A Guide To Getting Free Money Fast In 2023!

Thinking about boosting your income, but don’t want to work hard for it? We just might have the right tips on how to earn free money!

Money makes the world go ’round, or at least that is what everyone says. But in all sincerity, in today’s day and age, money is a huge factor.

It changes the way we live and experience our lives, and in all reality, there is never enough of it!

Stable income vs. trying new things

Finding stable income sources is very important, but sometimes it’s not enough. This is why most people are looking for ways to boost their income and increase their bank account balance.

Some might try boosting their bank accounts through a high yield savings account, credit card debt, personal loans, government grants, or other savings accounts.

But let me tell you that this isn’t the right way! So read on and learn what free money is and how you can start making it fast!

What is considered to be Free money?

Free money

The term “free money” refers to any money that you can earn without working for it. So in theory, it should be money that you make entirely passive without having to invest time or effort in making it.

This is pretty much the holy grail of ways to earn cash, but it’s much easier said than done! In reality, it’s a difficult process that might not even work if you don’t know what exactly to do and where to invest and what to focus on!

Is It Really Free Cash?

In theory, yes, but in real life, it is very difficult to earn free money fast without actually investing money, time, or expertise somewhere.

Saving money in a checking account can be one surefire way to make some free money through interest rates, but those rates are so low lately, that you are better off trying something else!

So without further ado, let’s guide you through how to get free money online and offline in 2022!

Instant Free Money, Is It Possible?

If you want to get started right now and make a few bucks for absolutely no work, then you are on the right track! Here are a couple of ways you can make a small cash infusion right now!


1dollarpersecond. Com

If you are interested in making real money through recording a simple video, then 1DollarPerSecond is the right place for you! This service provides you with a system where you can record simple videos and get paid 1$ for every second of your video. If you do the math, that’s $60 a minute or $3600 an hour! Now that is an insane rate!


Most of us have some student loans, and refinancing them might be a great idea! With Credible you can refinance your student loans and speed up your repayment rate, in turn losing less money through interest. 

This service is awesome, and you can get anywhere from $500 to $2000 on your total loan instantly! If you have a student loan, make sure you check out the offers and get a quote right now!


This service provides you with small rewards for answering questions. You can earn free rewards by shopping online, searching the web, watching videos, and doing a lot of other usual things. 

If you decide to sign up, you will get a $10 bonus right away! And you can cash out almost instantly for a quick buck!

Survey Junkie


This service is similar to Swagbucks but it is limited to surveys. You will get surveys every few hours or days, depending on your performance. If you decide to complete them, you can get up to $50 for a single survey!

Did we mention that it’s free to start!?


Similar to the previous two services, OO is a survey service that pays users for completing questionnaires about all sorts of topics. The service is free to sign up and use, so get going right now!


Dosh is a cashback service that links directly to your PayPal account. This service will track your purchases and will give you a small kickback whenever you pay for something. 

If you decide to start, then you should know that they are offering $5 for signing up right now!


This is a service that sends you offers in your inbox. These offers can vary in what they require you to do, but they all give you a small commission that you can profit off of. 

Once you sign up you will get an instant $5, but you will have to acquire at least $30 to be able to cash out!


Most people have powerful computers that just waste away most of the day. Why not sell some of that processing power when you aren’t using your high-end machine?! With Honey.grain you can sell your computing power and enjoy free passive income!

What Are Some Great Examples of Long Term Free Money?

If you are wondering what exactly these great ways to make money are, here are some of the best examples that you should utilize right now!

Savings Accounts

This is something that people who love safety and long-term profits love doing. Nowadays it’s considered a pretty archaic way of increasing wealth and saving money.

The more money you lock up in your saving account the less you have for spending and investing in more profitable ventures.

What do interest rates look like?

The average interest rate for an American Savings account is just 0.6% annually. That means that if you put $10,000 in your account, you can get around $60… which is almost nothing, but it’s still free money!

Investing $20k

You would Gain

around $691

A savings account is excellent for what it is, but most of the returns from your savings are lower than the average inflation rate, so in reality, you will be losing money or at best be neutral after you lock up your money for a decade in some bank account.

Online Surveys

2 3

In our online world, data is everything. With the right data, companies can make insane profits and that’s why most of them are willing to pay a nice lump of cash for that data.

This is where online surveys come into play. These surveys help companies get to learn more about their customers’ expectations, use habits, and wishes so that they can make their products better and more profitable.

What can you expect from surveys?

You can make an average of $10 to $15 for spending just a few minutes filling out some forms! There are thousands of online survey sites that you can join today and get going!

