Need A Fast Landing Page Builder? With This Tool Landers Are Almost FREE!

Introducing the landing page builder made for affiliate marketers.

If you are an affiliate marketer you know how PAINFUL the following things are:

-Finding a winning campaign requires testing a lot of landing pages.
-Getting many landing pages made by an upWork freelancer or Banners&Landers can be costly.
-There’s also waiting time involved when you outsource to someone.

What If I told you, I discovered a kick ass tool that is better than LeadPages, unBounce, InstaPage and the like. One that was made for affiliates by affiliates?

Landing page builder weebuilder

Then read on because this is what this post is all about!!!

This is WeeBuilder, the landing page builder for serious marketers!

Let me tell you how much it costs if we want to launch a dating campaign in 3 geos, with 2 landers each. That’s 6 landers BTW. At best, if the LP is a simple rip n clean job with slight variants, B&L will charge you $240 for it and take 48 hours to do the job.

A freelancer you find at random on upwork, might charge you $30 per hour, then take 2 hours per lander to rip n clean it because they don’t know WTF they are doing and in the end charge you $60 * 6 = $360 dollars for doing a great job. In the process they might go back n forth a few times with you to clarify things since they don’t get affiliate marketing and our special needs. So either or, you are looking at a few hundred bucks.

Even if you are lucky to find a “slave laborer”, they will charge you $20 per lander, so that’s $120 and then there’s still back n forth explaining what u need and how and to make sure they strip out the code etc etc. So no matter which option you go for, you are looking at serious time investment and $$$ spent.

But you aren’t going to be testing just this one campaign in 3 geos. You are going to be testing 10. So your costs go up.. see where I am going with this?

With WEEBUILDER for the low monthly price of $20 bones, you can crank out as many landers as you want instantly and throw the code into a blank page and upload it to any server of your choice. These landers will be free from spy ware, from click stealers from malicious code that will get you banned on Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

I think $20 vs many hundreds if not thousands per month is a great price no? Especially with the perks like risk-free from viruses and other hidden crap as well as the TIME SAVINGS!

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How The Weebuilder Landing Page Builder Works

Even if you have zero coding skills, all you want to do is build landers for affiliate marketing Weebuilder is for you.

If you are an advanced aff, then you worked with lp builders and you might also know how to code – this thing will help you save time and crank out all the materials you need to launch your campaign.

It’s also better than ELEMENTOR and other builders for Wordpress because it doesn’t come with the risk of getting you banned for ‘malicious software’. Something that Elementors platform is infamous for.

With weebuilder you can drag n drop and create and re-create LPs. You can add all the custom code you need to make your page stand out. You can add your own HTML to your sites to unlock all of the functionality you need. Weebuilder supports HTML, CSS in <style> tags, and JS in <script> tags. 

You can also use it to create opt in pages, which are super popular in 2021 and beyond. Ever since FB went nuts with Cambridge Analytica, and the Dems stronghold on their neck they ban anything and everything instantly. Lead Generation works well, if you follow the WORKAROUND method that lets you run WH in the front BH in the back. With WEEBUILDER you can create all the opt in pages and thank you page for your funnels with ease.

They also have a split test feature, which is awesome to use on the thank you page so you can test different offers there to see which one gets you the most conversions.

Let’s get started

We are shifting gears from now on. Enough of the talking, you will now experience how to create kick ass pages. Well, this is just a quick run through. What you need to do is download the app, sign up, log in on Weebuilder. Once you get those done, an easy to use dashboard will welcome you, this will help you track your statistics, visitors, see all the different pages you have created, create and edit pages and so much more. 

Click Here To Start for only $19.99 per month

To get you started, navigate through the dashboard and you will see ‘New Page’. After clicking that it will direct you to different preloaded templates from Weebuilder.  Yep, we think about your needs. There are several template types to choose from: Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages, Launch Pages, Webinar Pages, Coming Soon Pages, and others. The app will automatically filter your preferred template. A subtype is also provided, you can choose from: Text Squeeze, Video Squeeze, Mini Squeeze, 2 step opt-in, 3 steps opt-in, etc. You see we really want you to have tons of options.  These web pages are fully customizable, you can even create your own template from scratch, on a new canvas. No two web pages will exactly be alike, have it your way and we assure you that yours will always be the original.

How it looks

Need a fast landing page builder? With this tool landers are almost free! 13

Visual Editor

This is where the click and drag part comes in. As mentioned, Weebuilder has a user friendly interface. Mousing over any element on this page will allow you to edit,change, or delete anything by simply clicking it. The gear symbol allows you to edit and configure the element that you click on. An element box is also available on the left hand side of the page. These elements can easily be drag and drop anywhere in the page you are working on. It includes title element, text element, image element, video element, countdown timers, opt-in forms, button element, graphics, questions, html code, etc. We made these functions having you in mind so you won’t have to get intimidated when making web pages. Create and edit custom pages made easy just by clicking and dragging. What could be better than that! You’d be a pro in a matter of minutes. 

Need a fast landing page builder? With this tool landers are almost free! 14

Did you hear us say there’s more? Another feature of Weebuilder is that it allows users to have an option to set up a split test. You can split test different variations of your pages which will help you figure out which one is converting the best and track it within your dashboard. Users can also change SEO setting, Advanced SEO setting, General typography, and add the images or videos that you want to feature. Having a web page you have personally customized and created is now on your fingertips. What are you waiting for? Do not miss out on this life changing opportunity the universe together with Weebuilder  is giving you. 

Watch this walk through video

Get your Advanced Account for only $99/month

To guide you better, here’s a simple step by step guide for creating a lander for a lead gen Facebook ads campaign with the Weebuilder landing page builder:

Creating great looking opt-in, lead gen, and thank you pages can be hard. Luckily there are services like Weebuilder that make the whole process easy and simple. 

What better way to show you how simple it is but by doing it myself! So let’s get started!

First of all, you need to login to Upon logging in you will be presented with the dash screen. 

There we will click on the “new page” button. 

Image4 1
Need a fast landing page builder? With this tool landers are almost free! 15

You will be presented with a menu in which you can pick some of the templates. Or create your own unique page. 

For this tutorial, we will select one of the already existing pages and edit it to fit our content. 

It is as simple as hovering over the template you like and clicking on “Choose”.

Image3 1
Need a fast landing page builder? With this tool landers are almost free! 16

You will be presented with a new page UI. 

Get a Pro account with 1 million hits for $299/month

On it, you will see:

  1. Your page in real-time 
  2. A toolbox that you can use to add new sections by dragging and dropping 
  3. To edit any section on the page itself just double click on the section 
  4. Some sections also offer a gear icon. This is used for further customization. 
Image1 1
Need a fast landing page builder? With this tool landers are almost free! 17

With some tweaks and edits, you can change the page completely in under a few minutes! Here is what I made in under 3 minutes!

Click here to create your lander now

Image2 1
Need a fast landing page builder? With this tool landers are almost free! 18

You can then proceed to publish it!

This simple page builder saves me hours each day when I need to whip something up quickly to get the MVP going.. 

The designs you can make with it are incredible. The default ones are great as well. They fit my page perfectly and they do what I need them to do. No expensive developers and no hassle!

As always, if you get stuck, WeeBuilder offers amazing live support and they will hold your hand and guide you until you understand fully how to build your landers.

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Results & Testimonials from our Users (Real Affiliates Just Like You!)

We understand your concerns and that’s why we are putting our clients testimonials for your eyes to see. To see is to believe they say, we say see it, believe it, and jump into it. 

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Weebuilder Live Support & Contact Information


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