As someone who’s been in the affiliate marketing scene long before it was trendy, I frequently find myself looking out for money-making opportunities that I can share with you guys. It’s every hunter’s instinct, and I am no different! This time, my hunting expedition led me to good old online dating. And why waste an opportunity to get you guys a special promotion in the process? So I did, and you can only find it here, so read on to get this exclusive deal…

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Online dating company offers iamattila readers a mega bonus! Read for details... 3

The prominence of online dating in the affiliate marketing world is not lost on anyone, so much so that way too many folks have dabbled in it and left it for dead because they could not succeed. To many it seems that only a small group of super-human affiliates has managed to crack the code and continue to make money hand over fist, year after year, while many others have wasted their money on buying traffic that never converted profitably only to take their loss and frustration and move on to something else. 

So the age-old questions is “why is that?” Is there a secret sauce that’s only known amongst a small community that’s making it big, or…is it pure coincidence that some affiliates crack the code accidentally while others were just born unlucky? 

I for one am not a big believer in too many coincidences when it comes to making money, and I also believe in making your own luck, no matter how unlucky you think you were born. So yes, there is a secret sauce amongst the “coincidentally lucky” few, and many times it’s not a coincidence, and it’s not luck! 

Too often these “lucky” ones have special relationships with these companies that share knowledge not available to the average Joe so you cannot possibly know as much as they do. This being a zero-sum game, the players with an advantage will drive out those who don’t have it because the economics simply can’t work for everybody. 

For those “outsiders” who have suspected that the game is rigged, there may be some truth to it, but not in every case as I have known many outsiders who make lots of money…and I am one such example. And that is why I wanted to mention a lesser-known company that seems to be leveling the playing field for everyone, lucky or not! And that company is the fast-growing Munich-based >>>  Insparx.

If this is old news to you and you’re already making money there, good job for being ahead, but for everyone else I do want to share this…

I’ve known a handful of both rookies and pro’s who send them traffic and tell me it converts quite well and the payouts are generous. You do need a brain to make money though, but you won’t need any “special” treatment to make a buck.


Insparx affiliate program has three mainstream in-house dating offers – Singles50, AcademicSingles, be2, casual dating brand C-Date and discreet affairs brand NewHoney. Mobile and desktop campaigns are in 40+ geos across Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand with lucrative CPL SOI and CPS payouts. These brands are also backed by TV advertising from what I’ve seen, they sponsor sports events and they seem to be at every major trade show…so if you appreciate eye candy, stop by their booth.

Seeing that I will be praising them in this article, I decided to leverage that to get you guys a promo in return. So I called my contact there and she was more generous than I expected. So as promised, here’s the deal…


When you sign up as an affiliate, enter “Atilla” in the “referred by” section and you will get a bonus of 50€ per sale for the first 10 sales.  

>> (opens in a new tab)” rel=”noreferrer noopener” class=”rank-math-link”>CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP >>>

They ‘re usually quick to approve as they seem to be on Skype around the clock.

These guys also give access to detailed reporting which should help you hone in on the successful combo of brand/geo/age group/etc…

Anyways, enough rambling for now…I just thought this is worth sharing. I’d be happy if only some of you made money from this tip, in which case please don’t forget to share the love 😉

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