You can try sites like freeonlinesurveys.com or surveymonkey.com to get started with paid surveys!

Credit Card Bonuses

Everyone has one or multiple credit cards. This often means that a lot of people have a lot of credit card debt which can cause a lot of issues.

What people don’t realize is that credit card rewards and bonuses are a great way to earn free money!

How do the bonuses work?

Earning money through credit card rewards is as simple as making regular monthly payments on your card debts and using the bonuses to save cash. As an example, a lot of credit card companies offer a lot of bonuses, cashback, and discounts!

Most credit and debit card companies offer from 1-5% cashback rewards (or simply cash prizes) as well as discounts on specific hotels, airlines, stores, and much more.

Some cards give sign-up bonuses, while others require you to spend money to get free stuff. Here are a couple of examples!

Examples of cards

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card
    5x on travel purchases, 3x on dining, and 2x on all travel purchases! That’s a lot of bonuses if you travel often. You collect points and when you have enough of them you can
  • American Express® Platinum
    5x Membership rewards for booked flights up to $500k annually, and on prepaid hotels that you book with the card! This will help you save money and earn extra cash through your spending habits.
  • Discover it® Cash Back
    This card is also one of the best cards for cash backs! No matter what you spend your money on each quarter, you will get anywhere from 1% to 5% cash back on all purchases completely automatically. This is free money you can use for anything you want!


Referrals are a tried and true method to earn cash through shopping online and helping your friends and followers buy those things as well.

It is usually considered to be a form of affiliate marketing. You place your referral link on a social media post, or in any way you think will reach people, and when they shop online with that link, they will help you earn free cash.

The free money you make is mostly deposited into a PayPal account or checking account so that you can use that money online.

If you want to learn more on how to use referrals then you should check out the premium forums iAmAffiliate where you can learn more!

Refinancing Companies

What people often don’t realize is that free money is the same as saving cash. As an example, if you have some credit, personal loan, or a mortgage that you can’t seem to pay off, it will probably cause financial strain and cause you to lose money.

This is why a huge financial need for most people is to find a company to refinance their spending and help them with management fees.

These companies can help manage lender pays and help save money over time while improving your credit rating.

Contests and Sweepstakes


Free money is always great, and contests and sweepstakes are a great way to get free money! All you need to do is find the right contest, apply for it and hope for the best.

This is an old tactic that most companies and advertisers utilize to get more customers and help engage them.

Market research showed that around 34% of new customers are brought into company ecosystems by such contests.

How does it work?

People love getting free money, and social media platforms have proven to be the perfect host for such contests.

Instagram and Facebook have especially exploded with these offers as new businesses use this as a simple and affordable way to boost engagement and followers in a short period.

Most contests give away products or cash prizes. All you need to do is give them some personal details like your name and email and hope to get something for absolutely free.

Some contests require you to make online purchases beforehand, but you can enter most of them without spending a dime!

What are the odds of winning?

Well, most likely extremely low. The more popular a contest is the lower the chances of you winning are, but they are never 0. If the contest is hosted properly you should always have at least a chance to get free prizes such as extra cash or products!

Online Discounts and Coupons

Coupons are another way to help save some extra money and boost your budget. Whenever you shop online make sure that you check for coupons and discounts for what you want to buy.

Extensions like Honey can help you with this because they automatically analyze the site you are shopping on and they apply coupons that can help get free things or at least heavily discounted products.

Reward and Loyalty Programs

Another way how to get free money is by utilizing reward and loyalty programs. Companies often reward their customers by providing them with better deals or by gifting them small items.

If you plan on shopping online with any company for a long time then make sure you check out their sign-up bonuses and loyalty programs, as these rewards can stack up quickly and make a huge difference in your budget over time!

Investing in Stocks

Investing is always a great way to boost your portfolio and hopefully earn some free cash. The usual procedure is to take your extra money and invest it into a diverse stock portfolio.

Most people split their investments between evergreen, trendy, and high-risk, high reward industries. This way you can ensure that no matter what happens you at least don’t lose money on your investments.

How to get started?

You can invest small amounts through an investment app like RobinHood, Trading 212, and plenty of others. If you plan on committing more money then you should look into getting in touch with a broker.

A lot of brokers allow for direct deposit or they can take PayPal cash and other forms of online banks payments. There are also often incentives that they give to potential customers.

Mostly they give a signup bonus or free stock worth up to $100, free gift cards, and a free account without you needing to pay for fees or upkeep for a few months or years.

What to invest in?

