13 Amazing SEO Tips That Will Make a Difference

You can find SEO Tips in every corner of the internet. The problem with them is that they are mostly just rehashes of the same few tips. While they do help, in order to stand out in the crowd, you need something others don’t know about. Here are some of the best SEO tips you can find online. 

So let’s get started!


#1 – Modifier Keywords as Part of the Title

Modifier keywords are, in simple terms, add-ons to a base keyword. Some of the most popular ones are “Best, Top, Buy, or current year”. This is great for your titles. You can add these modifiers to things people usually search and they click on them. As an example, you are selling a product. The usual search query for that product is “product category”. You can change this so it’s, “Best (Product Category) in 2020” and get great results. 

#2 – Search Intent Comes First!

One of the first SEO Tips people learn is about search intent! Avoid “Keyword Unicorns” in favor of search intent. Because some keyword is popular, doesn’t mean it is the right thing for you to target. Search intent is much more important. Ask questions like “Will people searching this be interested in my product? Can I convert this traffic? Is there enough demand to make it worth it?”

Think like the average user and optimize for common search queries. 

#3 – Increase Your Traffic by Covering Subtopics That Google Wants to See

Studies have shown a lot of useful data for keywords and queries. The best-ranking page is also the best-ranking page for 1000 other relevant keywords. So if your page is #1 for some searches, it is #1 for others too. You need to find out what these keywords are. How to optimize for them. And how to get the best rank possible. 

Finding the keyword is easy by doing a content gap analysis. A good tool for this is the ahrefs.com “Site Explorer”.

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You should focus on organic keywords and traffic. Compare them to a competitor that is bigger and then click on the “Content gap” link in the sidebar. There you can paste your link and the link to your competitor(s). Ahrefs will compare the websites and give you a list of keywords you should use.

Image6 2
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#4 – Reverse Engineer Forum to Find Low Competition Keywords 

Paste a link to a forum you want to check out in the site explorer section of hrefs.com. After you got an overview of the forum, go to the top pages from the side panel. There you can use the search tool to search for topics like yours. Find something with low referring domains yet high monthly searches, and highest rank. 

#5 – Use Your Best Content

Your best content doesn’t have to be used only once. You can repurpose and reuse it many times to get as much as you can from it. 

You can repurpose something that has done particularly well into new media types. Like podcasts, videos, blog posts, or whatever you can think of! The general idea behind the content will be the same and work well!

#6 – Broken Link Building

One of the best SEO TIps is building broken links. This tactic is simple and effective.

What you need to do is:

  • Find pages that are broken (most likely a 404, page not found) 
  • Recreate that page 
  • Contact the pages that are linked to the before broken page. 
Link building as one of the best seo tips
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If everything goes according to plan you will get your page linked to all the previous backlinks in no time! 

#7 – Your Competitors’ Links

Track what your competitors do and improve and redo their content. If you fit in instead of your competitor, you need to message the site owner and pitch your version. 

If you don’t get backlinks, it’s because they don’t know about you. Spread the word and push for your resource to be published and linked instead. 

#8 – Focus on Low Competition Keywords

Quality backlinks help you rank high on Google. But even pages with low or no backlinks can rank high. This means that even low competition keywords can have a massive impact on your ranking. 

You can use tools like ahrefs content index to find these niche organic keywords. Find low competition keywords that almost nobody uses but have a lot of searches monthly. 

#9 – Include Case Studies and Stats in Your Articles

People love trustworthy content. Statistics and studies are one way to give them that security they want. With great stats come trust and links. 

Adding stats to your pages is important. An easy way to do it is to add data from your own surveys, email subscribers, and social media followers. When posting that data make it as appealing as possible. Gather all the boring and monotone data and do a creative spin on it to make it interesting. 

This can be done by wording or turning those data points into infographics or videos. 

Backlinks ahrefs. Com
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With ahref, we can check out the backlinks for websites and see how many backlinks websites have. It is easily checkable by navigating to the backlinks section.

#10 – Claim Unlinked Mentions

Go to Google and search for yourBrandName -site:yourWebstie. For a website like iamattila.com, this would look something like this 

iAmAttila -site:iamattila.com

This will bring up all mentions of you that are not from your own domain. Here you can check all the mentions you might have gotten and if you actually got linked in that content. Doing this can be a massive undertaking if you have a big following. Try using some external tools like ahref’s content explorer!

#11 – Make Wikipedia Links Stick

The first thing that might come to mind is, “Arent Wiki links no-follow?”. Well, yes they are, but that doesn’t mean that they are useless. Wikipedia gets over 3 billion visits each month. This is a lot of potential eyes on your links. 

Wikipedia articles can be edited by anyone. But their content approval team is pretty good at stopping all kinds of spam. The best thing to do is to find a relevant topic and bring some useful data to it. Link your links as sources to that data and it will most likely be approved. 

Make sure you actually post into the right articles. You can do a search for your keywords on the wiki and get a list of topics you might be able to contribute to. Type Into Google “site:wikipedia.org “your keyword” “ and you will get a list of articles. This is easy to do and thus is one of the best SEO tips around!

#12 – Link Images Back to Your Page

High-quality infographics and images often get stolen by others. These cost money and time to make. If you have made your own images, you don’t want them to get stolen without you getting credit. 

One way to do this is to right-click on the image you have. Click “Search Google for images” and you will see what sites are using your images. Check to see if they actually linked back to you. 

If you use ahrefs, you can do the same by clicking on “backlinks” in the sidebar under site explorer. Type in your image extension in the search bar (.jpg, .png…)

Search bar
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And here you will get a list of the linked images.

#13 – Optimize for Featured Snippets

These Google features can be annoying since they often steal clicks away. You can’t do much about it, except optimizing for those snippets so that you get some traffic out of them. 

To even get featured in a snippet, you need to be ranked top 10 in the search results. So first reach that milestone. Research how the current snippets are formatted and how you can best adapt to them. 

To Conclude the Best SEO Tips!

To Conclude the Best SEO Tips!

SEO Is a very important part of every affiliate’s career. The more time you invest into perfecting it, the better your campaigns, blogs, and pages will perform. Here we shared some of the best SEO tips that can help any marketer learn and improve. With these SEO tips, you should be able to go from a complete beginner to an intermediate in no time! Always keep improving and learning and you will see results in no time!

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