’t even have the courtesy to provide you with the exact reason your ad got disabled so do your best to guess it yourself. 

After optimizing your ads through testing and changing you should see better engagement and lower CPC on average. Then you can move on to the next part of running Lead Gen. 

  1. After doing that you can use the data and ad sets to create conversion campaigns. These campaigns should have the optimization goal of LEADS. Setting it up this way will give you data that is further up the funnel. You can even split these ad sets into countries or even states. This way you can optimize your campaign even further.
  2. Now that you have all that data and a bunch of leads, it is time to set up retargeting. The goal of your lead gen campaigns should be to target people who became leads but didn’t convert. 

Running WH ClickDealer CPA Offers on Facebook

Lead gen clickdealer
The 8 ways you can optimize wh lead gen facebook ad campaigns and promote cpa offers from clickdealer 3

First of all, you will have to pick a niche you want to work within. You can go by current trends or by evergreen niches that align with your interests. The more you are personally involved in the whole thing the better your campaigns will be. The more interesting a topic is to you the more likely you will research, explore and optimize your campaigns properly. 

Open your ClickDealer account and search for the offers you would like to promote. Most of the offers can get you banned as Facebook is very strict about what they allow on their ad network. Making scam landing pages that use famous logos, people, and shady practices will get you banned so don’t do it. We are trying to be white hat after all!

You should create a completely white hat landing page. It should be compliant with all the FB requirements no matter how trivial they might sound. This LP should focus on collecting leads through signups.  

Some affiliates take this even further. After getting the lead email, they will redirect the user to a more aggressive and non-compliant landing page. This has the goal to convert the user, without Facebook banning you as easily. So the strategy is to send the users from Facebook to a clean page. And within that page, somehow transfer them to the aggressive page that will get them to purchase something. This is called cloaking and while it’s better than being completely blackhat, it’s not 100% secure, nor can it be. Some use a new strategy with chatbots, but that is also pushing the ToS of Facebook. 

To promote completely WH lead gen offers you will need to do the following:

  1. Tracking – You need to track your audience, collect leads and utilize them in your campaign.
  2. Landing Page – using LPs and Bridge pages is essential. With most offers, you won’t be able to link them directly through Facebook as they won’t be compliant. What you need to do is create bridge pages that can link to the real offer. The flow of traffic should go something like this:

Traffic Source > LP / Bridge Page > Link to Your Offer

  1. Optimization and Evaluation – once you have the required info it’s time to optimize your campaigns. I’ll explain more of that in the next part! 

Optimizing Facebook Ads For Lead Gen

Lead gen facebook
The 8 ways you can optimize wh lead gen facebook ad campaigns and promote cpa offers from clickdealer 4

Finally, after you have done most of the work it’s time to optimize your ads for lead gen. You need to take into consideration a few things. Your lead quality is extremely important. Poor quality leads are bad for business. 

  • Use the right traffic source for your campaigns

Facebook has an insane ad profile on each of its users. There are thousands of data points that they analyze and categorize. At times it can get creepy how much the social network knows about people. No wonder that some companies like Apple are pushing for more data privacy. But all that data comes with a lot of upsides for advertisers. 

  • Use creative visuals and copy

The first thing you want your ads to do is to capture the attention of users. Your creatives should be visually appealing and they need to pop from the background. You should always do some testing on your visuals and copy to find the best one. 

  • Don’t try to trick people

Misleading your audience is always a bad thing to do. While you might get some good results, in the beginning, they will rapidly decline as your audience catches on. They will also avoid any of your future ads as well. So don’t do this at all. 

  • Utilize Lead Forms

Lead forms can speed up the process of getting new leads. They require fewer fields and Facebook like when you use them. Having four fields is considered an optimum amount. 

  • Target the right audiences with your ads

You always need to consider who your target audience is and how to best target that specific group of people. Consider the audience’s age, gender, income level, location, and education.

  • Steadily increase your budget

You should always start by finding the minimum budget that enables you good results. When you start seeing results, you should increase your budget to scale your campaign. Increase it steadily so you can see exactly what the optimum budget is. 

  • Optimize your call to action button

Research shows that the call to action matters in ads. The classic “Submit” CTA on lead gen can reduce conversions by up to 5%. So to increase the CR, you should use other CTAs. Sign up, Get coupons, Start a free download, Add me, etc. 

  • Test, test, test

As always in marketing. You will have to test a lot! Test each and every parameter until you get the perfect combination that will work for you. 

To conclude things

Optimizing Facebook ad campaigns for lead gen campaigns isn’t different from optimizing it for other purposes. Most of the things you usually do to optimize campaigns will work the same for Lead gen as well. The important thing is to pick some good offers from networks like ClickDealer. Create compliant LPs and ads. Optimize the campaigns and budgeting and you should see great quality leads flocking to your campaigns. Run optimized lead gen campaigns and you will have great results in no time! 

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