An Actual 10 Step Guide on How to Scale a Working Campaign into Other Geos

Happy Valentines Day 🙂

Here’s a step by step guide on how to scale a working campaign from One geo to many other geos (assuming that the offer you are running is available in other geos).

You will need to pick the top two angles and top two images from your winning campaign.    You can do the picking yourself, or your senior trusted media buyer – many of the other steps can be done by grunt labor/assistants.

We use Trello for the process, and people just move the cards along the production line like a factory.  Here’s how our internal trello looks like (this is a mock up, of course I won’t screenshot our actual one with content)


Step 1 – Order translations for the winning angles in your target countries,      you can get them cheapest at (half price compared to OHT)

Step 2 – Get variations made of your ad – not really a must but recommended (different color border,  swap horizontal, other minor variants to have a different pixel footprint for safety reasons)  – can help here or your VA!

Step 3 – Get the landing pages translated (transey) – we always run two of our best pre-landers, when the translations come in get the landers localized (changing the text, updating the images on lander in photoshop to be in the target geo language, also changing out logos/references to make sense when someone in the geo visits the lander, change people’s images/faces to that of the target audience – you want to make sure the right races show up in the right geos, etc otherwise you won’t have good enough LP CTR)

Step 4 – Get a safe site up for the geo,  populate it with local articles, etc (Safe Site Creation Service)

Step 5 – Upload the pre-landers you had localized on the safe site via FTP

Step 6 – Setup the tracker campaign, make sure the postbacks (s2s) and cloaked pixel or tracking codes are properly placed. (Voluum)

Step 7  – Setup the cloaker campaign and test to make sure it works, after you are done, set it to deny all or in review.

Step 8 –  Access the dedicated ad account you wish to run the new geo on (one geo per ad account!) and create your campaign, linking it to the safe article URL on your safe site.

Step 9 –  Wait until it gets at least 20 clicks, then turn on cloaker

Step 10 – Observe and monitor the new campaigns

*Rinse n repeat for every single geo you wish to scale to.

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5 thoughts on “An Actual 10 Step Guide on How to Scale a Working Campaign into Other Geos”

    • In BH different geos, get different treatment from policy team. Splitting BH campaigns that require cloaking into different geo/ad account is a good practice to follow to diversify the risk of getting banned.

  1. Hi Attila,

    are you farming your own fb accounts? or is there still good fb accounts provider out there these days?

    And what do you think of running dating on fb in 2018? still got a chance?


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