With the proper investments, you can double or even triple your money in years, and the best part is that you don’t have to do anything special to achieve it! Just invest with your broker or through a financial app, and wait!

Here are some of the best-performing stocks of 2021!

  • Devon Energy (NYSE: DVN) – 191.1%
  • Marathon Oil (NYSE: MRO) – 149.7%
  • Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) – 143.1%
  • Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) – 142%
  • Signature Bank (NASDAQ: SBNY) – 141.5%
  • Ford (NYSE: F) – 137.5%
  • Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) – 125.5%

Investing in Crypto

Crypto is one of those things that everyone is constantly talking about. The truth is that if you aren’t sure what crypto is and how to properly invest in it, then you are better off avoiding it altogether.

Early investors into crypto found an easy way to make free money, but the truth is that this is more of a gamble than a foolproof way to earn money.

Crypto investment

How to get free money opportunities with crypto?

The whole point of crypto is to buy coins when they are worth cents, and sell them when they grow in value.

This is hard to time, as there isn’t a proper way to conduct market research or analysis of the industry as a whole.

The best thing you can do is guess, buy, and hope your coin grows in value and doesn’t crash. If you manage to get the right coin at the right time, then you are bound to win money with very little effort.

But if you buy the wrong one or mistime it, then you can expect a huge dent in your pocket.

A lot of new coins appear almost daily, most of the time they give a bit away for free. This minimum balance can act as a free stock and give you a nice start without having to commit any of your actual funds.

These freebies are usually worth a few dollars, so you won’t get rich off of them, but it is free money that you can direct deposit into your account!

Mining vs buying coins

Unlike other investing methods, crypto allows users to “mine” most coins from their computers.

This is a long and tedious process that is best reserved for people that already have a powerful computer they use to play games or edit and watch videos so that they can use the hardware to mine when it’s not in use otherwise.

With the rising hardware and electricity prices, and hidden fees, this is slowly getting less and less profitable for users, so if you haven’t already started, it might be too late to do that now!

Coins with the highest growth in the past year

The current market has seen a steady decline in the past month or so, but most coins are still incredibly profitable for users that bought them a year(s) ago.

Most crypto owners say that it’s like having free money. But it’s far from reality. A majority of crypto investors end up losing money in the long run.

But before you try and get free money, let’s see what the best coins in the past year are!

$2028 for 1 ETH
$42 for 100 XRP
$29782 for 1 BTC
$55 for 100 ADA

  • Ethereum
    This coin is the second largest coin on the market at this time. Eth is one of the coins that miners love utilizing and it’s also used for most NFTs and other blockchain-related transactions.
  • Ripple (XRP)
    XRP is another popular crypto coin that has taken the market by storm way back in 2012. So far it has proven to be one of the most reliable as well as stable coins on the market.
  • Bitcoin
    The coin that started it all. Bitcoin is the most widely recognized cryptocurrency of them all. It’s also the one that is worth the most at this time. If you only heard about crypto, Bitcoin is probably the one you heard of!
  • Cardano
    Cardano is one of the coins that embraced its advantages through the new tech called the blockchain. It prides itself on being easy to identify, manage, and trace. They want to become the future of payments systems, and so far they are doing great!
  • Terra (Luna)
    Luna has seen some incredible growth over the years, but it has also seen its fair share of scandals, including the most recent one just a few weeks ago. If you plan on investing in Luna, make sure to do your research beforehand!

Important things to note with crypto

No matter what others say about crypto, it’s not a fool-safe way to get free money. Before investing in anything, and especially crypto, make sure that you research the coins and tech behind them.

The minimum you can do is watching videos covering them and try to find out as much as you can. The more informed you are the more likely you will have some success!

Investing in Realestate

The safest thing to invest in is real estate. Over time with the proper investments you can get free money at a surprisingly fast rate. This is mostly caused by the ever-rising home prices across the world, especially in the US.

Some stats show that real estate prices have increased incredibly over the past few decades!

Rising housing costs (Year – Median house price)

  • 1980 – $63k
  • 1985 – $83k
  • 1990 – $124k
  • 1995 – $130k
  • 2000 – $165k
  • 2005 – $232k
  • 2010 – $223k
  • 2015 – $290k
  • 2020 – $329k
  • 2021 – $375k

As you can see, this is an incredible rise in costs, and it’s only going to grow further in the coming years.

Some people estimate that there is a huge housing bubble that is about to burst such as in 2008, but there is no real way to know for sure!

The only sure thing is that if you invest in real estate property, you are bound to see extra free cash in the future, and it can always be a nice addition to your retirement account.

Affiliate Marketing

3 3

Affiliate marketing is an incredible way to ensure you earn a lot of money online.

