RollerAds Celebrates Turning 4 with a Grand Raffle: Here’s Your Chance to Join the Party!

Have you heard the buzz? RollerAds, a high-performance advertising network specializing in push notifications, is hitting a milestone this October: 4 incredible years in the ad industry! From its beginnings in 2019, this company has soared, overcoming challenges and building a community that’s worth celebrating. And celebrate they will — but with a delightful twist. Instead of receiving gifts, RollerAds is rolling out presents for its users.

First on the Agenda: the AWA Experience

Here’s a golden opportunity — RollerAds is giving away two tickets to Affiliate World Asia this December in Bangkok. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill conference, it’s a doorway to the crests of the industry. A dazzling rendezvous of 5,500+ professionals from over 35 nations and a chance to engage with 120+ advertisers.

Find out how to win on their festive landing page!

Can’t make it to Bangkok? No worries! If you win a ticket but are unable to attend, they will credit the equivalent value of the ticket to your account balance.

But That’s Not All

Besides the tickets, they’re also rolling out cash gift cards for your account balance:

  • For advertisers: $100, $150, and $250.
  • For publishers: $100, $150, and $250.

These treasures will be dished out randomly, ensuring everyone gets a fair shot!

How to Jump into the Festive Fun

For advertisers:

  • Get registered with RollerAds
  • Ensure a minimum spend of $1,000 on ad campaigns from October 1–31

For publishers:

  • Registration and RollerAds’ monetization activation are key
  • Target at least $500 earnings until October 31st

Once done, all you need is a sprinkle of luck and perhaps RollerAds’ birthday magic.

Not registered yet? Join the RollerAds family here!

Weekly Surprises

October will be about more than just the main events. RollerAds promises a month-long celebration with weekly mini-contests announced on their social channels. Quick challenges with the allure of adding up to $100 to users’ account balances.

Four weeks, four surprises. If someone’s been missing out on RollerAds’ social updates, it’s time to connect. Stay updated with RollerAds:

Ready to be a part of the gala? RollerAds is set to make this birthday unforgettable for its community.

Let’s toast to more successful years ahead!

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