What stops people from becoming successful in affiliate marketing?

What stops people from becoming successful in affiliate marketing?

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I received an interesting email yesterday from someone that read my BH spying guide for Facebook. They told me, they tried everything but can’t turn a profit no matter how hard they try. I asked them, what did you do to become profitable? And the answer was, well I tried to run an offer my AM told me is doing crazy well on their network, I launched the campaigns and lost my money. It was just too hard to deal with this so I gave up.

I see this all the time, people giving up because something is hard. I believe this is do to the fact that today we live in the world of easy, fast and comfortable.

Think AMAZON, how easy it is to buy the thing you want without having to go anywhere for the right place and get it in a day or less? Just a few clicks of the mouse from the comfort of your chair or couch (heck I’ve even ordered online from bed a few times!)

What about McDonald’s and other fast food places, when you are hungry you just drop buy, pick what you want and get it in a matter of minutes. No more going to the grocery store, picking up ingredients, driving home, preparing them, cooking them, eating them and then cleaning up after yourself.

NETFLIX, HBO on Demand, and other streaming solutions? Everything at your finger tips, on demand, whenever you feel like watching a movie, documentary or tv show.

We’ve become so accustomed to easy, fast, simple and cheap that when faced with anything in life it’s hard to get out of our comfort zone and do some things to achieve better things.

In our world, internet marketing, performance affiliate campaigns things have gotten way harder than years ago. The internet is maturing and with it came lots of regulation, rules you must live by – all impacting how you can promote campaigns, what you can run, what words you can use to target your perfect customer and the list goes on.

Here are 3 FACTS about affiliate marketing.

Lambos, stacks of cash, expensive watches and private jets don’t come easy.

Winning campaigns everyone brags about don’t come fast.

It’s no longer CHEAP, meaning you can’t start with $100 and make $1000 these days usually.

  • If you are not willing to crawl, you will never learn how to walk.
  • If you are not willing to walk, you will never know how to run.
  • If you are not willing to write, you will never learn how to write copy that converts like fire and unique angles.
  • If you are not willing to learn a bit of HTML/CSS you will never know how to make quick edits and launch before your competitor.
  • If you are not willing to learn new things, you will be left behind as the industry changes very fast.
  • If you are not willing to show yourself on Camera, you will never become a Youtuber (LOL, I need to battle this)
  • If you are never willing to save money for a rainy day, you will never achieve a peace of mind
  • If you are not willing to travel and experience new cultures, you will never broaden your way of thinking.
  • If you are not willing to read, you will make it very hard for yourself to think outside of the box and spot new opportunity.
  • If you spend your time hating on others you are only going to limit your success.
  • If you have no money and you refuse to do odd jobs like freelancing on upWork or Fiverr to raise money to launch campaigns, you will never become a successful affiliate marketer.
  • If you are not willing to get up and launch, and test over and over again until you find a winner, you will not make money in affiliate marketing.
  • If you work 9-5 and you say you are too tired to study after you get home, you will never ever escape the 9-5 rat race and live the freedom where you get to travel whenever you want and work from a laptop if you choose.

If you are NOT willing to be UNCOMFORTABLE, you’ll never achieve the life you deserve.

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iAmAttila is a serial entrepeneur that started performance affiliate marketing in 2008 building and ranking sites. After the google humminbird update made SEO ranking way harder he switched to paid advertising in 2012. Ever since switching to paid ads, he has spent over 8 figures in ad spend promoting a variety of verticals and adapting to new changes and challenges as they come up. on iAmAttila.com, the blog he shares up to date information, tips and tricks that work and helps readers learn about new affiliate marketing opportunities. When he's not busy working (although he works 12-14 hours each day) he enjoys traveling with his family, playing with his dogs, BBQ, movies and learning new stuff.

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  1. Thanks for the words of motivation. Sometimes learning to create a harmony between all these moving parts in AM can be really tricky before this I felt drained but now good to go.

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