FREE Step by Step Guide to Making Money on Zeropark Push Traffic With SOI Dating Offers

Want to start making money with affiliate marketing? The following FREE tutorial explains step by step what goes into creating a paid push campaign and promoting SOI (single opt in) low payout offers in the dating niche from start to finish. Great read for newbies and advanced affiliates looking to pick up new skills.

To get started, you will need a minimum of $500 saved up, an account on ZeroPark traffic source, a RedTrack account, and SOI dating offers in at least 3-5 countries.

This is What Is Covered in This Tutorial

-How to Register An Account on a CPA Network & Pick The Offers To Promote
-How to Register and Setup Your RedTrack
-How to Setup your Account at The Traffic Source For PUSH Traffic – ZeroPark
-How to Spy And Find Out What Other Affiliate Marketers Are Running To Get Ideas What Your Ad Text and Landing Pages Should Look Like
-How to Gather Your Creatives, Rip and Get them Ready to Use
-How to Setup Your Campaign inside your Tracker including A/B Testing Prelanders and Offers for every geo you decide to run.
-How to Grab the Campaign URL you will use on ZeroPark when setting up your push campaigns
-How to Setup the Campaigns and Ensure They Get Approved and Start Spending
-What to do once you spent the first $xx per campaign, and how to read the data.
-How to analyze and optimize the data and pick the winners
-How to scale and increase your profits

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A. Register The Necessary Accounts To Get Started

In this entire process, there are 4 important accounts you would need to be registered in, and those are;

1. CPA Network Account
Choose which CPA Network you are going to use.

Fill in the important details in this form and click NEXT STEP button;

1 1

Once you are on the next page, answer the questions by clicking in on the answers in the drop-down, and filling up the last form and click NEXT STEP button;

Topoffers 1 1
Free step by step guide to making money on zeropark push traffic with soi dating offers 44

Then, fill in your Email, Password and Instant messenger account where you prefer to be in touch with your Affiliate Manager, then click Start Now button.


Once you have your account registered and approved, hit up your Affiliate Manager (AM) and tell them your target niche and get the offer links from them.

Tip: Since Non English Geos are the most ideal ones in running Push, ask your network for the top running Non English Geos and then pick up the Top 5 from there.

Always ask your rep at your CPA network which subID to use to send the CLICKID on!

In our case it’s data2={clickid} so we need to add it to our offer link like this &data2={clickid}


2. Traffic Source Account

Next is pick the traffic source you want to run on. Since we are running for Push, then better go for the best traffic source for push which is ZeroPark.

Fill in the fields with your Name, Email and Password then click on CONTINUE


Fill in your company details and then click CONTINUE


Once you have filled in company details, next will be your contact details and click COMPLETE REGISTRATION


3. Tracking Software Account

You would need a tracking software in order for you to track your data. So, we have chosen RedTrack.

Fill in your details and click SIGN UP button, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you to be able to activate your account.


4. Spying Tool Account

If you have enough budget to get a spying tool, I advice for you to get one since this will definitely help you to be able to spy on top landing pages, creatives and angles that you will use for your campaigns.

The spying tool we are using is Adplexity since this is the most suitable spying tool for Push notifications.

Fill in your details in the account registration form and click the NEXT button.

Free step by step guide to making money on zeropark push traffic with soi dating offers 45

B. Spy for Landing Pages, Angles and Creatives

You gotta see what kind of landing pages others are using to promote the offer (or similar offers)

Filter the dates by selecting Last 30 days option.


Then type in your targeted geo. Since most of the time, you are targeting different geos, you have to spy on country by country.

Let’s have TH for example;


On the top right corner, click on the drop down, choose Received most traffic


Then browse through and click on the results related to your offer, and check for potential landing page that is good to use for your offer.


As for the Ad Angles, copy potential angles that you see and make different variations of it and save it on the side so you can easily copy them later on.

And save the creatives that you have found as well.


C. Rip & Clean the Landing Pages

Rip the landing pages that you have spied and clean them or make variations if needed, then upload them to your web server. If you are not good at programming/coding then I highly recommend you contact Banners & Landers, they can rip & clean a lander for you starting at $40 per.

