The 8 Step Guide on How to Become a Successful Guru

Affiliate marketing got 4238% harder this year; google introduced a new algo making it extremely hard to keep accounts live and same for Facebook. What can a man that is used to mega profits for selling snake oil do in times of need? GO GURU of course!

What does it mean to go GURU? It means when you cross over from actually doing affiliate marketing to saying you do affiliate marketing so you can lure in newbies and other naive and very gullible get rich quick wannabes to your ‘secrets’.

Most GURUS out there do not make money from affiliate marketing; they might have made some money before; but then it got hard so they switched.

So how do they make money? They make money selling you webinars exposing the latest ‘secrets’ at XXXX$ per attendee; selling you info products on how to do x and y; and/or live coaching programs with only 5 seats left at a hotel room in Vegas. All webinars; info products, live person masterminds will always SELL OUT; will only be available for a limited few, and will always cost you thousands of dollars.

As you know, a good landing page has scarcity, it has time limit, and it has social proof. The difference between the good GURUs and the bad GURUS is they know how to hype, and how to tell you every single thing to remove all your doubts and objections using tried and tested methods all the masses that buy scam diet pills and skin creams fall for over and over again.

Now that you have a fair background understanding of Going GURU here is the HOW TO. The step by step if you will.

#1 – Make yourself NOT available. (Scarcity and mystery). STOP posting on STM, stop posting on WICKEDFIRE. DISAPPEAR!

Stop using your Skype, and make a new one where you ad only a very select few.

#2 – Start a blog, youtube channel and start telling your story – it helps to make it very inspiring; motivational. This shit gets shared the most, people love it and eat it up. Ensure that your stories talk about struggles that people can relate to; and also methods you overcame them. Talk about mysterious things like systems in them; and other awe creating things like flow charts and alien traffic sources no one has discovered; and your secret method that is so awesome no newbie affiliates can come close. It doesn’t have to be factual, you can be Steven King and write like a master fiction writer. It doesn’t matter. FACT: 99% of people never check facts; or search after claims made. Example: The American Federation of Plastic Surgeons found that THIS CREAM helps reverse the signs of aging. Scientists through thousands of hours of research noted that _INSERT_BS_HERE_

#3 – Assemble your arsenal of flashy; this attracts wannabes that will buy your expensive info product, webinar, masterminds like crazy. By flashy, pics of ferrari, porsche, etc keys on your desk next to your MacBook Pro and a screenshot of your blog or favorite forum or whatever product you are promoting.

Maybe a pic of your watch collection; or stacks of cash next to your watch collection or something you will find on Rich Kids of Instagram.

You don’t have the real money to have all this flash? NP! You can fake it till you make it by renting them just for the sake of it – or if you know someone who has all this, ask them to be in on the fun.

I know in the USA you can rent watches, you can also buy stacks of cash that looks real but only the top one is real (see eBay)

You don’t have the cars? On eBay you can buy the fobs and the car keys and that’s all you need.

#4 – Step it up – rent some cars; go drive in them, pull up to your ‘pad’ – it can be an AirBNB for the weekend no one will know.

You don’t even have to say they are yours; people will assume they are. That is best. People are simple creatures; use it! Exploit it smile emoticon

#5 – When people talk to you (if they are lucky) be sure to answer in 1-2 words; it suggest you are busy and don’t want to be disturb. Busy making gazillions of dollars; with your systems and team. You don’t have time to respond to newbies, and others who want to learn your craft. This will send them the signal that you really are killing it. Exactly what they want to do too. So when you speak; and talk about things that may be fiction; they will believe you “BRO”.

This is how you can charge them a ton of money; for information available on all the paid forums, and from simple trial and error and testing.

#6 – When attending shows; make sure your appearance is top notch – tailored jacket; gucci shoes; watch on wrist. and well manicured. You want to ensure that the people likely to buy your wares will see first hand you are MONEY. They want to be like you so look the part.

Do not go to all the shows that are put on by CPA Networks; do not hang around with simple folks – remember you want to follow economics 101, supply and demand. Less supply of you, more demand. (WOW he must be so big he doesn’t have time for us little folks, oh he’s hanging out with the HUGE guys in SECRET)

While the shows go on; make some appearances at events your target audiences (people who will buy your guru products) will be at. Shake some hands, small talk (remember short words, better).

#7 Do free webinars; give away shit that’s available on google nicely packaged. Reference big words like you teach your team this when you hire them, and then you give them 50% of your millions for running your stuff. Make sure there’s an upsell at the end – maybe your real webinar; or product on how they can learn more.

#8 Travel & work from your laptop – this is huge. I’ve found that many super affiliate wannabes think it’s as easy as working on a laptop 1-2 hours and then sipping margaritas by the ocean. So give them their train of thought; travel the world and take pictures in coffee shops, at an angle showing your work on laptop, and a beautiful view behind it. You can spice up this arrangement by taking the pic in a way so it show your arm with that nice watch. Always helps to help bling. Or another thing; have your rented super car on the right, laptop on left, and beach in the back.

There’s more opportunities here; just google fancy vacations and get some ideas.

There you have it, 8 great ways to become a guru and make millions smile emoticon.

Making money online is the new trend that more and more people are getting on. Everyone is trying to become an entrepreneur, so maybe you too. I wrote post about 6 tips how you can become a successful entrepreneur.

Good luck!

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  1. hahaha… This is funny Attila, I like this post very much. I maybe see somebody in this industry doing like this, hahahaha…. won’t tell who he is. LOL. But you are 100% not this style. hahahaha

    Thanks for letting me know this shit. LOL…

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