[Quick, Straight To The Point, NO BS] 

From time and time again I see affiliates making the mistake that they test a geo/offer and if it doesn’t work give up and say meh, affiliate marketing isn’t for me.

Well let me show you how I run a campaign to get the maximum impact in the fastest time frame so I can bank HARD!

See what you can do as well to hit a geo with many offers at once, using various angles, collect data and let it tell you which Angle (in this example case Browser Offer) is the BEST in that geo, so you can spend time horizontally scaling that fast and get to 1k+ a day profit FAST! Remember, BIG IMPACT, responding fast, and doing things efficient is key!

So this is what I do, and what you can do too.

Step 1) Decide what offer I want to promote

I decided on browser offers (DU Browser, UcWeb,  Dolphin, etc)

Step 2) Come up with GENERIC angles that work for ALL the browser offers out there

No ideas?   Anglesaurus can come up with angles for you!

Step 3) Offer recon, see which one of my existing networks have browser offers and write them down in a table

using the following format

Network, Offer ID, Name, Payout, Tracking URL

here is a screenshot of my ‘homework’  – NOTE: I Hid the CPA Networks but if you want to know what they are contact me and I’ll be happy to share – They don’t accept just anyone at these Networks so that’s why I need to talk to you to see if I can vouch for you or not! Thx for understanding

As you can see the payouts are up and down from network to network, I don’t look at the payouts – I am after the highest CR! Sometimes a network that pays you 20 cents per install will have a better CR than one that pays you 30 cents for the same thing! So in the end the EPV/EPC for the one with the least payout will be HIGHER than the one with the HIGH payout. So again, I don’t pre-judge or select based on payouts, I run some data and let the [data] do the talking!

How to Run a Campaign Like a BOSS & Make $1000/day PROFIT!

Step 4) Organize stuff by GEO

I then take all the browser offers, organize them by geo on another spreadsheet. You might be wondering, what is the point behind all of this?

Simple answer: I want maximum impact, so I’m going to test every single browser offer available (different brand browser offers & same browser offer on different networks) under my test campaigns in a split test.

So some geos might have 8 different offers being split tested.

Here’s how it looks like when done

How to Run a Campaign Like a BOSS & Make $1000/day PROFIT!
Step 5) Look at the data after significant [data] has been collected, pick the winning offers, pause the losers and optimize from there.  

Hope that was educational,  I wanted to show you something quick that I use every single time I launch a new offer.  When I started doing it that way many months ago is when I started pushing $xxx,xxx revenue a month!      Get on the bandwagon of properly launching campaigns now and you too can make $1000+ profit per day!

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