How To Track Conversions on your own Offer Page if the Traffic Source Doesn’t Have Their Own Conversion Pixel?

This is an interesting problem; let’s say you create your own offer (maybe host n post, API or iframe based). You have your own domain for the offer; it’s direct, not through a CPA Network. You can’t place S2S or a conversion pixel like Facebook or Google Ads’ pixels. so What do you do? How do you track conversions?

I ran into this exact problem now that we’re scaling one of our own, in-house lead gen offers over at iAm Cash (our private cpa network).

I reached out to my tracker of choice – RedTrack, and ask if they know how we can track this, since there’s no CPA Network or advertiser platform that will send the clickID’s back that redtrack generates.

They told me, not to worry as their system already has a solution built in for this – RedTrack’s very own conversion pixel!

All we have to do is login to RedTrack, click on Tools > Conversion Tracking and look for the Conversion Pixel Tracking code.

Image 1

Cut and paste the code, and place it on your Thank You page and that’s it. Now when someone goes through the redtrack link, and they complete the offer and arrive at the ‘thank you page’ the conversion will show up in RedTrack.

I was told this works 90% of the time, some browser or people that selected not to accept cookies – it won’t work, but for most it will work great. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, ask as at iAmAffiliate forum.

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