How Do People Sell Shirts Online?

This is the Facebook Ads way that worked for me, we’ve sold 10s of thousands of t-shirts in the past via TeeSpring and also our own shopify store with POD.. here’s the trick in a nutshell.  Most gurus will make you buy a bullshit course that takes like 30 hours of your life to tell you these things – which ultimately is the way to do it…  
Method #1
You sell shirts by finding passionate audiences on Facebook, then targeting them super well. By testing 1 interest per adset + engaged buyers layered targeting in FB ads.
The design of the t-shirt matters the most, and also the audience. Cheap designs won’t sell.
Very rarely you will run into niches that will buy everything; but this unicorn is very very rare so it’s best to focus on HQ and then test one interest per adset until you find the best ones.
When you do, you need to make lookalike audiences.
Method #2 — you can make listicles, which have many different t-shirt designs from a vertical let’s say YORKIES (I have yorkie dogs so its one niche that i follow)
then you can do the strategy from above, and test different interest at one per adset with the engaged buyers layered over it..
good luck 🙂

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