Tip: Prepare at least 2 Landing Pages each Geo, so you would be able to split test them.

D. Setup the Campaigns in your Tracking Software (RedTrack)

First of, you have to add the Landers, Affiliate Networks and Traffic Sources, and Offers in RedTrack. Here is the Complete Guide to Using RedTrack, where you can see the step by step of those being mentioned.

Once that part has been done, now is time to setup your campaigns:

  1. Type in Campaign Name. You can input ( Geo – Niche – Traffic Source)
  2. Choose the traffic source from the dropdown
  3. Choose the domain from the Domain dropdown
  4. Choose Single Landing option and find the landers in the dropdown.
  5. Choose the Offer in the dropdown of Offer section.
  6. Click SAVE & CLOSE

E. Setup up the S2S Postback from your tracking software to your CPA Network.

In RedTrack, go to Networks, then click on the CPA network you’re using. Copy the Postback URL from there:

Topoffers 2
Free step by step guide to making money on zeropark push traffic with soi dating offers 46

Click S2S Postback Setup, then paste the postback URL there:


F. Setup the campaigns on the traffic source (ZeroPark)

Choose the traffic type you are going to run.


Then click on your planned Campaign targeting option


Fill in the Campaign name & Choose your target country.

Tip: Create separate campaigns for each country. This will help you scale your data later on.


Since this is still not your winning campaign, it would be advisable for you to have a specific budget for each campaign, rather than going on unlimited. So, type in the amount of your budget per day, and your campaign budget.

For the traffic filters, always create separate campaigns for Desktop and Mobile, as this is all part of your split testing.


Now is adding in your creatives and angles. Remember the part when you spied on creatives and created different variations of your ad angles? You can now pull out those notes you saved on the side and use them for your ads.


Copy the Offer URL from your Tracking tool (RedTrack) and paste in the Destination URL.
And choose from the dropdown the vertical you are running and choose Yes on the next dropdown, since you are using a Landing page.
And click SAVE button.


G. Wait for approval of the Campaigns

Now that you have created and published all the campaigns, separated by country and by traffic device as well, it’s time for wait until your campaigns get approved and if anything gets disapproved fix them, re-submit and adjust until they get approved.

H. Monitor Your Campaigns

After all your campaigns have been approved, monitor your campaigns to make sure traffic is flowing from your paid ads to the landing pages in your tracker, and ultimately to the offer (if the clicks show up in the CPA Network).

I. Run the campaigns and collect significant data

After your campaigns are live and running, always check and make sure that the dynamic variables are filled in on RedTrack.

So go to your RedTrack Campaign and click on the Report icon:


And then go to Subs and make sure that you get the data from the traffic source through the dynamic variables, like Target IDs for example:


If everything is good you should see the IDs here:


This is very important because without this we’re not going to be able to optimize correctly.

J. Optimize by killing bad performing creatives, and uploading similar ones to your best performers.

The first thing you need to do when you start optimizing is to check your creatives, which one of them performed the best. You can do this in RedTrack, or if you set up the postback correctly you can also go to ZeroPark, click on your campaign


And you can see the stats of your creatives here:


If you have enough data, get rid off the bad performing creatives and only let the best ones run.

After that find very similar images to your best performing ones, and upload them as new creatives.

K. Scale by copying your best creative ads to other countries (geos) and by launching the exact same ads/landers aka campaign on other traffic sources.

If you found your winning ads/campaigns, you should copy your best performing ads and test them in other geos as well.

Also in order to scale launch the same ‘’winning’’ campaign with the same creatives and landing pages on different traffic sources.

Phase #2 – Time to look at our data, take the potential candidates, turn them into profitable and scale!

So, we spent $1000 to acquire data for our dating PUSH campaigns in various different geos, we tested 2 landers from each country, and we tested different devices.

Here is a screenshot from ZeroPark campaigns after we spent $1000.


Now we see that we have 4 geos with potential: TH, NO, DK and CH.
The first thing we’re going to do now is to pick our very best 1-2 creatives with the lowest eCPM’s inside ZeroPark’s panel.


