How to Make Your Ads Relevant So They Convert WAY BETTER on Facebook

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of marketers make; new and advanced is their ads are not relevant. When they ask others in the community, on how to get better conversions or write better ads; the usual answer is “You just gotta TEST, TEST, TEST maaaaaaan!”

It isn’t a secret 99.999% of affiliates out there can’t help a friend even if they try. Why? Because they don’t understand how to EXPLAIN things so it triggers the AHA moment in the head of the person they explain it to.

People that understand how to do this have gone on making millions of dollars, one example is the FOR DUMMIES book authors.

So how do we make ads relevant? What does that even mean? Let me give you a REAL example.

If you are doing lead gen for solar, and it’s December, you simply can’t use the ads you’d use during the summer to sell solar. The reason why is because people don’t get it, they don’t feel it on their own skin, and if you run the ads like save money on your electricity, capture all the sunshine, have $0 energy bills, or make money selling the excess to the grid, it won’t mean anything when it’s December, snowing outside, and most of the panels being covered.

In December, you need to angle it so it’s relevant to the winter times, when solar panels are covered and use another approach; maybe like scarcity, that Solar Companies are getting booked up with people who want to pay no money for electric bills come the good weather. Get in before it’s too late, else you’ll have to wait another year before you can on this $0 down program. <random example i came up with, ofc if you put on your thinking hat, or hire Anglesaurus they can come up with ideas for you.

Let me share another example; it’s now pretty warm outside, no snow, just rain, the super cold winter months are gone where I live. When it was freezing outside, with the water in our pool being frozen over so you could ice skate on it, that’s when people had the problem that if they didn’t have the luxury of parking their car in a heated garage; and the car was left outside during the night, they’d have to scrape it every single morning with an ice scraper because ice would be frozen over. So a product, that solved this issue, when it was relevant (by that i mean it was FREEZING outside, so they had to scrape their windshield daily) — people bought it, because it was the solution to their problem right now.

Ever since the great weather came; well – that shit sells like crap. With 0.2 roas. Only people who are thinking ahead buy it, most ignore it, as it’s not relevant to them.

So this is what I mean… try and utilize this approach in your ads. You’ll see higher CR for sure.

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