How To Make Money in Affiliate Marketing using Spy Tools & Why Ripping and Running Does Not Work!

It’s #coronatime (SADLY). We are living in historic times we’ve never, ever imagined would happen so randomly, so unexpectedly. However, here we are.

Making money online from anywhere has been the main reason why being an affiliate marketer has always been awesome!

What about affiliate marketers right now during COVID-19?

What’s happening to the shopify drop shippers used to selling FOMO and fun, viral products?

What about the offers that converted like wild fire? Well initial data is back, and according to the stacked marketer newsletter, over 80% of affiliates are suffering and campaigns have dropped.

In our own experience, all of our COD stuff died; people are holding on their cash and not really spending it. Which meant we had to pivot, real quick into offers that are doing well.

How do we find things that are selling right now and offers worth promoting? With spy tools like Anstrex & Adplexity of course! (We also use tools like Google Trends to check if the niche/vertical is on the up)

There’s one mistake a lot of affiliates make when it comes to spy tools, rather than getting ideas and innovating they simply rip n run. Then, they are shocked nothing works, and they lose money.

The biggest affiliates in the game today have a lot of MOATS on their side.

-They get higher payouts from networks
-They get traffic deals through direct buys
-They get exclusive offers no one else can run, or only they can run an offer on a specific traffic source.

This doesn’t mean if you are not BIG, you are doomed to fail. Here’s some tips to ensure you are maximize your chances of success.

  1. SPY using the best tools like Adplexity & Anstrex.
  2. When you find interesting campaigns, DO NOT just RIP n RUN it. Instead write your own advertorial from scratch, take your own product pictures, make your own look and feel based on what is proven to be working.
  3. While spying, make note of the redirect URL chains and write them down; go direct to the SOURCE vs a 2nd or 3rd tier middle man re-brokering the offers from other networks.
  4. Make your own ads based on what’s proven to work; do not rip and run ads on traffic sources, chances are their algo has the original affiliate memorized, and they will give them priority.
  5. When it comes time to scale, be sure to take what works, get it translated into other languages and just launch the winning combinations quickly into as many geos as your CPA network has the offer in. (One cool thing we did in the past with Adcombo to scale to $1,700,000 in Asia, was take our winning video ad, add a country flag and national country music to it and just launch translated ad copies)
  6. Make your own mini masterminds, find people who are going to return the favor, help you out with info, be sure to help them out tell them new things. It won’t make you earn less money if you share with a select few, and they share back – you will all make more in the end as you can bounce ideas off one another.
  7. If you don’t know many people; get help from people who are better than you, join a forum like iAmAffiliate and ask questions, and get answers from top affiliates.

If you follow these 7 tips, you will find it easier to earn money during these trying times.

There are tens of thousands of new people flocking into the world of internet marketing because they were laid off or lost their jobs for good and need to provide for their families. If you decide to go beyond what 99% others will do; that is what will make you successful. It’s still possible to earn a killer income in affiliate marketing, you just can’t be average anymore. Sadly the good times from years ago are over, time to step up.

Study stuff like Google trends, see what’s showing up in spy tools and make your own version and don’t be lazy. If you are bad at copy writing, find a copywriter. If you can’t afford one,work out a JV where you guys split the profits and both just invest time and energy into the project.

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