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         We all want our business to be a successful one. And we all want to be rockstars, with money, Lambos, Bottle Service and Romance! It can be easy if you play smart! Sometimes, we see that our competitors are doing much better than us and we are asking ourselves how they do it! What do they use? How did they succeed and we didn’t? Well … I’ve done some research and I discovered the right answer for you. Want to know what your competitors are up to and how they make it happen? Well, I’ll tell you their secret. What would you say if I would tell you that I found the 5 best competitive intelligence tools to spy on your rivals? 5 ways to see what your competitors use and run … and how they do it so well to be so successful. I’ll tell you how to discover your counterpart’s Facebook ad strategy. Knowing that it will help you use their success on your Facebook campaign.

         The easiest way is to use these Ads Spy Tools. Down below I will write down for you the 5 best of the best tools. You can find new ideas, you can know about the audience and so forth and so on. Calculating every move that they do, it makes it more easy to be one step ahead from them.

         With Facebook Spy Tools you will know what Facebook Ads your competition is using – if it’s based on geography, demographics or on interests, what they offer, who’s the audience, know if they usually post deals and to know their targets. You will also be able to see what kind of content they are sharing – images, videos, blogs. Learn all of this, improve your Facebook audience and in the end, it may get you more potential clients.

            A piece ofadvice – even if Facebook Ads Tools give you all this useful information, don’tstop the hard work. Only your effort that you put into your business will makeyou step up. You should take a look and get an idea, but don’t copy them. Becreative on your Facebook Ads Strategy. There are no rules saying that if youcopy, it will be a successful one for you, too. Try to be creative and alwayscome up with something new and different. Surprise your audience with your newideas and new strategy campaigns. Always keep an eye on your audience to seewhat they ask for and find the right way to offer them that.

           So, let’shave a look at those tools I told you I discovered. After reading this article,you will be able to choose the best one for you, in order to use it in yourbusiness.

How does Facebook Ad Spy work?

They let you check the profitable data from competitor’s campaigns by filtering keywords. You can use these tools to create your own ad and see how effective it will be for your business.

1. the #1 Facebook Spy Tool in 2019 [Click here to sign up now]

5 Best Ads Spy Tools on FB, Native, Push and Mobile

             This isthe number 1 Facebook ad spy tool that will give you the opportunity to seeexactly what other affiliates are using, what is working for them and even seethe landing pages of adds that they use.

5 Best Ads Spy Tools on FB, Native, Push and Mobile
The user interface inside magic adz. You can select between cloaked, uncloaked ads in the left sidebar as well as ecom style ads with ease.

            MagicAdz is available in over 49 countries with an immense database. What is making it worth is that you can download the direct domain pages you find on any Facebook ad. This tool has a simple home page design, making it very easy to be used and to get your results in no time. With only one click, you can search through thousands of affiliated ads, in order to get the best money maker pages that will fit your searching. You can do your search filtered by ads, comments, redirect path, even including HTML code. This tool can be used on your mobile device, too. It’s giving you the flexibility to make your business prosper wherever you are and whenever you can.

       Wanna be the best on the market? Don’t waste your time with other unsuccessful tools and create your own account on right now!

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5 Best Ads Spy Tools on FB, Native, Push and Mobile

            This is another tool to use if you want to see what Facebook Ads your competitors are using. You can discover the best ads on the network, why they are working and also, will let you create a personal strategy, to make your own ads and messages. Yes, it is good for attracting new clients! For searching the right ads you can use filters like Affiliate Networks, by any interest, keywords or by what’s going on. You can even create your own ads collection. The AdSector tool is giving you the convenience of knowing the exact place where you need to fight with your opponents, in order to be more successful then they are – don’t want them to be the rockstars, don’t you?

            AdSector gives you the opportunity to use many features. Let’s see them on a closer look, shall we?

               Advanced Search and Filtering –  by Affiliate Networks, by interests and even by what’s happening on a page. With this feature, you can find pages using the same trackers, e-commerce platforms and targets.

               Find Images that Resonate – find thousands of images from ads and choose the one that will attract your customers. You can save and store the images that you like and track them, to use it later.

               Bookmark and Organize Ads – make a database with all the ads or images that will help you send the right message to your customers. It will be easier for you to get exactly what you need for your campaign.

               Detailed Analytics – Do you want a complete analysis? Need to know something about an ad on a page? AdSector is the best you can use and it’s also very easy to know who to target and when.

               Cutting Edge Cross-Filtering Features –  you can filter pages by name, affiliate network or by the tracking system. You will also get lots of possibilities if you use keywords, advertisers or popular interests.

                Download Complete Landing Pages – AdSector saves links to the most famous landing pages from the Internet. Learn all you need to know!

  Want my opinion? This is the best thing you can use to make your business grow fast!

3. OnlineAdSpy

5 Best Ads Spy Tools on FB, Native, Push and Mobile

           OnlineAdSpy is one of the best tools for social advertising. You can seethe ads that your opponents are using on Facebook and you can create your own,by following theirs.

           OnlineAdSpy contains one of the biggest indexes of ads on the market –over 9.000.000 Ads – from many countries. With this tool, you can search themost important ads filtered by keywords or by what’s on the main page. When youoperate with OnlineAdspy, you will see the express target’s market for each adyou use.

