13 Effective Work from Home Productivity Tips To Follow in 2021

Working From Home Can Be a Blessing if You Work Smart. Set Yourself Up for Success With These Fun Work from Home Productivity Tips!

The world has changed a lot recently. People from all walks of life have started doing something that was unthinkable a few years ago. Working from home. With the rise of online connectivity and video conferencing we saw big changes. Most people can do their daily tasks and work from the comfort and safety of their homes; and no, not just affiliate marketers. 

Why Are More People Working From Home Than Ever Before?

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 made companies realize that everything can change. Employees started working from home as the health risks started increasing. At first, this was strange to everyone as it was not something that was common at all. OK well maybe for affiliate marketers it was quite common, since that’s the only legitimate way of making money working from home (or anywhere for that matter) but now things are changing. Employers are starting to realize the benefits and work at home opportunities for great jobs are becoming quite common.

13 Effective Work from Home Productivity Tips To Follow in 2021

As the year progressed people got used to idea of working from home. Employees also adjusted to remote work and upped their productivity with tips just like you’ll read in this article. Companies realized that they don’t have to pay for office spaces or commodities. All they need are the workers and a connection to them.  

Workers also liked the change. They prefer working from the comfort of their own homes.

How Working From Home Has Changed Businesses

Companies adapted to the new situation. Platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom gained immense popularity. At first, people didn’t like working from home as they were not used to it. Companies disliked it because they thought the workers would be less productive. 

work from home productivity

The real surprise was that it was the opposite. Employees increased their productivity, and they started preferring to work from home. 

  • Remote workers on average save and earn from $4000 to $7000 more annually*
  • 55% of businesses have some capacity for remote work*
  • Companies in the US save an average of $11,000 for each employer that works remotely half time*
  • 99% of people who work from home want to continue doing so in the future*
  • 40% of people working from home lowe the flexible work hours it allows*
  • Remote workers are happier than on-site workers.
  • Two-thirds of office spaces will most likely disappear by 2030 saving millions of dollars for employers in the process.

These statistics prove that working from home is not only good for employers but it’s also of great benefit to employees because it allows them to do more in their day with all the time saved.

Why Working Smart Instead of Hard Is Far Better According To Experts

work smart vs work hard productivity tips

One of the things we all heard is to “work hard”. While working hard can get you a lot in life, the real success comes from working smart. Using your brain to do more of your daily tasks will have a massive positive impact on your performance. 

Why do mundane tasks when you can create systems and algorithms that help you do things in a fraction of the time?  

Working from home is a new thing for all of us. Some fit right in and some need a lot of adjusting. People in some branches and industries have been at it for years and decades. If you want to learn how to optimize your workflow, start by learning from these people. 

One such guy is Charles Ngo. He is a very a famous affiliate marketer and he spent the better part of a decade online. He optimized his workflow to perfection. This resulted in growth and profit increase for his business. He, unlike others, loves to share his amazing productivity hacks. He runs a blog called CharlesNgo.com where he posts about his findings quite often. 

On the blog, you will be able to find out all the secrets and tips he uses every day to optimize his work, improve his efficiencies and how he structures his day for maximum impact. It’s one of my favorite blogs so I recommend you check it out.

13 Fun Productivity Tips When Working From Home

  1. Start Your Day Off With Energetic Music
    There is nothing quite like getting energized by your favorite song or podcast. Studies show that people who listen to something they like, enjoy working much more. Their mornings are happier and more productive!
  1. Improve Your Workplace
    Some people like working in a mess and some love it when everything is tidy. No matter what group you fall into, you should improve your workplace. Add convenient things to it. Add a plant or two and make it more friendly and inviting. 
  1. Track Your Tasks With a Productivity App
    Often your working days will be full of to-do lists and tasks that seem like they are endless. A good way of combating this is productivity apps. They will let you track your progress throughout the day. With the info, you can increase productivity and clean up your schedule. 
  1. Start Exercising
    One of the best things working from home allows us is a flexible workspace and work hours. You can use this to start exercising within your home. Or if you feel like it, you can take a walk or run around the block during a break.
exercise can help boost your productivity when working from home
  1. Give Yourself Rewards for Completed Tasks
    Motivation can be a problem when you are stuck at home the whole day. To combat this, give yourself rewards when completing bigger tasks. These will keep you motivated and are a fun way to make the time go faster. 
  1. Switch Up Your Work Environment
    Having a constant work environment is great. But, it can sometimes get boring. If you have a laptop and a good internet connection you can work from anywhere. Go to a cafe, park, your yard, living room, or wherever. The change in location and scenery might do wonders for you. 
  1. Have Meetings With Your Co-Workers
    Even if you don’t work in the same space together, it doesn’t mean you can’t hang out sometimes. Try going out with your coworkers every now and then. Meet them, have fun, and enjoy your time with the people you are working with. 
  1. Have Regular Breaks
    People working from home often forget that they can take breaks. Breaks are necessary for you to work and function. They will ease your mind and help you focus on the task ahead of you. Working from home allows you to take as many breaks as possible. You can even take some smaller 5-minute ones when you need to tune out for a bit. 
  1. Look for Training Opportunities
    You working from home means you will have some more free time. Don’t waste it! Use this extra time to learn new things. Train yourself in areas you before didn’t train in. Improve yourself and shoot for higher positions and job offers. Never settle!
  1. Maintain a Schedule
    Not having a schedule can take a toll on your free time. Without proper organization, you will slack some days, and overwork on others. Don’t let this happen. Make a schedule and follow it. If you can, work in similar hours as you did before.
  1. Use Adequate Tools
    You need to have the proper tools to work. If you have a slow computer or internet connection, remedy it as soon as possible! Talk to your employers and see how they can help.

    If you are working from home, we recommend the following:
  • Use an external mouse and keyboard 
  • Have one or more external monitors
  • Have a fast laptop/ desktop computer
  • Have a fast internet access
  1. Make Rules With Other House Members
    If you don’t live alone, your family, partners, or roommates can be a distraction. You need to talk to them and come to an agreement. If your work needs you to be focused, make a deal so that they won’t disturb you at all during work. This can be difficult with kids, but you have to try.

  2. Cook Your Own Food
    One of the best things you can do for yourself is to cook your own food. Restaurant and takeaway food is tasty but also expensive and unhealthy. While at home you can make a lot of dishes that don’t need attention but are tasty and healthy! You will save a bunch of money in the long run and be a lot healthier in turn!

Best Resources to If You Want To Earn Money Working From Home

Finding tips and tricks from people who work online all the time is very valuable. There are a few communities on the web that have exactly such members. One of these communities is on the iAmAffiliate online marketing forums. These forums are a popular place for internet marketers and workers. There they can gather, discuss, and learn together. 

learn affiliate marketing on the iamaffiliate marketing forum

The community is vibrant and people love sharing their experiences and life-hacks. One of the things you can also do on the forums is to learn about new and emerging trends in online marketing. With such knowledge, you can improve your skillset and get a higher paying job. Or you could start your own business and live your life the way you always wanted to. 

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