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MyBid. Quality traffic from own sources and great opportunities for publishers

MyBid is an international fully managed advertising network. You can buy direct or broker traffic from all over the world for any vertical, and receive ready-made bunches, creatives, and necessary recommendations on the choice of ad formats, GEO, etc. The company’s employees independently set up and run advertising campaigns for partners for their offers. This greatly simplifies your work, as well as saves time and gets rid of routine. A great solution for young affiliates! The company offers quality traffic from its sources for a small deposit.

Some General Information About MyBid

What basic information do I need to know about this platform?

  • Traffic – direct and broker traffic
  • GEO – Worldwide
  • Available formats: Push, PopUnder, In-Page, Native (teaser), Banner, Video.
  • Minimum deposit – 100 USD
  • Payment methods: Capitalist, Paxum, USDT, Wire Transfer, VISA, MasterCard.



  • 5 billion impressions every day
  • No banned verticals (adult is always welcome)
  • Format customisation on request
  • Proprietary In-house anti-fraud system
  • Detailed targeting
  • Simplified testing
  • Ready-made creatives

What makes MyBid different from other platforms?

Fully managed. This is a cooperation format where all the work is done for the affiliate by his manager. He fully sets up the ads, selects the best creatives, optimises the campaign, and collects black and white lists. The affiliate can monitor the process and make suggestions to the manager. MyBid managers are maximally motivated to the success of the client. The manager earns only if the traffic is flowing in plus.


Using such a platform allows you to scale quickly. If you have a ready-made bundle from another advertising network, you can simply pass the data to the manager. He will launch the campaign for you. He will optimise it himself, analysing ROI and other indicators.

It simplifies testing. You immediately start with high-quality and the most relevant sites. There is no need to go through the steps of checks, testing, and sweeps.

MyBid saves time and effort. You delegate almost all the work. Your only task is to provide the right link to the project and ready-made creatives. The manager will do everything to make the campaign effective – after all, the reputation of the advertising network and his income depend on it. In addition, the earnings of the network depend on the turnover. So co-operation with regular advertisers is easier and more profitable than looking for new ones every time.

You don’t give your profitable bundles to an external person, as your creatives, campaign settings, and other data are visible to managers in all advertising networks.


But by delegating routine work to another person you can simplify your life and save a lot of time for testing new approaches and setups.

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How is work structured?

All work in MyBid, including creating, setting up, starting, and stopping ad campaigns, is done through the manager.


To place an advert through MyBid, you need to:

  1. Register on the site as an advertiser, not forgetting to specify your Skype or Telegram nickname;
  2. Your advertising manager will contact you immediately afterward. You can also write to him yourself – contacts can be found at the bottom of the main page of the site;
  3. Agree on all the settings of the advertising campaign, and discuss creatives. By the way, the manager can provide creatives and W/L suitable for your offer free of charge;
  4. Deposit balance. The minimum amount for deposit is $100. There is a promo for beginners – a bonus of $50 when depositing $500 or more. To get the bonus, tell the promo code MyBid50 to your manager;
  5. The manager will set up and run your advertising campaign himself. You can also set up a postback so that the manager can help optimise your marketing campaign.

In other words, the advertiser only needs to provide a link where the traffic will go, make a deposit, and discuss targeting and bid with a personal manager – the manager will take care of the rest.


If you have a ready-made bundle from another advertising network, just give the manager the data. He will launch the campaign for you and optimise it in the process, analysing ROI and other indicators.


Available ad type + vertical bundles:

Push Notification + dating, utilities (VPN, antivirus), gambling, betting, Nutra, cryptocurrencies, finance (Forex), webcam;

Inpage Push + dating, utilities, cryptocurrencies, finance (Forex), webcam;

PopUnder + dating, utilities, webcam;

Native (teaser) + dating, Nutra, webcam.

GEO and targeting in MyBid

Before launching an advertising campaign, the MyBid manager will set up ad targeting according to your instructions. Available parameters:

  • Country
  • City
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Browser language
  • Connection type (mobile operator, Wi-Fi, cable)
  • Provider (mobile operator)
  • IP Range
  • Subscription period (for Push)


For Publishers: How to connect a site to the Network

Most of the websites in MyBid are MyBid’s sources, but publishers can also connect their resources to an advertising network. Websites will show offers from the following verticals:

  • Adult;
  • Dating
  • Webcam;
  • Sweepstakes;
  • Utilities;
  • Gambling & Betting;
  • Nutra.


There is no requirement for the number of visitors per day. Absolutely all sites are suitable, except for resources with illegal themes.

Final Words

The company is one of the promising platforms that make affiliates’ lives easier. Try to evaluate its advantages by registering and assessing the work of managers, as well as the speed of traffic flows. Plus, MyBid offers two bonuses for newbies at once:

  • Refill your account with $500 and get +$50 to your balance;
  • Provide a MyBid50 promo code to your manager and get the bonus.


All of the things described in this article make the platform a highly competitive and easy to use way to generate revenue from your offers or your websites.

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