So let’s take a look at our first potential campaign which is TH – Mobile.
As we can see Creative #4 and Creative #2 where the best ones, with the most conversions and lowest eCPA.


No we are going to create variants of our best creatives.

You can do this by: trying to add similar looking person, flip image horizontal, change out the emoji, or add an emoji.

Banner burnout is huge on PUSH, so we will want to have groups of 5 variants ready to go every 24h hours that we will upload.
The next step is to check which lander performed the best out of the 2 we tested.


Out of the two landers, we pick the best lander if there’s statistically significant difference.

If we check the stats in our TH campaign we see that LP1 performed better then LP2.


So we only gonna use LP1 from now.
We edit this in RedTrack, and just put 100% weight to our winner:


For now we continue with the same offer thet we tested in the first run.

Sources are the key, we look at the sources that got us the most conversions.

So we go to the Sources tab in our TH campaign on ZeroPark and select the sources with the most conversions and with the eCPA not higher that $3.


When we have this, we are going to create brand new campaigns separately for every source we selected.

So 1 Source per campaign with a $10-20 daily budget per day.

We can do this by creating a new SOURCE campaign on Zeropark like this:

New Campaign — Push


Then we select Source:


Then we set up the campaign just like before, and after that we need to add the first Source we want to target.

Click on Add Sources and Input Manually:


And then you just paste the first Source you selected there, and click Add Sources :


Then we repeat this step until we have a separate campaign for every winner source we selected.

Phase #3 – Looking at data, and optimizing to become profitable

In Phase #2, we broke down our phase 1 data into separate campaigns to give us more control to test; after running it over the weekend, we’ve spent around $450 and got some profitable golden nuggets.

In this part (Phase three) I am going to show how I optimize and become profitable on ZeroPark push.

So let’s take a look at our campaigns, let’s start with Thailand.


The first thing I check is if there’s any significant sign I can see right away, and as you can see our Top Source 3 campaign spent $65 and made only $28 so it a -$37 profit which is not good since we already did some optimizations and we are running 1 source per campaign, so we are going to start with stopping that campaign.

The second thing I see is that our Top Source 4 campaign is profitable it spent $65 and made $79 so it’s a $13 profit, which is not much but gives us a sign that we need to scale it.

Our Top Source 1 Campaign haven’t spent almost anything for some reason so we’re going to increase the bid by 20% and see what happens.

The rest of the campaigns does not give us any significant data yet so we’re going to let them run to collect more data.

In the next step, let’s look at the creatives:


In Top Source 2 campaign we can see that most of the creatives are doing okay, except for creative 1 and 6, so we are going to stop those, and find some new creatives similar to the profitable ones.

Moving to the Top Source 4 campaign we also see some bad performing ones we need to stop, and these are creative 5 and 1.


As you can see the best creatives in this campaign are creative 3 and 6, so after we stopped 5 and 1 we add some more very similar to creative 3 and 6.

Top Source 5 campaign

In this campaign, our best performing creatives are creative 1 2 3 and 7 and the bad ones are 5 and 6.


So we do the same thing here just like in the previous campaign, stop the bad performers and add more creatives similar to the profitable ones.

Phase #4 – Reviewing the data, and scaling further

After a few days we see pretty good results in our TH campaigns, so it looks like the optimization was successful.

From now we can focus on scaling. We are still going to continue adding 2 new creatives every day and stopping the poor ones, to make sure the campaigns don’t burn out.

In order to scale we are raising the daily budgets and launching the same campaign with the same ads and landing page on other traffic sources in order to be able to scale as much as we can.

Duplicating the campaign also works sometimes, but there’s no definite for sure way. All of the traffic sources we ever worked on always have this dynamic/random element, so need to always test and see and scale that way.

Added tip: Create your own list of subscribers via PUSH by adding a back button redirect link to your prelanders.

Added tip #2: You can add a 2nd back button redirect and also an on exit popup, to give away something insane to grab people’s email addresses, and build a list. In either case, think about how you can grab something of value from every user because in 2020 and beyond doing backend monetization will be key to overall success.

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