            The toolwill let you discover new audiences and it will help you gain more inspirationfrom your competitors. This software is very easy to be used, even if you are abeginner. It will do something else for you – build a strong social adscampaign by using all the data you can find in your research. Let’s not forgetthat it will provide targeting location data!

4. AdPlexity The #1 native/mobile spy tool on the market in 2019

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5 Best Ads Spy Tools on FB, Native, Push and Mobile

                Let’s talk about AdPlexity. Everyone I asked told me that AdPlexity is one of the best spy tools that can be used. AdPlexity can be translated into:

1.) AdPlexity Mobile: get all the most important data on successful mobile campaigns, in a matter of seconds.

2.) AdPlexity Desktop: pull comprehensive data on the latest successful desktop campaigns from a huge range of different desktop traffic sources.

3.) AdPlexity Native: it will let you pull up comprehensive data on the most successful native advertising campaigns in seconds.

5 Best Ads Spy Tools on FB, Native, Push and Mobile

                 Theyhave a massive database with thousands of ads! Can you imagine this number? Itgives you access to the best campaigns, from over 75 countries! Look for adsfrom over 100 different affiliate networks …

                AdPlexity Mobile has a feature that will show you the hidden campaignsfrom mobile carrier traffic (120+ carriers supported). You can also do yoursearch by keywords, advertiser and publisher URLs, affiliate networks and soon. Also, if you want, you can make your own database by downloading everylanding page that you can find interesting for your future success.

                AdPlexity Desktop offers you a complete report about desktop campaigns.It gets data from over 75 countries and finds ads promoting affiliate offersfrom over 100 affiliate networks. Using this tool, you can discover successfulcampaigns running on desktop pop-up traffic sources and save the landing pages(including images, javascript, etc.) for making your own ads and campaigns.

                 AdPlexity Native offers you the best features, if you want to do successful research for your business. You will have many filters that will let you look for the specific results that you need for your campaign. Your search can be filtered by keywords (for target searches), by images (this is a tool that you will not find in any other place) and by advertiser (for landing page URLs, LP redirect chain, LP outgoing URLs ). With this platform, you will have access to the most successful campaigns on 7 best native ads traffic sources, from over 32 countries. It helps you discover the best ads promoting affiliate offers from more than 100 affiliate networks with just one click. You can find campaigns on all popular devices, like Windows PC, Mac, iPhone / iPad, Android phones / tablets.

                 Conclusion: if you want to take your game beyond your competitor’s limits and you are serious about affiliate marketing, this is the perfect tool for you.

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5. SpyPush – The best PUSH traffic spy tool in 2019! – Click here to get your account now!

            For sure, one of the best affiliate marketing sources of traffic, these days, is the push notification. The first world service on monitoring the push notification is SpyPush.This tool was created by professional media buyers specifically for media buyers! If you don’t believe, see their platform and you will get the exact same words as stated above. This team, in 2017, was the first one that initiated the monetization of push notifications. SpyPush is used to push traffic, exclusively.

5 Best Ads Spy Tools on FB, Native, Push and Mobile

            SpyPush has an inventory of over 500,000 ads from more than 140 countries. They update the platform 24/7, adding the latest push notification ads and updating the old ones. All of this for a small amount number of dollars per month. Its database is built from an inventory of ads – six push notification ads providers: MegaPush, PropellerAds Push, MGID, DatsPush, Adsterra and Evadav. Some others will be added soon. The push ads can be filtered based on the traffic network, making you understand what kind of push notifications the traffic allows.

               You cansearch for the best ads, by using keywords, even if they are in differentlanguages. 140 countries – you can search for specific ads in a specificcountry, by using the geo filter. The cool thing on SpyPush is that you candisplay your ads in any language that is available on the platform, based onthe country you have chosen in the geo filter. The results shown will bedisplayed for both desktop and mobile. You will be able to decide which one toshow.

                  Theads that you have found in your research, can be arranged based on when the adwas first launched or which is running the longest, giving you an idea aboutthe success of the commercial. Activity filter will give you the chance to seewhat push notification ads are active, profitable or inactive. Popularityfilter will provide search results arranged by the most popular ads first, soyou will have an idea about what kind of push notifications will be the best tobe used.

                 There are some more special magic trickshidden somewhere on this magnificent tool. You don’t have to be a guru of thesefancy technics, since the 8th wonder of the world will explain to you whatwould be the better road to approach, by showing how your competitors aremaking their fortunes and what ads they use for their prosper businesses. Youare worried because you have to spend money to test the market? Forget aboutthat! Your rivals did that already. With SpyPush, you can copy the marketingniche. Start creating your own out-of-this-world campaigns and make beautifulmoney!

The advantages of using Ads Spy tools:

                 Byusing these tools, you will bring a big plus to your business development, byattracting more customers. No other kinky words to describe, since we aretalking about a very simple thing. These are the benefits that will follow youif you will use the FIVE teams that you can see above in the article:

  • Successful strategies for ad campaigns and achievements;
  • Getting new ideas from your rivals for making your own profitable ads;
  • Internal analysis;
  • Improvement of your ads, by understanding much better what your clients are looking for and what attracts them;

I personally use MagicAdz & Adplexity to do all our spying. No matter which one you do, having a spy tool is a must if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing in 2019!

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