Coffeezilla Exposes Private DMs of Fake Gurus Confirming Their Scams

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I consider myself OG when it comes to ranting about fake gurus. Did you read my post about how to become a fake guru? It was published in 2016!! That’s a century ago online.

One of my favorite new comers to the fake-guru crusade is COFFEEZILLA, if you haven’t yet seen his Youtube channel you are missing out and should go watch after reading this! He is naturally funny, and is very intelligent so he has a great way to expose the never ending lineup of fakes – greatly backed up with facts.

Then there’s BallerBusters on IG, and there is (until Kevin Zhang deleted his youtube channel) Jay Rich Veyron aka Ecommerce Baller. Oh and there’s also Mike Winnet, I almost forgot him (he hasn’t been that activate lately with his fake gurus busts in the IM space sadly).

Here’s The latest video by CoffeeZilla

Exposing the darn right dirty shit fake gurus talk about, how they admit they don’t know shit and lie through their teeth, and how they have zero respect for all of their students just want to take their money.

BTW, I have no idea how this guy and K.D. and many other scam artist frauds get invited to speak main stage at reputable conferences over and over again. It must be the charisma, the outgoing personality, the “extrovertyness”, the bro culture attitude – after all for some reason; people prefer being lied to and hearing what they wanna hear (I am always left wondering WHY!?)

Enjoy the video!

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

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