Proven Tips to Get the Lowest CPA cost and Make More Money Based on DATA (using ClickDealer in 2023)

In this presentation, I am going to cover 3 different traffic ‘sources’ that we use to generate leads for White Hat ClickDealer Lead Gen Offers.

By the way,  if you don’t run these, you should. Ask for the in-house ones owned by ClickDealer.

These strategies work if you don’t have a $10,000+ Testing budget, and want to see PROFIT as fast as possible. 

TOP 3 Youtube Ads Strategies For Lowest CPA Cost

#1 Skippable Instream Ads > Targeting Hand Picked Youtube Channels

Demographics?  Look at visitor data of the offer page (your site to determine it) or ask your rep at CD what the ideal customer age group is like.

Make a list of the most popular Youtube channels that are related to your industry, and target only those in your campaign

#2 Discover Ads (Search Ads Showing Up on Youtube Search and Next to Videos)

They look like this:


To set them up, you need to launch a video campaign with no goals, and in the setup process select Discovery Ads. 


Then you layer the keywords you want to target so they only show up there. 

Make sure you select to run on Youtube only, do NOT run on partner sites.  

Depending on your offer (if the offer has a long-form that needs to be filled out) target only desktop for start because on a tiny screen, especially for the 65+ senior age group it is HARD to get a conversion as they can’t type/see a small mobile screen!

#3 Skippable Instream Ads > Targeting Hand-Picked Youtube Channels + Relevant Keywords

Use the same list of top Youtube channels that you already have from the 1st strategy

Do keyword research, find the top keywords that are relevant to your offer, and target those as well

Google Display

#1 Display campaign > Targeting Hand-Picked Placements

In-display ads the best strategy is to find and target hand-picked placements only. 

You can use the referrals report in Google Analytics to find placements that are already sending good traffic to your website.

Then create a list with those URLs and search for them as placements in the ad group when you create your Display campaign.

You can find the Referrals report under the Acquisition > All Traffic section in Google Analytics.


#2 Display campaign > Targeting News Sites Only Under Topics

Do the research and find the best news sites that are relevant to your offer, create a list and target those sites only.

#3 Display campaign > Custom Intent Audiences Targeting Competition Sites and Keywords

Here you need to research the top websites that are relevant to your offer. For example, if you run Auto Insurance, you need to find the top Auto Insurance websites, create a list of those sites and target those.

Find the best keywords relevant to your offer and target those as well.

Facebook Ads

1. Get a custom audience (list of emails of top-quality leads) to generate lookalike audiences.

2. Create Custom Events + Ask ClickDealer to Place Them In Different Parts of the Funnel

  • Stayed in Page for Minimum 5 Seconds
  • Clicked on Any Link on Page
  • Got to the 3rd question in the lead form
  • Converted to a lead

3. Separate Different Devices into Different Adsets  

  • IOS Smart Phone
  • Android Smart Phone
  • Desktop

4. Use Angles That Are Borderline Click Bait and Also Quality Your Audience

Example 1:

Smart Homeowners Are Taking Advantage Of This To Remodel Their Bathrooms For Less!

Example 2:

Want a 100% discount on your energy bill?   Go Solar for FREE with Australia’s Solar Programme.

Example 3:

Want to save your money?  Don’t overpay for your home loan,  use this tool to get the lowest rates in Toronto! 

5. Scale Through Lookalikes Generated from Pixel events.

Remember our custom events?

  • Stayed in Page for Minimum 5 Seconds
  • Clicked on Any Link on Page
  • Got to the 3rd question in the lead form
  • Converted to a lead

Generate 1% Lookalikes then create new adsets targeting them without any other targeting!

6. Scale Through Different Ad Formats

Facebook is not just an Image or a Video Ad. They have tons of other formats,  try every single one of them because your competitor is lazy and if you go 1 step further, you will make $$$.

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