The biggest problem with this industry is getting started. There are thousands of tutorials and guides online, but most of them disregard some of the basics or are completely outdated.

This is why affiliates should utilize platforms such as iAmAffiliate to boost their knowledge and start their business properly.

iAmAffiliate is a premium affiliate marketing forum that you can join and start learning about the ins and outs of the industry.

The forum itself has been online for over 5 years, and in that time it has grown into an incredibly valuable platform for beginners and pros alike!

If you want to be successful in the industry, join platforms like iAmAffiliate, learn from real users and get the real tips and tricks that can change the way you think and work.

YouTube Creator

YouTube and other video-focused social networks like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are great ways to get some free PayPal money!

Why only be someone that can watch videos, when you can be the creator behind them!

There are a lot of incredible video ideas that you can focus on, improve upon, and carve a niche of your own that you can use to become famous and earn a nice living!

Picking a niche

There are a lot of niches that have gained popularity in the recent year or two.

If you manage to fit into one of them with your content, then you have a higher chance of gaining new subscribers and viewers faster!



Technology is always evolving and staying on top of new gadgets and software can get you a lot of views. Some of the biggest YouTube channels on the platform right now are in the tech niche. A great thing you can do is combine informative content with humor and expertise.

Some of the best examples are:


Games are always popular, and streamers and content creators for this niche have been exploding in the past 5 years. Here are some of the earnings of the top streamers from only one income source in the past few years!

And these are only a few of the biggest creators. Most of these guys make 5x this amount through their sponsors and contracts.

And the best part of it is that if you do this properly, you can “milk” that content for months or even years without having to work at all.

It’s the perfect way to get free money!

Weight Loss

This is an evergreen niche that has seen increased popularity in the last year or two.

Currently, the best strategy for newcomers in this niche is to record your own weight loss goals and explain how much weight you lost on your journey.

Food and exercise tips are also recommended as people love seeing actionable tips that can make a difference.

Make sure your videos include some positive reinforcement, goals, and even products. The more engagement you can achieve the better.

You can also include product affiliate links and referral links to boost your earnings.


Crypto and the stock market have been popularized incredibly in the past two years.

Subreddits like WallstreetBets and cryptocurrencies, in general, have spawned a huge community of people looking to find the best investment platform and get rich.

Even though you can’t guarantee that people will have success with those investments, currently advertisers are paying massive amounts for ads on these videos.

This means that you can easily make $10 or even more for every 1000 views, which is incredibly high!

Movie reviews

With the rise of streaming platforms, a lot of people started doing a movie and show reviews.

These reviews are popular as people love to confirm that their decision to watch something is good and that they won’t waste time and money looking at and paying for subpar content.

Great examples of this are channels like:

This kind of content can also bring in revenue for years, which makes it the perfect way to get free money after you create the content once.

Ask For A Raise


Most of us forget that the main way we earn money is through our job. If you are good at your job you should be rewarded for it.

If you haven’t gotten a raise in a long time, it’s time to ask for a raise and get free money! Okay, technically it isn’t free, as you still work for it. But it’s an upgrade compared to a previous state.

The average yearly inflation is around 4% nowadays, so you should expect at least that much of a yearly raise, every single year! If it’s more, then even better, but that should be the minimum!

Increase your chances of getting a raise

To help your chances to earn money, here are some skills and traits that bosses always look for:

  • Exceed expectations
  • High-quality work
  • Help drive revenue
  • Unique skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Take initiative

Find Unclaimed Funds

Unclaimed funds are something that most people don’t even think about. Finding free money can be done in multiple ways.

The one we all know about is basically by finding unclaimed money on the ground, between our couch seats, or in a jacket, you haven’t worn in a long time.

While this is a great way to get free coins and dollar bills, it’s not a way to earn cash seriously.

The actual way of finding unclaimed money

It turns out that there are millions of dollars nationwide that are completely unclaimed.

To get free money you will have to search national databases and try to find yourself or your family members on the lists.

Here are a few sites that can help you find unclaimed money:


Money is something all of us seek out in one way or another.

The only thing that is better than money is free money, and in this blog post, we showed you a few methods of how you can get free money through various methods.

All of these methods are legitimate was of achieving your goals, but not all of them will fit you perfectly.

Some methods might perform better and some worse. But trying out as much as you can and finding the right combination for you is something you really should do!

If any of these methods help you out, feel free to post a comment explaining what you did and how it affected your bottom line!

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    Plus, trading is only one way to earn. There’s mining, ICOs, NFTs (big picture).

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