The Top 5 Youtube Channels Worth Subscribing To in 2023 (for Digital Marketers)

#5 – Tristan Broughton (43,500 subs) – AU

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The top 5 youtube channels worth subscribing to in 2023 (for digital marketers) 11

I’ve started watching his channel 2 years ago. He is quite knowledgeable and since I run ecom and am ‘in the trenches’ I can see through BS faster than you can say LAMBO. This guy has some great methods to test new products and also good tips on how to make creatives (which matter the most in my opinion). He’s also got some good suggestions on how to spy and find winning products. He’s worth following.

#4 – Chris Conrady (122,000 subs) – USA

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The top 5 youtube channels worth subscribing to in 2023 (for digital marketers) 12

I am so sad I didn’t find this guy SOONER. His video editing skills are the best on this list, his video script/style is impressive. He is an ultra smart, nerdy guy everyone will love. He has a really cool radio voice which ads to the awesomeness to his channels. But all cool stuff aside, Chris Conrady‘s Youtube channel has some very, very useful case studies of his successful multi-million dollar brands in print-on-demand ecom he built with his partner Julia (who i hope will be his gf/wife one day because they look and work AWESOME together). Check out his channel here..

#3 J Rich (81,500 subs) – USA

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The top 5 youtube channels worth subscribing to in 2023 (for digital marketers) 13

I often browse Youtube and look for people who don’t get a lot of views or don’t use click bait thumbnails for their videos because many times these people have the best tips and tricks and they simply don’t make the videos for youtube view count’s sake. This is how I came across J Rich.

One of the reasons why i LOVE J rich‘s channel is because this kid is VERY smart. Rather than copying others he always tries his own ideas. He has very good videos on how to talk to influencers and get them to promote your ecom products; he tries unconventional stuff like billboard advertising for ecom; and he often ventures away from the standard Facebook Ads and tries new things; like recently TIK TOK Ads. Pinterest, Search ads and more. He’s a general good person who really loves his mom (got her a nice Audi SUV) and loves Elon Musk (I mean who doesn’t love elon musk?)

#2 – Alex Fedotoff (13,100 subs) – Poland

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The top 5 youtube channels worth subscribing to in 2023 (for digital marketers) 14

Alex Fedotoff has a truly amazing story of how he went from UpWork Freelancer that was managing campaigns for others to becoming an expert that spends millions per year on Facebook Advertising. He has lots of good tips for ecom as well as lead gen that are always getting updated since he doesn’t make up funky sounding methods, he actually walks the walk and you can see this from watching his videos.

While he doesn’t have a lot of subscribers or views; don’t let that fool you. This guy was recommended to me by the #1 channel worth subscribing to on this list, and I have to say his content is top notch and super useful that has helped me even make more money online.

#1 – Gabriel St-Germain (202,000 subs) Canada

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The top 5 youtube channels worth subscribing to in 2023 (for digital marketers) 15

Gabriel is the smartest youtuber I’ve came across in 2018. He has had 3, 8 figure campaigns in the past 3 years and is a very smart, young man. He has a very systematic approach to finding products, and making them work and sell like crazy. Products he then brands, and continues to sell like a fortune 500 company. He has a very good course which was based on his first big winner; but he makes 80% of his money not from course sales or youtubing but from finding new winners and scaling them to the moon and beyond.

Gabriel’s videos are methodical and well thought out, super well organized, and highly educational. The information is based on real world tests and experiences he sees in his actual campaigns; they are not fictional like many fake charismatic gurus on Youtube that you see. That’s why i REALLY like this guy and respect his work, and can’t wait everytime he releases a new video.

Gabriel’s Course Can Be Purchased Here For Less Than $300 – Highly Recommended!

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